Great news, we can confirm that students can get an Aldo student discount of 10% off. To get the official Aldo student discount you need to get an NUS Totum code, enter the number in the voucher code box at the online checkout and the reduction will be made. Unfortunately, you need the NUS Totum card which is £14.99/year. There is no Unidays code available.


There is also a fantastic end of season sale now on with up to 50% off with new lines added.  There are some great shoes, boots and sandals included so it’s well worth a look for a bargain is the way that students can get the biggest discounts. There’s also 30% off sale sandals too!


But did you know that you can get a 10% discount code by signing up for the Aldo newsletterIt’s called called Aldo crew, it’s free and you get extra perks like exclusive deals and birthday gifts. Just scroll to the bottom of the home page to sign up.


We have been doing some research and found that there are more ways for students to save including Aldo promo codes, valid Aldo discount codes, sale items, free delivery and through Aldo sales? Take a look at all the money-saving tips for students:

  • 10% Aldo student discount code
  • No Unidays code
  • 10% voucher code
  • Up to 50% off in the end of season sale
  • 10% off discounts on shoes & boots when you sign up for the Crew newsletter
  • Free delivery on orders over £50
  • 60 days free returns on all shoes & boots!
  • Check out the home page for the latest promotions, offers, voucher codes and discounts on a range of items

We love this amazing shoe retailer with a fantastic array of men and women’s shoes, boots, sandals and a whole host more. And it always helps students to save when buying from

With schemes like Unidays, Student Beans and NUS Totum plus promo codes, sales, discounts and outlets, it can be confusing and difficult to get all the money off that students are entitled to when shopping online. Check out our contents box below if you want to straight to something in particular.

That’s where Student Discount Squirrel comes in. We’ve been doing the research to find all the ways you clever learners can make savings on your next new footwear purchase at this super shoe retailer.

“One of the best places to bag a bargain at Aldo is the sales page. These deals don’t hang around for long though and don’t forget to look out for free delivery on those new shoes & boots”

Is There an Aldo Student Discount in April 2024?

There is currently a 10% Aldo student discount. To get it you need to have the NUS Totum card and it’s valid online.

Follow these instructions to get it at

  1. Go to and make your fabulous footwear purchase.
  2. At the online checkout enter ‘NUS’ and then your full Totum card number in the promo code box.
  3. The 10% discount will be applied to your new Aldo shoes.

It’s as easy as that!

Don’t forget to follow us on social media as well, so you can be the first to hear about new sales.


aldo student discount

4 More Ways to Save at Aldo Shoes

So the student discount is in the bag but while we were researching for this page we actually found that there are more ways for students to save when buying those stylish Aldo shoes.

Below are 4 of the best:

1. Check the 2022 Aldo Sales Page Online

Make sure you check the Aldo sales pages for reductions of up to 50%.

It’s well organised into women and men’s sections and subdivided into footwear, accessories and handbags.

Have a browse because you might find something better and cheaper!

2. Get a One-Off 15% Aldo Discount with a Newsletter Sign Up

If you haven’t done already then sign up for the Aldo newsletter.

As well as being packed with great shoes and boots fashion advice, you also get a one-off voucher code to use online with Aldo shoes.

Simply enter it at the online check-out and save on those shoes & boots.

3. Find Aldo Discounts on the Aldo Clearance Page

As well as the sales pages there are also the Aldo shoe clearance pages.

When we took a look there were boots with 75% off and shoes up to 60% off.

These footwear items are usually low in stock, limited sizes and end of the line but they still look absolutely gorgeous to us.

4. Check out our 2022 Aldo Savings Section

Our world-famous savings section is a quick way to check the latest ways to save at Aldo shoes.

In a hurry? Then this is the place.

We list all the latest valid Aldo student discounts, Aldo promo codes, sales, new offers, promotions and more and helpful buttons to get you right there to the savings on those shoes & boots. This is at the top of the page so make sure you take a look.


“Remember, you can also get a one-off 15% Aldo promo code for just signing up to the Aldo shoes newsletter. Full details in our Student Discount Squirrel savings section”

Aldo Student Discounts in April 2024 Table

There are lots of questions that you inquisitive students have about Aldo shoes & boots s so we’ve listed the most popular here to help you answer your queries.

Aldo Student Discount & Codes Discount Valid Until
10% Aldo Student Discount 10% 31/12/2022
10% voucher code 15% 30/03/2022
50% off in the Aldo End of Season Sale 50% 30/03/2022

Other ways to save have included:

  • One-off Aldo discount code releases
  • Free delivery and free shipping
  • Special offers in store and on the Aldo website
  • With Aldo shoes discount code releases

About Aldo Shoes, The Brand and Its History

Aldo shoes aren’t your usual student brand, but it isn’t quite a premium one either. Quality is crucial with Aldo shoes and accessories, and there’s no doubt the longevity of these products will pay you back your mid-level investment well.

No matter the type of shoe you’re after, you’ll find it at Aldo. Spanning men’s and women’s collections, with complimentary bags and accessories, Aldo is truly the accent brand for any outfit.

Quality is key, but so is a choice. The women’s range includes boots, ankle boots, heels, flats, trainers, sandals and block heels. For the men’s range, it’s boots, casual boots, formal shoes, casual shoes and trainers! Everything is Aldo’s own design and brand, but there are a few designer collaborations – all exclusive and hard-to-find.

Aldo’s collabs are notoriously popular, so if you find a pair of these special shoes you like, snap them up fast before they go. Don’t worry about getting good wear out of them, either; there’s a whole range of shoe care products to keep them shiny and shipshape out and about!

And that’s not where it ends: women can choose from backpacks, bum bags, cross-body bags, totes, top-handle bags, clutches, evening bags, purses and wristlets! That’s before you even start on the accessories, which span jewellery, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, tights and sunglasses. There’s pretty much nothing they don’t stock, so once you’ve got the perfect outfit for your occasion, check in to Aldo online to put together the finishing touches and details.

Here at Student Discount Squirrel we’re always on the lookout for deals and offers on shoes & boots – so keep checking back here and we’ll update you as soon as we find any way of shopping with Aldo shoes that little bit more affordable.

History of Aldo

Aldo shoes were founded in 1972 as a shoe company in conjunction with Le Chateau, a French-Canadian fashion business, run by Aldo Bensadoun, whose father was a shoe retailer in Morocco and whose grandfather was a cobbler in Algeria. The group quickly opened stores in Quebec, Winnipeg, Montreal and Ottawa. By 1987, Bensadoun had learnt Italian to directly communicate with his European suppliers and streamlined the business by cutting out the middle man and bypassing usual supply chains.

Aldo began to expand in 1990, taking a tentative step into the US by opening a single store and trying out different concepts across the border. Despite Canadian businesses not typically easily succeeding in America at the time, Aldo found a winning formula and began to open more shops slowly but surely. Following this, the business moved into Israel, Saudi Arabia, England and Singapore – and today boast over 3,000 stores spanning three internationally-focused brand names.

The other two brand names carry Aldo products but are tailored to appeal to slightly different audiences, known as Call It Spring and GLOBO. Call It Spring is a concept offering more affordable and casual shoe options within larger department stores, and as a result, has a larger worldwide spread even than Aldo itself. GLOBO is aimed at families, stocking footwear for all ages and of all types. That said, neither are currently available in the UK.

Aldo was a victim of controversy in the noughties as a result of undercover findings discovering they weren’t always paying minimum wage – but it has now all been cleared up and everything brought above board, so you can shop guilt-free knowing that everyone in the supply chain is being paid a fair wage: it’s just that the media tend not to report on the calm after the storm!


2024 Aldo Fun Facts and Did you Know?

Did you know?

  • Aldo shoes are a Canadian Company founded in 1972 in Quebec
  • It has over 3000 stores
  • Aldo shoes are a family company – the Bensadouns!
  • Mr Bensadoun’s was a shoe retailer in Morocco and France – his father was a cobbler in Algeria! They know what they are doing. LOL!
  • Its first store in England opened in 2002!
  • Aldo partners annually with YouthAIDS to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and has raised £3.5million to date.

Popular Questions

Do students get discount at Aldo?

Yes students can get an Aldo student discount for 10% off.

But did you know that you can get a 15% discount code by signing up for the Aldo newsletter (called Aldo crew)? It’s free and you get extra perks like exclusive deals and birthday gifts.

Check out our full guide for more info and save money today.

Does Aldo do a Student Discount?

Yes there is a standard Aldo student discount of 15% off. To get it you need an NUS Totum card and it can be redeemed online. Find out more on our website.

How do I get Aldo Offers, Deals and Sales Info?

To get Aldo offers, deals and sales info visit our site where we list all the best promo codes and ways to help you save money.

You also may be able to get an Aldo discount code.

Is there an Aldo Unidays Discount today?

Unfortunately, there is no Unidays scheme for Aldo.

However, you can get an Aldo student discount with an NUS Totum card. You can also make additional savings by following our advice in our savings section. Check out our website for more info today.

Does Aldo Shoes do an NUS Totum Discount?

Yes, Aldo does an NUS Totum discount and students can get a 10% reduction either at the till or online at

See our page to find out how to get it and save on those new shoes & boots, as well as other savings tips.

Is there an Aldo Student Beans Discount Today?

At the moment there is no affiliation with Student Beans on Aldo shoes. This means Aldo is not listed on the Student Beans site and there is no code through them available.

If you’re looking for similar retailers, you can also get a Clarks student discount, Office student discount or Schuh student discount.

Summary for Student Discounts for Aldo

We’ve come to the end of this comprehensive guide of how to get an Aldo student discount code – student status will need to be verified.

We’ve shown students how they can get a 10% code through NUS Totum. However, we’ve also shown you how to get an every bigger 15% newsletter code and to get the biggest discounts by shopping in the sale. There are usually some great reductions on shoes, boots and general footwear.

We hope this has been useful and ultimately saved you some money!

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