Audible Student Discount & NUS Deal Guide

So you’re just about to sign up to Audible, the fantastic audio books service from Amazon and you wonder ‘Is there an Audible student discount? Or you’re maybe there is an Audible NUS promo code that you can use so you can save when you sign up.

Well Student Discount Squirrel is here to not only answer the question ‘Does Audible do a student discount?’, but also show you how you can SAVE EVEN MORE when signing up to this fantastic service.

In this Audible Student Discount Guide, we’re going to be specifically showing you the following:

  1. Does Audible do a Student Discount?
  2. Is there an Audible NUS discount?
  3. Current Audible Promo Codes, Deals & Offers
  4. Audible – An Overview & Why We Like It

So ready to save at Let’s get started then.

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1. Does Audible do a Student Discount?

So the big question to kick off with and at this moment in time there is no specific Audible student discount.

HOWEVER, Student Discount Squirrel has found out a deal for students which you can get your first month subscription for free. it’s usually costs £7.99/month and you’re getting 1 audio book for FREE. Even if you cancel your subscription you can keep it!

To get it, go to this page and sign up. That’s all you have to do. There’s no Audible student discount code to get this offer!

audible student discount

2. Is there a NUS Audible Discount?

Unfortunately there is no NUS Audible discount. However, students can still get a FREE 30 day trial of Audible. This means you get one free audio book that you can keep, even if you stop your subscription. Resut!

Iif you want to continue with the audio book service you pay just £7.99 a month. Student Discount Squirrel likes it that you get to keep your first audio book even if you cancel your subscription.

To bag this deal, sign up on this special page and you’ll qualify for your 30 free days. Amazing!

3. Current Audible Promo Codes, Deals & Offers

So as we’ve previously discussed, even though there is no Audible student discount, there is still ways for students to get a sign-up offer in January 2019.

And Student Discount Squirrel has noticed that throughout 2019 there has been some short-term Audible discount codes, deals or offers.

So what we’ve done is to create the Audible deals section below so if there are any current offers available then we will list them.

Take a look and bag yourself an Audible bargain. 

audible logo

Free 30 Day Trial For Students

Valid 19/12/2017 – 31/12/2017

4. Audible – An Overview

Audible is a fantastic way to listen to books. When you sign up, you have access to over 200,000 titles to choose from and it’s a great way to listen to your favourite novels.

You can download the app to your phone, have it on your tablet or your laptop. So listen on the bus on the way to lectures have it on in your bedroom in the evening, even at the gym.

What Student Discount Squirrel likes in particular is:

  • You get a FREE TRIAL to try and Audible audio book for free – Sign up here
  • It’s just £7.99/month thereafter with additional purchase deals with up to 70% off
  • Over 200k titles to choose from including the latest releases
  • Swap a title if it’s not for you
  • You can cancel subscription at any time
  • Plenty of text books to choose from