Amazon Student Discount Guide February 2018

What did we do before Amazon? We probably went to the shops more, but why bother when you can get just the 536 million items  from delivered to your door without having to miss Judge Judy repeats. It’s THE best online market place in the world and did you know there is a fantastic Amazon student discount to boot?

Did you also know that you can get NUS Amazon discounts, promo codes and save more at the secret sales pages? No? Well that is what Student Discount Squirrel is for!

amazon student discount guide

There are lots of confusing results when you Google this query, so that is why we have researched and written this helpful, comprehensive page.

We not only answer this query but also show you some clever ways that undergraduates can save even more dosh!

As busy students with hectic social lives, we know your time is precious so if you need an answer straight away about Amazon student discounts, let us crack on and stop wasting your studying and boozing time!

1. The Amazon Student Discount – Student Prime

So, the fantastic news is there is a specialist Amazon student discount programme dedicated to undergraduates called Amazon Student Prime. It is free to join and you get lots of fantastic benefits.

This is a unique and great student discount programme which is popular with students all over the globe. There are many benefits of this money saving and time saving scheme.

The program is simple and easy to use and the first thing you need to do is to sign up on this page and validate your student status (which includes NUS students). All you need is an email ending in
Once you’ve done that you’re entitled to the following amazing discounts and offers:

  • FREE Prime for 6 months (gets you free next day delivery, see our section for more)
  • Discounted Prime membership thereafter
  • FREE one day delivery
  • FREE  Prime video
  • FREE access to Books, Music & Magazines
  • Special access to lightning deals
  • EXCLUSIVE additional student discount codes

It really is a fantastic package for you college kids so why not try it out. It’s free to sign up to, no obligation and if you don’t want discounted Prime membership after your free trial then you can cancel it whenever you want to.

2. Amazon Discount Codes, Promo Codes & Vouchers

So the Amazon student discount programme is pretty special but there are still additional ways for students to save at

Yes, the little bushy tailed Squirrel is a clever and diligent little thing and he’s been doing his research into how you can save even more with  discount codes and sales alerts which could potentially save you money.

He’s put his recommendations down in the table below:

student prime logo

Get FREE Prime

Valid 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2018

learner prime logo

Amazon vouchers

Valid until February 2018

DiscountDate ValidatedCode Required
FREE Student PrimeFebruary 2018No
Money OFF Amazon VouchersFebruary 2018Yes

As well as there being short term promo codes that we update in February 2018, there is a dedicated vouchers page on Amazon, which has some useful coupons with savings such as 20% off. Take a look and see if there is anything to save you some more moolah!

The other tip is don’t forget that by joining Amazon student prime, you can specialised voucher codes just for students. It costs nothing, has a whole host of other benefits such as free Prime music and next day delivery.

Give it a go, you really don’t have anything to lose!

3. Is there an NUS Amazon discount?

Now this is a question that gets asked a lot because the results on Google can be a bit confusing so we are here to put the record straight in February 2018.

There is in effect an NUS Amazon discount because you will qualify for the Student Prime programme. Hurrah!

Simply sign up to the programme for free here and you get great benefits including free next day delivery, free Amazon Prime for 6 months and exclusive discounts!

Now there used to be an NUS Extra discount code of 5% off but this has now ended as of 2016. We hope that has cleared it up for you. There are dedicated promo codes as part of the Prime Student programme so you can still save and with the additional free things bundled in, the Squirrel thinks this is actually a better deal. Excellent news!

4. Store Overview – What’s Good To Buy

It would be easier to say what doesn’t Amazon sell. Literally millions of items are sold by them directly or through third party sellers on the market place.

They really have delivery licked too with same day delivery on some items, next day on pretty much everything and the cheaper standard delivery. This makes it super convenient for students.

Of course don’t forget that with Prime for students, you get FREE next day delivery during the first 6 months and then half priced Prime for the remaining of your university career.

Amazon Echo Family

These smart speakers have been revolutionary. They are voice activated and linked in to Alexa, who is a kind of digital personal assistant. Seeing as your loan isn’t going to pay for a real one, we think this is a great compromise!

Need to order a pizza? Just ask the Echo. Need to put something in your diary, just speak it and it will be done. Making to do lists are a breeze and seeing if you need to take a brolly to lectures couldn’t be easier just by asking ‘Alexa, what is the weather forecast for today?’.

Unfortunately she won’t go to lectures or tutorials for you and take notes or do your shift at the union bar but you can’t have everything now can you?

Amazon are gradually increasing the range. The Dot is the smaller, basic version which costs £49.99 and is a great introduction.

The Squirrel has seen reductions at sale times like Black Friday so keep you eyes peeled.

Them comes the Echo which is the standard, the Plus is the larger premium speaker and there is now the Echo Show which has a screen.

Cheap Amazon Fire Tablets Are Perfect For Students

If you’re looking for a new tablet for uni life then you really should consider the Fire tablet range.

They have excellent reviews, come in a range of sizes and tablet memory and best of all they are excellent value for money.

Coming in at the cheaper end, the Fire 7 is a great option which has fantastic specs and the 8GB model starts at just £49.99. If you want more memory it costs a bit more, you can choose which colour you want and you can link it up with your Echo if you have one.

There are thousands of apps available including the big ones like Facebook and YouTube.

If you’re looking for a better screen, the Fire 8 HD is slightly bigger (8 inches, the giveaway is in the name we guess) but it has a High Density or HD screen.

This is great if you want to watch films or YouTube a lot, it will really pop!

And at just £79.99 it really is fantastic value for money and a great investment for students.

Need a bigger tablet? Then there is a 10 inch version called the Fire 10 HD. For just £149.99 you get a much larger tablet, which really comes into it’s own.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a monthly subscription which means you get:

  • Unlimited next day delivery on items that qualify
  • Access to the video service where you can stream thousands of movie and tv box sets
  • Free streaming of Music
  • Free access to Twitch Prime (the game service)

The normal service costs £7.99 but you can have a 30 day trial for free.

However, if you’re thinking about getting this, SDS recommends that you opt for Student Prime instead, which is free for 6 months and then half price thereafter.

5. How students can save more at Amazon?

As well as the brilliant Amazon student program there are also other ways to save  at

Yes, the little bushy tailed Squirrel is a clever little thing and he’s been doing his research into how you can save even more and he’s put his recommendations below.

Yep, that little red bargain hunter recommends heading to the special deals page where Amazon list the best of it’s current deals. In this section you can also filter by department such as ‘Computing’,  ‘Beauty’, ‘Grocery’ etc to make your life easier. So head over there and take a look to see if you can bag an Amazon bargain today.

Also, there are periodic offers such as a £6 Amazon promo code when you buy £30 gift vouchers.but you have to see it on your browser, so keep your eyes peeled! Again take a look at our discount table earlier on for the best deals.

6. FAQs & Student Discount Summary

The Squirrel gets asked a lot about Amazon student discounts so he’s decided to put together this FAQ section so you can quickly get an answer.

Does Amazon do a student discount?There are discounts available through the Student Prime programme.
Is there an NUS Amazon discount?Yes NUS students qualify for Student Prime
Is there a student discount code?Yes and no! There are some promo codes through Student Prime. There isn't one voucher code for everything
When are the sales?Sales are held throughout the year. Big ones occur on Black Friday, Boxing & January sales.
Is there a Unidays discount?No
Does Student Beans do a promo code?No

So, there you have it. In this helpful guide we’ve shown you university goers how you can save the best when shopping at on a full range of products.

In an nutshell make sure you:

  • Sign up to the Amazon Prime programme for students
  • Check out the special deals page for more savings
  • Check out our deals table for the latest promo codes
  • Sign up to our newsletter and Facebook page for extra discounts

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