Boohoo Product Guide for Students

Struggling to find the best buys at Boohoo? We can help. Take a look at our top picks! And don’t forget to check out our guide to find out how students can get free premier delivery and lots of other money saving tips.

Top Student Buy: Katie Oversized Sunglasses – £4.00

Ready to hide a multitude of sins, these chic giant sunnies will get you through any hangover, covert shopping trip or bright day! Play up your partywear or hide behind the lenses when in your sweats, these sunglasses are cheap enough that you won’t be heartbroken should you lose them, but also that you’re definitely going to get some good value wear out of them. Every girl needs a pair of big sunglasses – even if only to cover up the fact you’ve left the house without your mascara.

Top Student Buy: Smoothie Now Drinking Cup – £4.00

Disposable plastics and non-recyclable items are falling out of fashion fast – and lots of university campuses are banning such products completely! Even if your uni has yet to take the plunge, investing in this cup will make you more environmentally-friendly as you order your cold drinks during the day and can encourage you to drink more water or juice during the day. You could even start blending smoothies in the morning ready for the day ahead!

Top Student Buy: Ivy Ribbed Striped Ankle Sports Sock – £3.00

The preppy finishing touch to any outfit, these cotton socks are cosy and sports luxe. The design detail is cute enough to be worn regularly with shoes or just around your student flat to keep those toes warm. Available in two colours, these are higher quality than you’ll find in high-street budget stores and will last through as many washes as you subject them to… although whether they’ll remain in a pair can’t be guaranteed!