Unidays Argos Discount

Are you looking for a Unidays Argos code? You’re not alone. We get asked this question a lot on Student Discount Squirrel.

We’re here to not only answer this question but also to show students how to save more!

Does Unidays do an Argos Code?

Unfortunately there is no Argos Unidays discount as of 2019. This is because Argos isn’t part of the Unidays scheme and in fact there is no Argos student discount scheme.

However, students can still save and you should check out our Argos savings section which lists the latest:

  • sales
  • clearance deals
  • promo codes
  • free delivery info

You can see from the image below that when you search for Argos on myunidays.com, there isn’t a relevant page. This is a shame because a Unidays code could come in handy when buying your laptop, tablet, furniture for your student room or whatever at argos.co.uk.

unidays argos search results

It’s a shame that you can’t get a Unidays Argos student code because the system is really easy. If there was one available  then all you would have to do is be logged in and at the click of a button you can produce a voucher code.

The code only lasts for 30 minutes and can be put in the discount code box on the Argos check-out page at argos.co.uk.

It also usually means you can show the code in-store then you can get the percentage off there too, although not all shops allow this.

However, Argos regularly release promo codes through-out the year that students and anyone can use, including school pupils which is great news. They are usually available between 7 and 14 days and we’ve seen discounts of between 10-30% off.

In fact, there is a specific page on argos.com that lists there current ones.

So who needs a Unidays Argos discount when there are still some fantastic savings to be made!

Make sure you check out our student discount page for the latest and you could save there!