The Top Student Buys at Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty is a health and beauty website like no other. Offering beauty and make-up products that are tried, tested and curated into expert collections, this isn’t your standard e-commerce site, but instead the beauty industry’s favoured stock for stock.

Student Discount Squirrel has been looking to see what are the best deals for students and we’ve listed them below just for you!

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Top Student Buy: The Vamp Stamp, large – £6.75

A beauty tool you won’t find on the high street, the Vamp Stamp saves us all from liquid eyeliner slip-ups and smudges. Available in four shapes and sizes, you simply paint your liquid or gel eyeliner directly onto the stamp and press it against your lids for flawlessly shaped liner.

Easy, quick and an insider staple – most catwalk make-up artists will tell you that they don’t have the time to continually apply and re-apply model’s liner, so for them, this is a godsend!

Top Student Buy: The Silke Hair Wrap – £50.00

Made from the finest 100% silk, the Silke hair wrap encases your ‘do to cocoon your hair and prevent frizz and breakages.

You may not have considered it before, but hair rubs against pillows overnight and the friction is often what causes split ends and associated damage.

Wearing a hair wrap overnight extends the period between washes and dries, minimises static and breakage, and keeps your locks looking glossy and smooth. If you’ve got long hair, simply tuck it up within the cap so all ends are covered.

Top Student Buy: Pixi In-Shower Steam Facial – £18.00

Don’t fork out on expensive salon facials – thanks to Pixi, you can now do it yourself during your morning shower!

The brand has quickly earnt a die-hard base of happy customers including celebrities, bloggers and industry insiders, and having now tried this, us too.

The ultimate in lazy skincare, you can achieve facial results in minutes. A nourishing gel-to-oil formula that heats gently, apply generously at the beginning of your shower and rinse off at the end. The collagen in your face will be plumped and you’ll look brighter and more radiant right away: result!