We can confirm that there is a 20% Dell student discount available in July 2024. You can get the student voucher directly from Dell’s special student page, where you can verify your student status.


You can also get a 20% Unidays Dell code again too.  Another good tip however is to check out the Dells deals page. There are some great discounts of up to £300 on laptops, desktops, monitors and accessories and is well worth a look. If you’re looking for a laptop then there is a specific Dell laptop deals page.

We’ve been doing research into all the ways students can save money and here are the results:

  • 20% student discount
  • Save up to 45% discount on Dell laptops, computers, and accessories on the deals page
  • Up to 15% discount on Dell monitors
  • Limited-time savings on Dell systems
  • Free delivery on all Dell products
  • Free next day delivery on selected products
  • There is a Dell rewards programme

There’s no minimum or maximum spend to obtain the discount on Dell’s top-of-the-range technology. Whether you’re looking for laptop deals, gaming deals, monitor deals, or even want to save money on accessories deals, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn exactly how to access your Dell student code for home work.

Rise to the top of the class with a Dell laptop or desktop to complete your studies! Dell is one of the largest international tech providers selling a huge selection of computers and related products. Best of all, Dell has designed their new line of laptops with students specifically in mind. Powered by Intel Core processors, Dell laptops are fantastic at handling intensive software such as photo or video editors, but can also run multiple programs in the background without impacting performance. They are great gaming laptops, home work computers and Dell manufacture 2 in 1 laptops too.

Sound good? Let’s find out how to grab your Dell discount for students.

“Don’t worry if you haven’t received your academic email address yet. Contact Dell directly with another proof of admission to grab your discount.”

Does Dell do a Student Discount?

There is a generous student discount for Dell available which can save students up to 20% off your tech order on the Dell site. If you’re already signed up with UniDays then it’s super simple to gain access to immediate savings. Here is how you get the deal:

    1. Go to the special page on the Dell website
    2. Follow the simple instructions and verify your student status via myunidays.com
    3. You’ll be issued with a unique Dell student code UK giving you 20% off.
    4. Add your fantastic deal to the online basket.
    5. Enter your student code in the promo code box.
    6. Your discount will be applied and you can access your 20% savings.

Not signed up with UniDays yet? Don’t worry, you can simply contact Dell directly by emailing dell_advantage_student@dell.com to join their Advantage for Students scheme to collect your voucher code.


dell student discount
You may need a student id card or nus card (or university email address) to claim a Dell student discount.

There are a few ts and cs to bear in mind with the Dell student discount:

  • Your discount can’t be combined with any other Dell offer and the latest deals
  • Only students aged 16 and over, including those at vocational college are eligible
  • Student discounts are limited to only one unit per order
  • Eligible countries include the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Ireland.

Find out more about Dell student discounts now.


Can you get a 20% student discount code directly through Dell?

Yes, Dell also offers a fabulous Advantage for Student scheme. Simply head over to Dell student page and click on Get Your Voucher. Here you’ll be asked to type in your academic email address to get your incredible 20% Dell student promo code.

But what if it’s the start of term, you haven’t got an email address yet but you’re ready to buy a Dell computer to begin your studies? Not a problem! Just email dell_advantage_student@dell.com to prove your student status. They also accept your school certificate, student id card, student email address and other evidence of admission. There is free delivery too for the United Kingdom.

Is there a Dell Unidays Code?

Yes, there is a Unidays Dell code and it’s very easy to get. All you need to do is validate your student status with Unidays and receive a special code to obtain your 20% Dell discount.

But don’t forget that you might be able to get an even better deal by checking out our savings section at the top of the page where we show you the latest top discounts from Dell including 2 for 1.

unidays dell
Find out more about the Unidays Dell student discount.

Does Dell Offer an NUS Totum Discount?

No, unfortunately, there is no separate NUS Totum scheme discount for Dell United Kingdom as of July 2024. However, if you’re a current NUS student, then you are of course entitled to the reduction through Unidays as described above as well as free delivery. Kerching! No NUS card is required either.

“Get 20% off the XPS13 or Alienware m17 R3 through the amazing Dell Advantage for Students discount scheme.”

Is there a July 2024 Dell Student Beans Discount Available?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a separate Student Beans Dell discount code available in July 2024, but the great news is that you can get a great discount as a Unidays member. Simply register with Unidays to obtain your fabulous 20% Dell Unidays code. So long as you can validate your student status through Unidays, usually by showing your academic email address, then you’ll be eligible to make incredible savings. Remember if this isn’t possible yet, you can contact Dell directly to obtain your discount.

To keep updated with current offers, follow us on social media or by joining our e-list, simply leave us your email address or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

“Dell is committed to recycling. Trade in an old laptop and earn up to £500 cashback on a brand-new XPS or Alienware model.”

If you’re looking for similar codes to grab top tech deals, then the Lenovo student discount, Currys student code, the standard Currys student discount and Samsung discount are worth a look.


Here is a great summary table of the best savings students can make at July 2024 for Dell products.

Dell Student Discounts in July 2024 Discount Available Until
20% Dell Student Code 20% 31 December 2024
Up to 45% off in the Dell Sale 45% 31 December 2024
20% Dell Unidays Code 20% 30 July 2024
£300 discount on selected Dell laptops £300 30 July 2024

Some previous deals and other promotions on Dell laptops, homework desktops have included:

  • Free delivery
  • Dell rewards
  • save up to 20% with Black Friday reductions including the g series.
  • Free next day delivery

These are in addition to the standard Dell student discount code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current discounts on Dell laptops?

There’s a 20% Dell student code available which will help you make amazing savings on your next laptop.

If you’re not a student, or you want to make even greater savings then remember to keep checking back here to see the latest top special deals.

Are there any Dell discounts for back to school?

Dell offers a 20% student discount so you can save hundreds of pounds on a brand-new laptop before term starts. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet received your academic email address. Simply contact Dell directly to prove your eligibility.

How long does it take to get a Dell student voucher code?

Sign up to Unidays and you’ll receive your Dell student voucher code immediately so you can apply your top tech discount to your basket and make amazing savings.

Are Dell laptops good for students?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, Dell laptops are built with students in mind, allowing them to perform demanding tasks and keep multiple programs open to maximise their studies.

Summary of Student Discount at Dell

It’s time to sum up how to get a 20% student discount for Dell laptops, desktops, monitors and computers. Here’s a summary of what you can get and where:

NUS Totum 0%
Unidays 20%
Student Beans 20%
Student Discount 20%
Best Current Offer £300 discount sale

All you have to do is head over to Unidays or visit Dell directly and get money off through their Advantage for Students program. Either way is super easy and could knock hundreds off your next tech purchase as long as you have a valid student email and student id.

Don’t forget that you can also check out the savings section at the top of the page, which we keep regularly updated with the best and latest deals including free delivery.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you save plenty on your next Dell laptop in July 2024 or desktop purchase but if you need help then do get in touch.

Fun Wiki Facts!

  • Dell was launched by Michael Dell back in 1984 from his dorm room at the University of Texas in Austin.
  • Within 7 months of launch, Dell was turning over $1 million per day in computer products and Dell pcs.
  • The Dell Family home is reportedly the 15th largest in the world, comprising 8 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, a gym, a conference room, and 60 acres of land. Not bad for some, hey?!
  • They do a popular Dell student discount code.

More About Dell

Some of Dells laptops are perfect for gaming and give a great gaming experience. This includes the g series. G series computers have been developed with gamers in mind. There are also quality desktop monitors.

The XPS 13 is a successful type of laptop made by Dell. With a 13 inch screen, the XPS 13 gets it’s name from this feature. It also has a great intel core processor making the XPS 13 one of best student latops.