Welcome to our handy guide to the top 10 best student desks on the market today, reviewed and rated by our top teams.

If you’re in the market for a new desk because your existing one isn’t making the grade, or if you just need to carve out a new workspace for yourself to get to it, there are lots of options available for college students.

Depending on the current restrictions at your university or home, you may not be able to visit a shop to look at the  top 10 best desks in person but fear not: there’s some great bargains to be had online and make sure the desk is perfect for you!

Exactly which desk is right for you depends on your personal requirements, but Student Discount Squirrel has found the following models good value and hard-wearing.

Best Student Desks – The Results

We’ve been busy researching the top 10 best desks for students so you can set up a home office, looking at lots of different styles, makes and prices.

First, we’ve selected the best desks for specific categories and then provided you with pictures and more information on features and details on each specific desk after.

Best Desks For Small Spaces

Tiva White Ladder Desk – more info here

Best Adjustable Desk Top Desk

Adapt a Desk – more info here

Best Stylish Desks

Premier Housewares Bamboo 1-Drawer Desk – more info here

Best Desks For Gaming

Piranha Furniture Office Computer & Gaming Desk – more info here

Best Desks For Extra Storage

Ebern Designs Guin Computer Desk – more info here

Best Workstation Desk

Tecknik Crystal Workstation – more info here

We have written more about our desk choices so continue reading for more information on our  favourite desks:

Tiva White Ladder Desk from Dunelm
Desks for students Idea

The beautiful ladder shelving units that are so popular across social media at the moment are reflected in the design of the Tiva White Ladder Desk.

One of the popular ladder units, this desk comes with an extended shelf at perfect desk height, the Tiva takes up little more room than a shelving unit was but gives extra workspace for your laptop, books and other study items.

The Tiva is made of white MDF and is self-assembly, but looks much more expensive and high-quality than you’d expect for less than a hundred pounds. That’s the beauty of Dunelm, quality at great prices.

Summary: If you are looking for a compact yet stylish desk then this is the option for you. It has lots of shelves for lots of extra storage too.


Adapt-A-Desk Folding Adjustable Desk by Ryman

ryman folding adjustable desk

Not everyone has lots of room for extra furniture or the need for a desk all the time. The Adapt-A-Desk looks a bit like a dinner tray on robot frogs legs, and well… it kinda is!

This desk isn’t intended to be a full piece of furniture but rather a laptop, book or writing desk tray whenever and wherever you are. If you already have a table, you can use it to heighten your study supplies, or if you sit on a sofa, bed or floor, you can use it to create a workspace where there wasn’t one before.

This versatile and multi-purpose desk revolves 360⁰ but can lock into place at any angle and tilt backwards and forward for ease of use. The desk shelf itself is aluminium and has ventilation holes to avoid devices overheating. It needs to be screwed together by the user and is pretty easy to do.

Summary: This folding desk is perfect for students who need to move around. In the kitchen, in the lounge, in your bedroom, this desk option has maximum flexibility.


Piranha Furniture Office Computer & Gaming Desk on eBay

Student Desks

A more traditional office computer desk, the Piranha Furniture multi-purpose gaming desk looks like the kind of desk you’ve probably seen and had before.

Made of carbon fibre and available in black, red or white, it has plenty of legroom and its desk legs are shaped to allow for items to be hung off them; be that headphones, wires or the strawberry laces you’re going to polish off for a much-needed sugar boost mid-revision!

Easy and clean-cut to look at, the Piranha Furniture desk is wipe-clean. It’s flat-pack and easy to construct but its legs are coated steel so is quite heavy. This desk is available to buy through eBay and they have some great alternatives to browse too.

Summary: If it’s a solid large surface area you need then the Piranha desk is what your looking for. It’s a great option for gamers too.


Currys Teknik Towson White Trestle Desk

Student Desk Ideas

One of the most aesthetic study desk options, the Teknik Towson Trestle Desk looks straight out of a Scandinavian interior design catalogue! It’s made of painted wood and its smart off-centred angles give a unique look.

It can be dressed however you like and still look neat even when your laptop and books are packed away at the end of the day… or, ok, late in the morning after an all-nighter.

The Teknik Towson Trestle Desk is easy to assemble and can be done by one person alone. We knew Currys are great for student laptops but who knew they sold stylish desks to work from home in a study room too.

Summary: Stylish and practical, this desk option is great for those working in the arts. It wouldn’t look out of place in an architects practice or media agency either!


Teknik Crystal Workstation by Currys

Glass Students Desk

Another Teknik piece, the Teknik Crystal Workstation is ideal for those without a lot of space but still in need of a dedicated place to sit and work. A workstation rather than a full-sized desk, the Teknik Crystal is a smart glass space big enough for a laptop and some books and stationery.

The Teknik Crystal Workstation needs careful assembly (it’s tempered glass and steel, after all!) but does have wheels attached to the bottom for portability.

There’s no tools and no DIY know-how required to put the Teknik Crystal Workstation together, so anyone can do it; even in a small space. Another winner from Currys.

Summary: Looking for a workstation, then look no further. It is practical and comes with wheels so you’re able to move it into the corner after use, saving on space.


Premier Housewares Bamboo 1-Drawer Desk

Amazing Stylish Desk

Premier Housewares provide one of the most visually appealing desks with their bamboo 1-drawer desk, a really neat looking workspace that will fit into most rooms easily and without infringing too much on their aesthetic.

A roomy clean white workspace with one drawer and one open storage area below, there’s plenty of room for your work on top and spare supplies below. The wood grain bamboo legs lend a nice contrast and give a clean, modern feel.

The Premier Housewares Bamboo 1-Drawer Desk requires self-assembly and comes with thorough instructions for construction. We’re pleasantly surprised that Ryman has such stylish desks, great for a home office.

Summary: If you need a desk with drawers then this is a great option. Hide away those essay papers with ease! It also looks great and is easy to build.

Wayfair Ebern Designs Guin Computer Desk

Student Corner Desk Unit

The Guin Computer Desk is much more than just a plain desk,  it’s a whole piece of furniture for your working space! A neat white computer desk, it has a full-length bookcase shelving unit at one end and small shelves below desk height on the other. Ample space for anything you need.

Its sleek lines and minimalist appearance can be complemented by your accessorising on the shelves, and ensures that you have everything you need within arm’s reach – no more getting up and frantically searching around the house for a textbook!

The Guin can be placed either against a wall (the higher bookcase can be boarded to avoid any scratches on your walls, and this bit of optional boarding come with it) or in the middle of the room to make a real feature.

The Guin comes flat-packed and is made of solid wood. Full assembly is required and isn’t too difficult, but is heavy; so you may need a helping hand.

Summary: This desk is best for maximum storage potential. It has the most shelving we’ve seen, as well as a spacious desk to work at your laptop.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular questions we get asked:

What are the different types of Student Desks and what will work best for me?

Gone are the days where a desk was just a table you leant work supplies on, but then so too gone are the days when everyone had time or space to set up an adequate work station at your home office!

There are now loads of different types of desk available for every posture, workload and space. It might help you to research into some of the following:

  • Writing desk – these are the standard open-space desks with minimal storage and a large open-top space, designed to give you room to lay out papers and books across and write on. Make sure it is comfortable for writing.
  • Computer desk – less old-fashioned but pretty much now obsolete, computer desks were designed to house desktop computers, with a pull-out shelf for a keyboard and a large CPU storage unit for the main computer itself. If you work with a large desktop type computer, this may be the best desk type for you, but if not, its additional features will probably be unnecessary.
  • Credenza desk – originally large pieces of furniture that surrounded the desk with built-in cupboards and shelves, credenza desks now come in a variety of shapes and sizes and work perfectly for those who need extra storage within arms’ reach.
  • Standing desk – sometimes completely standalone desks and sometimes built onto an existing desk, a standing desk allows the user to access their working materials (ie laptop, pen and paper) at a comfortable height for them to stand, rather than sit, at it.
  • Adjustable tray desk – a kind of adjustable tray rather than a full table, a tray desk is designed to move up and down to place the working supplies at the correct height for the user, whether they’re sitting/standing at a table, sitting on a floor or sitting in a position that requires lap working.

Realistically, now, there’s a desk for everything and this 10 best student desks guide will help you choose.

What accessories might I need for my 10 Best Study Desks for Students?

Finding and buying your perfect desk isn’t the end of your work setup. You may need a variety of accessories to complete your office.

Don’t forget to check if you need any of the following:

  • A laptop/book bag if you’ll be working in other places too
  • Stationery
  • Stationery storage
  • A pin-board for notices/notes/reminders/cards
  • A paper diary
  • Drawer/additional storage unit
  • Additional speakers
  • Desk light
  • Cable tidy

A great place for all your stationery needs is WHSmith, who usually have a voucher code to help students save.

What else is there to consider when buying the Best Desks for Students?

Whether you’re starting uni or college or continuing on with a course you’ve been at for a while, there’s no doubt you’ll have a mental (if not hastily jotted down) list of a million different things you need to buy, organise and sort out in time for studies starting. Of course, it’s really easy as it is with everything online to find something you like the look of and excitedly order it right away, but ask yourself the following before you buy:

  • Is this desk within your budget?
  • Are you entitled to any grants or tax relief toward purchases for your studies?
  • How big is the desk – will it fit in the space you have available?
  • Do you have the equipment and ability required to assemble the desk yourself if required?
  • Does this desk have any storage space for your supplies?
  • Is this desk going to be comfortable enough for long periods of use?

Is it healthy to sit at a Desks for Students for a long period of time?

Research has shown that sitting down for long periods of time isn’t conducive to fantastic health or good posture, and certainly you should try to get up and about (even if just for a quick stretch) regularly during study/work sessions.

Spending extended periods of time sitting – be it at one of the 10 best student desks, a sofa, other chair or steering wheel – isn’t ideal, and the NHS recommend that you take a break from a seated position every 30 mins. This can also be a great opportunity for you to have a quick drink; keeping you appropriately hydrated throughout your work session too.

In order to avoid eye strain, back pain or prolonged poor posture, the following safety tips can be followed:

  • Sit on a chair that is easily adjustable and supports the small of your back
  • Ensure your knees are slightly lower than your hips, and your feet are flat on the floor
  • If your feet don’t quite touch the floor, use a footrest
  • Your keyboard should be at wrist height with straight forearms and not tilted but sitting flat
  • When typing, your elbows should be by the side of your body so your arms form an L-shape at the joint
  • The top of your computer screen should be approximately at eye level
  • Your computer screen should be approximately an arm’s length away
  • If using a computer mouse, it should be as close to you as possible. If your wrists are floppy or sore using the mouse, use a mousemat with wrist support
  • Avoid glare by ensuring any screens don’t sit where they will reflect light from windows or overhead lighting.

There are lots to consider when setting up your study space for your 10 best student desks, but it can be fun to do! Once you have a workspace set up and ready to go it can feel empowering and inspiring and boost your productivity through projects, revision and research.

Keep it decorated and designed in a way that you find motivating and keep water and snacks nearby – so once you get into the zone you can look after yourself and keep working hard, healthy and happy.

Top 10 Best Desks for Students Summary

We’ve come to the end of this guide to the 10 best desks for students. In it, we have considered various things when choosing the 10 best desks for students. This has included price, features, size, build quality and more aspects besides.

From this, we narrowed it down to the 10 best desks for students and then written about each desk in turn. We have taken into consideration whether you need it purely for a study desk or if you need it to be more versatile and need it for a gaming desk or another purpose.

We have some other 10 best student guides including: