We have great news for you, there is an official 10% Calvin Klein student discount available for students in the UK. You get it with a CK Unidays code. It is also available in the USA too.

What we have found is the best thing to do is visit the Calvin Klein at Asos page and use the Asos student discount which is usually bigger.


Students should also check out the Calvin Klein sales page. There are discounts of up to 50% off and it’s where students could potentially make the biggest savings.

We’ve put all the best student discounts in the summary savings table below.

Calvin Klein Discount Code Student  Discount Expires
Calvin Klein student code 10% 31 December 2024
10% Unidays Calvin Klein Code 10% 31/12/2022
Up to 50% off in CK Sale 50% 30/08/2022
10% Newsletter Discount Code 10%  31/12/2022

Calvin Klein is eponymous with fashion. Where students might know the brand for underwear and fragrances, they also do high end womens clothing, men’s clothing, watches, boxers and jeans.

“Even though there is a 10% student discount, anybody can get a 10% promo code for Calvin Klein when you sign up to the newsletter.”

How to get the Calvin Klein Student Discount

Currently, there is a Calvin Klein student discount available in June 2024. Follow these instructions to get it:

  1. Enter your clothing purchases in the basket at calvinklein.co.uk
  2. Go to Unidays
  3. Get your Calvin Klein Unidays code
  4. Enter the Unidays code in the promo code box
  5. The 10% student discount will be applied

calvin klein discount code student

Is there a Unidays Calvin Klein code?

Yes great news, there is a Calvin Klein Unidays code available. The standard discount is for 10% and occasionally it is increased so look out for that.

Keep checking out the savings section at the top of this page to view the latest Calvin Klein voucher codes, promo codes, and learn the best ways to save money at Calvin Klein including 50% sale discounts.

Is there an Calvin Klein Student Beans discount?

Unfortunately, there is currently no Calvin Klein Student Beans code. We checked on studentbeans.com and it isn’t listed there. However, you can get a 10% Unidays code.

Is There An Calvin Klein NUS Totum Code?

There is no NUS Totum Calvin Klein code available at the moment. Calvin Klein isn’t included as part of their discount scheme. But not to worry, because current students can make up to 50% savings.

“Do you want Calvin Klein discounts of up to 50%? Check out the sales page, where the best and biggest discounts are listed.”

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Other Ways to Save

Previous ways to save money have included:

  • Discount codes

Brand Overview – Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a renowned fashion brand that has left an indelible mark on the world of design and style. Established by American designer Calvin Klein in 1968, the brand has become synonymous with minimalist aesthetics, clean lines, and timeless elegance. Calvin Klein’s distinctive approach to fashion has garnered global recognition and adoration.

From its inception, Calvin Klein has been at the forefront of innovative and provocative advertising campaigns that pushed the boundaries of conventional fashion marketing. The brand’s iconic advertisements featuring prominent celebrities and models have consistently captivated audiences and ignited conversations. It is through these campaigns that Calvin Klein has successfully cultivated an image of modernity, sensuality, and sophistication.

Calvin Klein’s clothing collections have consistently showcased its commitment to sleek and understated design. The brand’s apparel ranges from luxurious basics and tailored suits to denim, lingerie, and fragrances. Calvin Klein’s garments are characterized by their impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials. The brand’s signature minimalism is evident in its use of neutral tones, monochromatic palettes, and simple yet impactful silhouettes.

The Brand is known for:

  • Being a global lifestyle brand
  • Sophisticated styles
  • Striking designs
  • Provocative imagery
  • Progressive ideals

Beyond fashion, Calvin Klein has extended its influence into other domains, including accessories, eyewear, and home furnishings. The brand’s accessories and eyewear lines reflect the same refined aesthetics as its clothing, offering customers the opportunity to complete their stylish ensembles with complementary pieces.

Calvin Klein’s impact on popular culture cannot be overstated. Its name has become a symbol of modern luxury and a benchmark for contemporary fashion. With its unwavering dedication to minimalism and timeless elegance, Calvin Klein continues to inspire and shape the fashion industry, making it a revered and enduring brand for generations to come.

Calvin Klein Student Discounts Summary

We’ve come to the end of this guide on student discounts for Calvin Klein. We’ve shown students how to get an amazing Calvin Klein Student Store discount with a 10% Unidays code as standard. Get saving on that Calvin Klein underwear, Calvin Klein jeans and more!

There are also extra savings and discount prices to be had and our savings section has all the latest voucher codes, deals, and sale discounts which could save you more.

If you’re looking for some similar discounts, why not check out our Abercrombie and Fitch student discount, TK Maxx discount code and student discount Allsaints pages.

Wiki facts about Calvin Klein

  • Calvin Klein is named after Calvin Richard Klein, an American fashion designer who founded the company.
  • The company Calvin Klein Inc was founded in 1968.
  • The Calvin Klein designer John Varvatos created the boxer brief in the 1990s which became a bestseller.