Great news, we can confirm that there is an official 10% student discount at ASOS. To get it, simply validate your student status on this page at and you’ll be issued with a valid student promo code UK to use straight away. Students can also get a Unidays Asos code and it’s usually 10% so it’s a great time to save.


We also have a great tip as we’ve found a up to 15% Asos voucher code for new customers. Anyone can use this, not just students, so if you can’t get student validation it’s a great back-up option for a discount.

And our third great money-saving tip is to check out the Asos sales outlet page for bargains with up to 70% off. We saw great offers on tops, jumpers, dresses, jackets, boots and shoes.


Also we like this promo of up to 50% off cosies, including tracksuits, puffers and joggers


Through our research, we’ve also found other great ways students can save money including

  • 70% off  on the Asos sales outlet page
  • 10% students discount
  • Check the Asos home page for the latest deals
  • 50% off cosies promotion

Asos has revolutionised the online fashion world in the UK. It is especially known for great offers on:

  • Dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Clothing
  • Boots
  • Jeans

It’s great you can get your fashion fix cheaply by using ASOS you can save money too. In our complete savings guide, we will look at ASOS UK sales, offers, gifts cards, general ASOS discounts and special deals that could save you more (to complement and enhance your official discount).

“Don’t forget to check out the ASOS site for individual deals. When you’ve found what you want, get the student code for an extra discount”


So the great news is that there is currently a fantastic ASOS promo code to get 10% off full-priced deals and items. Here is how you get it:

    1. Go to this special page on
    2. Follow the simple instructions and verify your student status (via Unidays)
    3. You’ll be issued with a unique student code for 10% off
    4. Purchase your fantastic deal
    5. Laugh all the way to the bank!

Now this is a fantastic way for students to save but check out some more great money saving tips in the rest of this guide


asos student discount

2. Is there an Asos Unidays Code?

The discount market is big business these days and the ASOS marketplace is no exception. However, it can be tricky finding out exactly how to get your students discounts and what the best ones are. What with NUS, Unidays and Student Beans; these are the 3 big university discount schemes in the UK – where do you start?

We’ve done the research to answer these questions below!


Great news, there is Unidays ASOS code. The discount is 10% off. You can get full instructions on how to get it in chapter 1. Also, don’t forget to check out our savings section to see the latest ways that you can save with any available ASOS promo codes which could enhance your savings even more.


There is no NUS ASOS scheme as of 2020 across the ASOS marketplace. HOWEVER, NUS students are entitled to the 10% reduction through Unidayss discounts as described above. Kerching!


We can confirm that there is currently no Student Beans code across the Asos marketplace. If you want the students discounts then you get it through Unidays. If you qualify for Student Beans then you should qualify for Unidays.


“Make sure you apply your student code to your purchase. Even though you’re getting a fantastic deal already, you can get 10% extra off!”


As we’ve shown you so far there is an official student code. But sometimes students can get even bigger discounts through promo codes that ASOS release to everyone throughout the year. We update any in our fabulous savings section so make sure you take a look. They regularly advertise them on the home page so check that out too and we’ve seen free premier delivery advertised.

The great thing about the ASOS voucher codes is that you don’t need NUS id to prove your student status. They are available to all. Yes, even you non-students on here! You just shop on the site and when you come to the online checkout, just enter the code in the promo box and you’ll receive your special saving. It’s really easy, just the way we like it here at Squirrel Discount Squirrel.


Previous promo codes have included:

  • 20% off dresses
  • ASOS free next day delivery code
  • 30% off everything
  • Free Premier Delivery (next day delivery)
  • 10% Off Asos marketplace
  • Offers on gift vouchers
Discounts & Asos Offers Summary Discount Expires
10% Student Discount 10% 31/12/2020
15% Voucher Code for New Customers 15% 30/11/2020
70% in the Asos Sale Outlet 70% 30/11/2020

Asos Gift Vouchers and Top Tips

The great news is that Asos gift vouchers are available in October 2020. To buy them, head to the gift voucher page, fill in the details, choose the voucher amount and pay for it.

The voucher will then be sent through email to your selected recipient. There are only done through email though and not through a physical voucher through the post.

These gift vouchers make great presents for top brands for someone who is into fashion or who you know already like asos.

4. Summary of ASOS Discounts

We’ve come to the end of our guide. We’ve shown you not only how to get a student discount at Asos on top brands, but also how it’s possible for students to save even more. This includes shopping during the sale and sales page, looking for codes and through promotions which usually have discounts of at least 30% and sometimes more.

Make sure you check out our savings section at the top of the page for the latest deals.

Fun Facts – did you know?

  • Asos was founded in 2000
  • It currently employs over 4k people
  • It  sells over 850 top brands specialising in clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty
  • It  ships to 196 countries
  • ASOS originally stood for As Seen On Screen
  • Their headquarters are in Camden

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How do you get student discounts on ASOS?

Follow the instructions on our Asos student discount page, validate your student id and you’ll be issued with a special code to get a discount at the online checkout.

✅ How much is student discount on Asos?

The standard discount for Asos is 10% off. However, for limited period throughout the year it increases to 20% so look out for that.


Yes ASOS is listed on UNiDAYS. Just head to and enter Asos in the search box and you’ll find the page and details on how to get the discount code.