We can confirm currently that there is now a 4% Booking.com student discount. You can get it by getting cashback through Unidays or Student Beans.


There are still some great additional ways that students can still save. We’ve found a great getaway deals page where all selected bookings have a minimum 15% off. The promotion is for between April and September and there here’s great availability in London, Cambridge, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and lots of other hotels throughout the UK and abroad with prices starting at £48.

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Our next tip is to join the Genius membership programme for exclusive discounts and loyalty discounts of up to 20% and free breakfasts with selected bookings.

We’ve done a lot of research into getting discounts for students at booking.com and here is a helpful summary of ways to save:

  • 4% student discount for booking.com
  • 4% Unidays code
  • 15% off selected getaway stays on the deals page
  • Sign up to the Genius membership programme for loyalty points and exclusive deals of up to 20% off
  • Rooms from £48
  • Free breakfast with selected bookings
  • One-off booking.com discount codes and booking.com promo codes
  • Discover 2022 deals

We know time is short and this guide is comprehensive, so if you need an answer straight away use our helpful contents box above. You can click on an entry to take you directly to the section you are looking for! Otherwise, read on and learn how you can keep more of your loan in your bank account!

They took the hotel room booking UK market by storm by providing stylish and quality fixtures and fittings. It is especially known for hotels, apartments, resorts, cabins and villas.

In our Booking.com discount guide, we will look at sales, offers, gifts cards, general discounts, and great deals such as free cancellation that could save you more (to complement and enhance your official discount) on your next holiday.

“Top tip. Our excellent savings section at the top of the page has the latest deals, sale items, discount codes, offers, free cancellation info and special promo codes which could save you even more. It’s at the top of the page and updated regularly and could make some great savings.”

booking.com student discount
Get the best money saving deals and best discount around today.

Does Booking Com Do a Student Discount?

As confirmed in the introduction, there is now a 4% student discount cashback for booking.com in May 2022. That’s a shame as a student code is a great way to save on your purchases. This naturally means that there is no Unidays, NUS Totum or Student Beans Booking.com student code. There are extra ways that students can still save money though on your next booking including:

  • 15% off deals page
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Sales
  • Booking.com voucher codes
  • Any valid Booking.com discount code
  • Homepage offers
  • Free cancellation
  • Price match

To get the latest, check out our savings section which lists the latest sales items, which is regularly updated and of course we will let you know if a booking.com student discount becomes available.


Is there a Unidays Booking.com Discount?

Great news, there is now a Unidays code for Booking.com. It’s done through a cashback system and you have to log in to your Unidays account to get it. It is 4% which is not huge but every discount helps!

“Make sure you check out the Booking.com offers page. It has all the latest bargains and you could bag yourself a bedding bargain per night at a huge range of places to stay! We also list all booking.com discount code options here and update them every month. We also highly recommend joning the Genius Membership scheme.

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If you are looking for cheap hotel rooms then check out our Travelodge student discount guide page.

Booking.com Discounts and Voucher Codes

Through our research, we’ve found that they do release voucher codes throughout the year. If you have one, simply enter it in the promo code box at the online checkout and the discount will be applied. When they do offer a discount code, we will list them in our savings section at the top of the page so make sure you check them out. Below are the latest ways to save including any booking.com discount codes:


Discount Summary Discount Expires
4% student discount cashback 4% 31/12/2022
4% Unidays code 4% 31/12/2022
15% or more off on the deals page 15% 30/05/2022
Rooms From £48 £48 Rooms 30/05/2022
Up to 20% Off with Genius Membership 20% 30/05/2022

There are often great deals at booking.com hosted on their website and app.

Other deals at booking.com and best deals have included:

  • Booking.com promo code releases
  • Booking.com discounts on their website
  • Gift card offers
  • Secret deals on their booking.com app
  • Booking.com vouchers
  • Loyalty programme offers

As you can see booking.com offer lots of different ways to help you save.


2022 Booking.com Sale and Black Friday Sales

Now even though you can get a Booking.com voucher code by signing up to the newsletter, you can save more when you shop in the Booking.com sales. On the website, they have a special sales page which always has a selection of discounted bargains.  These regularly happen throughout the year with 40% off all full-priced items. .

booking.com sale

The Booking.com Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is now one of the biggest shopping days in the UK and they have a Black Friday sale too. This continues into Cyber Monday and beyond and it’s one of the best times of the year for students to save on a huge range of places to stay.

Boxing Day and January Sales

There are some big sales on around Christmas. Usually, they start a couple of days before the 25th, then on Boxing Day there are further reductions and even bigger ones nearer New Year and January. We recommend that if there is something you want then get it as soon as it’s in the sale as it might sell out.

Spring Mid-season and Easter Sales

Around mid-March they have a mid-season sale and also something for Easter too. We’ve found that they have a good 50% sale on selected hotels. This is one of THE best times for students to bag a bargain.

Booking.com Summer Sales

Around the beginning, to mid-June, they have a big summer sale where you can choose many great places to stay. There are some big reductions and they include lots of hotel rooms. They also at some point introduce an extra 20% off promo code which is a great way for students to save.


Another great tip is to have a look at our Premier Inn student discount page, which has lots of ways to bag yourself a cheap hotel room.

Best Booking.com Fun Facts – Did You Know That…?

  • The headquarters are in Amsterdam
  • The website is available in 43 languages
  • It was founded in 1996
  • They have 6.2 million listings of hotels, homes and apartments around the world
  • They have 28 million listings of one-stop bookings for holidays
  • The booking.com logo is one of the most recognisable brands around
  • They have a great loyalty programme when booking through their app saving you on hotels & apartments every time you book
  • They were top online advertising spender in 2016 in the Tourism sector – spending 3.5 billion with Google
  • They host a huge about of places to stay around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Booking com do a student discount?

Yes there is now a 4% student cashback possible.

However, it is possible to get discounts of up to 20% by joining the Genius programme or 15% off staycation deals. There are booking.com student savings to be made in these ways.

Does Booking.com do a Unidays code?

Yes there is now a Booking.com Unidays code. It is for 4% cashback and you must be a Unidays member to get it.

We’ve checked both on booking.com and myunidays.com and it’s now listed. You can still make some amazing savings however by checking out our savings section.

Does booking com have discount codes?

Sometimes booking.com release promo codes. We list the latest promo codes and vouchers in our savings section.

Which is the best online booking site?

Bookings.com is definitely one of the best booking sites. It has a user-friendly website and app,is very easy to make hotel bookings and offers great prices on rooms.

Does Booking.com do NHS discounts?

There is currently no booking.com NHS discount code. We’ve checked on the Health Service Discounts and Blue Light Card websites and there is no code listed. However, Heath Workers can still save by checking out our savings section for the latest money saving tips.

What's the difference between booking.com and Airbnb?

The main difference between booking.com and Airbnb is that booking.com offers rooms in hotels while Airbnb focusses more on rooms in people’s houses. Airbnb also charges the guest and the owner while booking.com only charges the hotel owners.

Summary of Booking.com Students Discounts

We’ve come to the end of this discount guide for Booking.com. We hope you have read it thoroughly and learnt even though there is only a 4% student discount, students can still save money booking cheap hotel rooms and places to stay, most with free cancellation and also by using their loyalty programme. Make sure you check out our special savings section at the top of the page to find the best and latest promo codes, sales, gift card info and deals on your next hotel room booking.