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Need a student discount on an Apple product? Then our guide to Apple student discounts will help you save

Apple Student Discount

Apple have some amazing products for student life. From iphones to imacs, they use the latest technology and design to create truly amazing tools that will help you through your university life.

However, they are not cheap so read below to find out how students can make some great savings at Apple.

Does Apple do a student discount?

Great news, Apple does offer a student discount. It’s variable depending on which item you want to buy and there are various ways you can actually get it.

According to you can verify your student status online with them and then get the applicable discount through their online chat facility. There is up to 10% off macs and accessories, up to 5% on iPads and up to 50% on Apple Care.

However, we recommend that if you shop around for your Apple product then you could save even more. For instance, if you’re looking for a Mac, take a look at our Currys student discount page and check it isn’t actually cheaper to get it through there in a sale.

Or if you want an iPhone, Carphone Warehouse do some excellent monthly deals which can end up saving you even more money!

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