Student Discount Squirrel was established way back in 2010 by a group of University friends studying at Bristol University, Leeds University and Manchester University, all who loved to save money. Like most students do!

We were initially an online forum who would share online codes, students discounts info, company promotions, deals and special offers amongst ourselves.

We each invited more friends to join the group until one day it became too large to manage and so we decided to launch our own website, with a view to spreading our money-saving tips with other like-minded people all over the country. The Student Squirrel was born!

At the time there weren’t many sites dedicated to student finance, UK wide student discounts and promotional codes, so the squirrel led the charge.

Nowadays there are really good other sites such as Unidays, Student Beans and NUS Totum who provide the student codes, so check those out too! What is difficult and often confusing is what retailers and brands offer student discounts and how to get them. That’s where Student Discount Squirrel provides clear information to help students save money.

Since those early days, our following has grown but the initial three of us still work on the site – led bt Daniel Weir and Mark Dooley – with some extra help from current undergraduates to keep us in the loop and sane. We like it that way.

We work on a daily basis updating offers and seeking out news from all over the UK.

For our full list of Student Discounts check out our retailer A-Z directory.


“If you need a student discount then I’m your squirrel! I’ll also give you extra money saving tips such as promo codes and sales news”

Helping Students with Money-Saving Advice

Let’s face it, no one wants to be spending all of their loans, money and hard-earned cash on basics and essentials. And despite the stereotypes, being an intelligent person of study (LOL – that’s you!)  it doesn’t mean you must eat beans on toast for every meal. Far from it!

Allow us savvy squirrels to save you money by finding you amazing promos and money-saving tips so you can still afford to live a lavish lifestyle! (Try saying that after a night down The Union!) Plus, to be honest, worrying about money just sucks!

At Student Discount Squirrel will also help you find out how to FIND FREE CASH!!!! Yes, you read that correctly, there are piles of cash tucked away in bursaries, scholarships and grants for those who need financial support: the trick is to hit as many angles as you can (location, dependents, your gender, subjects studied).

Your university will have some schemes, but there are also private scholarships, sponsorships, grants and emergency funds floating out there too to help those who need support.

At Student Discount Squirrel we therefore not only seek out online offers and promos but also more practical tips to help you save (and sometimes gain extra money), supporting you in difficult times. We are a community of like-minded people helping each other out!

Student Living Summary

Student life is amazing, we’ve been there and loved it. Every aspect. Well, almost every aspect.

The fact is, you do have to budget, take advantage of deals and spend your money wisely. If you don’t, you’ll quickly run out of cash and that really is not an enjoyable experience. You’ll find yourself literally crying into your (Smart Price) cornflakes whilst your flatmates are frolicking off at the latest fresher’s event. But if we managed it, believe me, you certainly can, especially if you use our money-saving advice, discounts and tips.

We want you to have the best college and university experience possible so we will work hard on your behalf to offer you the biggest discounts.

It’s also worth checking NUS Totum discounts as they have great promotions and deals too.

So, keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page for pop-up online sales, discounts and special promotions on your favourite brands to ensure you are making savings on everything you buy. We even get bargains on essentials, from toilet rolls to teabags, right through to luxury items and designer brands from big retailers such as Marks and Spencer and John Lewis. We like to cover all bases.

So what are you waiting for? Search our dedicated website today to start saving yourself money and taking advantage of our offers.

There are no catches, no obligations, sign-ups or subscriptions, you are just a click away from a world of money-saving offers, promotions, special offers and discounts to dive into.

Get involved.

Student Discounts in the UK and Worldwide Discounts

Although we are UK based many of our offers and best deals are from overseas companies.

In the world of online shopping, we keep an eye globally in case there are offers that we think would appeal to you. We like to keep the squirrel busy and help with all your student finance needs!

Where possible we, therefore, seek out student discounts from retailers all over the world as these are often invaluable when you are travelling in summer, doing terms abroad or when backpacking on gap years (or as an internal student). Plus as we are offering online shopping discounts you can get items delivered and shipped wherever you may be!

The beauty of also using overseas shops and suppliers also means that as well as finding exclusive and original products, some of our favourite brands can also be up to 50% cheaper just because they are bought online and from a different country. In our other discounts section, we also list non-student related discounts as well as other useful information about some of the merchants and stores we recommend.

Where possible we, therefore, seek out discounts for retailers in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia, basically all over the world, basically wherever we think we can get the biggest discounts for domestic and international students. This also includes affiliated websites such as Student Beans and through Totum Card. In some cases, you may need a student id.

Popular Questions

What discounts do students get?

There are a whole range of student discounts on the market today and great ways to save on everything from electricals to clothing.

Check out our guide which shows you the best ways to save at top retailers including JD Sports, Apple, Amazon, ASOS and more.

How do I get a discount when at university?

Most students, both university and college, are normally entitled to discounts with most retailers whilst enjoying student life.

These mainly run all year round and at certain times of the year, they can be increased or combined with promo codes to double the savings and make your student money go further.

Check out the best offers today. Some of these will require an ID card if buying in-store. We show you how to get the discount and where.

Which stores offer student discounts?

Most offer some kind of discount to students either through affiliated schemes or just showing a valid student or NUS card on full-price items (others accept international student ID).

Our site lists hundreds of stores and ways to save, some you may need a student card or Totum card, whilst others are more flexible. Check it out today and make your student money go further.

What are the most popular student discounts in the UK?

Students get discounts at most major retailers and there are lots to choose from, but the most popular is with JD Sports, Argos, River Island, Audible, Nike and Amazon. Check out our full A-Z of the top offers around today.

Where can I get a discount as a student?

Most retailers offer a full range of discounts to students.

Some of these you may need an NUS Totum discount card for or they may have affiliation with Student Beans or another official merchant. Some retailers such as Amazon have their own scheme (called Amazon Prime). On our site, we take you through the full and best ways to save some of your precious student money.

Are your student discounts free?

Yes most of them are, you will just need to prove your student status to claim it. Some discount schemes make you pay to be members with them to have access to the retailer but this is not necessary.

Helping Students Save Money Today

We know every saving matters when you are at university. Whether it be paying your course fees, accommodation, food or clothing, the bills can soon add up. That’s why we do all the research and write these guides to help students save money.

From the latest promo codes to sales alerts, we will show you all the ways we’ve found for you to save money on your favourite brands and stores. We also have some useful guides on discounts for student mobile phonesBlack Friday and the best student laptops.

Why the Squirrel?

LOL. People also ask…. so….

The name Student Discount Squirrel came after a drunken night out. Something to do with squirrelling around for offers etc… you get the idea!

We have been told to change it on many occasions but we love it, so we refuse. We would feel bad dumping the squirrel for a more corporate name so he’s staying! LOL.

student discount squirrel


We love facts – so check out these beauties… did you know?

  • There are 162 higher education institutions in the UK – lots to choose from!
  • There are 2.32 million students studying at UK higher education institutions – that’s lots of squirrels!
  • 90% of graduates were in work or further study within six months of leaving university – so there’s a bright future after your studies!
  • There are 206,870 Academic staff employed at UK universities!
  • And 212,840 Non-academic staff employed at UK universities!
  • Universities across the UK generate £95 billion in gross output for the economy every year!
  • In 2017, overall student satisfaction at UK higher education institutions was 84%
  • The scientific name for a Red Squirrel is Sciurus vulgaris.
  • They can be right- or left-handed when they eat a pine cone!

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Don’t forget to check out our student news section where we cover lots of different student-related topics in detail.