Aldo is a French-Canadian shoe and accessory retailer that opened a store in the UK for the first time back in 2002. Now with shops across the country, Aldo is known as a fashion-forward brand and features often in the pages of fashion magazines and publications. If you don’t have a shop near you, don’t worry: you can also buy online and with free delivery, free 60-day returns, try on as many shoes as you like before you decide which to take!

Aldo is a popular brand with people of all ages – not just students – and our guide not only lists the best student buys and deals and but also Aldo discount codes that can be used by anyone, to find out more read our Aldo student discount guide.

On this page, we run through a few popular items that we’ve picked out and a few popular questions we get asked about this popular shoe retailer, so sit back and read on.



A classic high heel shape, with a stiletto heel, pointy toe and slip-on closure, the Stessy heel comes in a rainbow-metallic finish with a sheen that gives off different colours from different angles for a really eye-catching party look. They can be dressed up with a plain black outfit to really stand out or mixed and matched with lots of colours for a rainbow finish. Surprisingly versatile, the Stessy is Aldo’s most popular high heeled shoe and at less than £50 is currently reduced: so grab it before it flies off the shelves!


Add a touch of 80s glamour to any outfit with these oversized leopard print horse-hair-style earrings. They’re a bold accessory and can make for a great focal piece when paired with only plain colours, or as part of an overall look when worn in conjunction with other leopard print pieces. The Eteama earrings make for an easy way to smarten up an outfit, so slip them on with jeans, pumps and a black tee when you need to look like you’ve made more effort than you have; they’re a quick fix for even the most hungover of faces (a great product with Aldo discount codes for May on!).


Look after your footwear purchases with a high-quality leather protector and start caring for your shoes right from the start. This 200g tube is a spray and held 10-20cm away from the leather can be liberally applied before first wear. The spray not only protects the leather from wear and tear but also makes it waterproof, saving your shoes and the skin underneath! Apply again every few years to extend the life of your leather and keep your shoes looking great for longer.

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  1. “How often are Aldo promo codes released? And do you still get free delivery when using a promo code or Aldo voucher code?” Aldo codes and discount codes are released quite often, they are a generous and popular retailer – their fashionable shoes and accessories make them one of the favourites here at Student Discount HQs. We list the full amount of our main Aldo page, we recommended to always make sure that you keep an eye on the expiry date. With regards to delivery, this is normally on orders over 50 so always best to check. We also recommend signing up for the Aldo newsletter where they will often update you with any voucher codes.
  2. Can I use an Aldo voucher code in conjunction with an Aldo sale?” Yes, a great way to make double savings is to use an Aldo promo code in conjunction with a sale. Double the savings or double the shoes – you decide!
  3. I was looking to buy an Aldo gift card can you do this in-store?” Aldo cards are popular with many, can they be purchased in line or on the store.


A discount code for Aldo is one of the best and easiest ways to save – especially when you add a student discount on top. It’s easy to see why Aldo is so popular with many, great stores, friendly staff, a range of products – what is not to love! So happy shopping all.


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