Clarks Unidays Discount 2019

Are you looking for a Unidays Clarks code? You’re not alone. We get asked this question a lot on Student Discount Squirrel.

Unfortunately there is no Clarks Unidays discount as of 2019. This is because Clarks isn’t part of the Unidays scheme and at the time of writing has no actual student discount scheme.

However, students can still save and you should check out our savings section which lists the latest promo codes, offers, deals and free delivery info which could help you save more.

You can see from the image below that when you search for Clarks on,  there isn’t a relevant page. This is a shame because a Unidays code could come in handy when buying your stylish shoes, boots sandals and slippers on

unidays clarks

It’s a shame that you can’t get a Unidays Clarks student code because the system is really easy. There is a page on the participating retailer’s website where once you have logged into and have been verified, you can generate a promo code. This code is live for 30 minutes and you enter it at the online check-out to get the reduction applied.

It also usually means you can show the code in-store then you can get the percentage off there too, although not all shops allow this.

However, Clarks regularly release promo codes through-out the year that students and anyone can use, including school pupils which is great news. They are usually available between 1-2 weeks and we’ve seen discounts of between 10-30% off.

Make sure you check out our student discount page for the latest and you could save there! 

If you do search for Clarks on Unidays there are a couple of alternative options that appear. One is the ‘Stocked At’ suggestions, which means ranges of Clarks shoes are stocked at this retailer which you can get a discount. The two that are shown here are Office Shoes and Urban Outfitters.

Then there is a ‘Suggestions’ section, which lists similar shoe retailers. On Unidays, there again is Office but also Soletrader.

There obviously are pros and cons to this. While you will be able to get a Unidays discount on Clarks shoes the range will be limited when compared to the choice available on We recommend looking at our ultimate guide page first for the latest discounts.