The Best Adidas Student Picks

Founded in 1924 by Adolf Dassler following his return from the first World War, Adolf made sports shoes in his mother’s laundry room in his spare time and quickly recruited his brother Rudolf to the business. Originally named The Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, the pair worked to develop spiked running shoes for athletic events and was the first business to develop pairs with canvas and rubber spikes instead of metal.

We’ve been looking for the best student picks at Adidas which we’ve listed below, but remember if you’re looking for discounts check out our master guide page for the latest.

Adidas Duramo Slide Sandals – £16.95

The absolute classics and current summer staple, sliders are the comfiest fashion shoe going.

Originally designed for athletes in locker rooms to help maintain some comfort and hygiene, they’ve now become a fashion must-have for the beach, swimming, nights out and just doing your normal errands!

Adidas sell a range of sliders for women, men and kids, and for all uses, in all colours and styles. Take advantage of this comfort while they’re still considered socially acceptable!

Linear Performance Duffel Bag, Medium – £22.95

Whether you play a sport or just train at a gym, this bag is only the medium option but is easily big enough to fit in everything you need!

There’s an adjustable shoulder strap and padded handles to give you different comfy carry options, and there’s detachable inside dividers to separate out and organise your essentials, as well as optional detachable boot bag for your dirty shoes.

Despite being made from polyester, all materials used in the production of this bag are entirely recycled and are part of the Adidas Sustainable Product Program.

3-pack pairs Adidas Crew Socks – £12.95

The classic striped socks you’ll see gracing the ankles of everyone all summer, this multi-pack presents great value.

The foot-bed is half cushioned for comfort and the blend of cotton, polyester, nylon and elastane gives for great stretch but breathable wear – so no stinky, sweaty feet after a lot of walking, cycling or running!

These socks are ribbed and feature the Adidas trefoil logo as well as the classic three stripes; so there’ll be no doubt about who it is you’re wearing.