Best Converse Trainers for Students

Converse is an iconic shoe brand, instantly recognisable for its white-soled and white-laced colourful hi-top canvas trainers with a circular logo stitched on. We love them at Student Discount Squirrel!

Having switched their focus from manufacturing footwear for the allied military forces in World War II back to a public consumer focus, the brand label remains well-reputed worldwide and has spurred thousands of other companies to create their own copy-cat versions of the infamous hi-top trainers.

Judging by how many we see being worn around uni, Converse are going from strength to strength. We’ve put together some best buy Converse trainers but remember to make the biggest savings make sure you check out our guide page.

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic – £55.00

The original and the authentic Chuck Taylor All Star Classic, this trainer has stood the test of time. Converse describe these as one of the ingredients to the perfect summer. The newest variety has OrthoLite insole cushioning for comfort and foot support, softer canvas uppers than ever before and aluminium eyelets for the laces. Now available in more colours than ever, you can opt for something to go with everything or something to make a statement and stand out.

54” Lo-Top Sparkle Laces – £3.00

Make your pair of Converse trainers really stand out from everyone else’s by changing the laces from plain white to something a little more statement. The sparkle laces are perfect for this and to give a more formal, glam look to your sneakers. Measuring approximately 114.5cm, there’s more than enough to thread in any way you like, and the shimmering material is woven for longevity. These laces are made up of 55% polyester and 45% lurex.

Core Chuck Patch Tee – £20.00

Why just wear Converse on your feet when you can on your torso too? Emblazoned with the historic Chuck Taylors star and chevron emblem logo, this tee shows off your loyalty… and your great taste. Styled with a pair of jeans and, of course, a pair of Converse trainers (DUH!), you’ve got an easy-to-wear outfit that suits any time or place and is super easy to pull and get going.