We can confirm currently that there is no Asda student discount. This means there is no Unidays Asda code, or one available with NUS Totum or Student Beans either. However, everyone can still save by checking out the Asda offers page.

Deals change weekly but last time we looked we saw discounts on pizzas, diet coke and Thorntons chocolates.

If you’re looking for a supermarket student discount, then we can confirm you can get £5 off with the Iceland student discount or 10% off with the Co op student discount.

We’ve also been doing some research to make sure you follow these money-saving tips in our savings section below:

  • No student discount
  • No Unidays code
  • Get your parents to pay for your shopping with the student parent card
  • Special deals on fresh and bakery goods
  • Offers on drinks
  • Money off with rollback deals
  • Great pizza deals

We know time is short and this Asda student discount guide is comprehensive, so if you need an answer straight away use our helpful contents box below to save money. You can click on an entry to take you directly to the section you are looking for!

Otherwise, read on and learn how you can keep more of your loan in your bank account!

Asda has taken the home furniture and furnishings UK market by storm by providing stylish and quality fixtures and fittings. It is especially known for:

  • George
  • Groceries
  • Home
  • Direct
  • Petrol

In our Asda student discount guide, we will look at the latest Asda sales and other ways to save including offers, gifts cards, general Asda discounts and special deals that could save you more and make your student money go further.


“Our excellent savings section has the latest deals, sale items, discount codes, offers and special promo codes which could save you even more. It’s at the top of the page and updated regularly and could make some great savings.”


As confirmed in the introduction, there is no Asda student discount. That’s a shame as a student code is a great way to save on your Asda jeans and clothing.

This naturally means that there is no Unidays, NUS Totum or Student Beans Asda student code.

There are ways that students can still save money though including:

  • Shopping the offers
  • Getting the rollbacks
  • Free home delivery

To get the latest, check out our savings section which lists the latest sales items and student discounts which is regularly updated.

asda student discount


We get asked these questions a lot so we thought we’d put a section here to explain. Unidays is one of the biggest and popular student discount websites in the UK, but unfortunately, there is no Asda Unidays code. We checked on myunidays.com and it’s not listed there. While we’re at it there is no Asda NUS Totum or Student Beans discount.

In a word, there is no Asda student discount. Not to worry though, there are usually some good ways for students to save money at Asda, so check out our special savings section for the latest voucher codes, sales items and offers.


“Asda rollbacks are a great way for students to save money. Plus there is a great offers page for the latest discounts”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Asda do a student discount?

Asda doesn’t do a student discount. However, it is one of the cheapest supermarkets to shop in the UK and our savings section has the latest ways for students to still save.

Is there a Unidays Asda code?

There is no Unidays code for Asda or one with Student Beans or NUS Totum either.

How much is Asda delivery?

Asda delivery starts at £3 and goes up to £5.50 depending on what time the delivery slot is. There must be a minimum £25 order too.

What does Asda stand for?

Asda stands for Associated Dairies. The supermarket was formed in 1949 when the Asquith family merged with Associate Dairies.


Through our research, we’ve found that Asda doesn’t tend to offer voucher codes that often. However, they do offer discounts on shopping through offers and rollbacks. Therefore you don’t need a promo code to enter the box at the online checkout, it’s done automatically! We will list them in our savings section at the top of the page so make sure you check them out.

When there are vouchers on items such as free delivery, we will list them there.

Asda Discount Discount Expires
£5 pizza deals £5 pizza deals 30/04/2021
3 for 2 on hundreds of items 3 for 2 31/04/2021
Discounts with Asda Rollback Up to 50% 31/04/2021

unidays asda


Asda doesn’t really have any sales per se, they just have weekly deals, offers and rollbacks. They do sometimes have sales on their George and Homeware ranges, but this is on a separate website.

This is a great time for students to save. We keep our squirrel eyes open so any big sales will be in our fabulous savings section. Take a look and see how much you can save on your food & drink.

The biggest sales and student discounts happen around the same time each year. Check the dates below as if one if coming up it might be best to hold on.


Black Friday is now one of the biggest shopping days in the UK and Asda has a Black Friday sale too where you can save money.

There are great discounts in all departments and some are up to 50% and even more.

This continues into Cyber Monday and beyond and it’s one of the best times of the year for students to save.


There are some big sales on around Christmas. Usually, they start a couple of days before the 25th, then on Boxing Day there are further reductions and even bigger ones nearer New Year and January. We recommend that if there is something you want then get it as soon as it’s in the sale as it might sell out.


Around mid-March Asda has a mid-season sale and also something for Easter too.

We’ve found that they have a good 50% sale on selected items, and then add additional discounts of 20% on sale items so you can get up to 70% off. This is one of THE best times for students to bag a bargain.


Around the beginning to mid-June Asda has a big summer sale. There are some big reductions on food & drink and they include a lot of stock so we like this a lot.

They also at some point introduce an extra 20% off promo code which is a great way for students to save.

We also like that they have good search filters to make finding a bargain easy. We like easy savings at Student Discount Squirrel.

Can’t be bothered to shop? Why not get a Dominos student discount or Pizza Express student discount.

5. Summary

So there we have it. We’ve shown you that there is no Asda student discount and no Unidays code available. Despite this, we’ve also shown you how you can save on your grocery shopping by using the regular Asda deals.

These including rollbacks, 3 for 2s and sale items. Also, make sure you check our student savings section at the top of the page as we regularly update all the promo codes and offers which could save you more. Plus if you cook using student recipes then you can make meals that are under £1 per portion!

Fun Facts – Did You Know?

  • Asda was founded in 1949 in Wakefield and its HQs are in Leeds by the Asquith Family.
  • It was the second-biggest supermarket in the UK between 2003 – 2014
  • It is still second behind Tesco
  • As well as food & drink it does financial services and mobile phones
  • In 2018 Sainsbury’s and Asda were going to merge but it was blocked
  • It is now owned by Walmart
  • Student discounts Asda is very heavily searched on Google
  • It has its own clothing brand called George
  • Asda Smart Price is popular with students
  • Its adverts have featured Paula Wilcox, Julie Walters and Michael Owen!