Best Cheap EasyJet Flights

EasyJet is a household name across the UK and a travel favourite with anyone looking to experience new places without breaking the bank.

It can be tricky finding the best cheap easyJet flights but that’s where Student Discount Squirrel can help.

We’ve been researching the cheapest flights and we’ve listed our findings below. Plus, make sure you check out our money saving guide on the latest discounts, codes and sales.

Top Student Buy: Flight to Ljubljana – £dependent on route/season/event

Pronounced ‘Loob-lee-arn-ah’, the capital of Slovenia is likely somewhere you’ve never considered going – but you should! An unspoilt compact city small enough to walk around, Ljubljana is a car-free zone and boasts beautiful cobbled streets and bridges across the river.

The Slovenians all speak superb English (its one of the few places in Central and Eastern Europe where you can expect smiles and a conversation with even older residents) and there’s some great food and drink to be had. Book on a free walking tour to take in the sights for just the cost of a tip and enjoy superb pizza, beer and stunning views.

Top Student Buy: Flight to Tallinn – £dependent on route/season/event

Tallinn is a fairly new route for EasyJet and is somewhere likely to become stag party fodder soon, so book in before it does!

Estonia only has two major cities, and this, the capital, is full of picturesque market squares, white castles with terracotta turrets and quirky restaurants full of local produce. The Finns regularly take the ferry over to Tallinn to enjoy cheaper food and drink and it’s a through-route for lots of Balkan/Northern European travellers, so there’s lots to see and do… particularly given that most people seem never to have heard of it!

Top Student Buy: Flight to Tel Aviv – £dependent on route/season/event

A little longer haul than your usual EasyJet flight, Tel Aviv makes for a really interesting destination to spend a few days. Fly into the most protected airport in the world and see why the Bible country is such a popular tourist spot for so many.

Even just walking around the city will prove a culture immersion and you’ll never find yourself short of things to do or see. Be warned though: most teenagers are considered ‘off-duty’ on national service, but still have to carry their weapons around; so it’s not uncommon to see someone in a vest top and hot pants carrying a sub-machine gun.