The Top Student Buys at eBay

The biggest notable success of the dotcom bubble, eBay is an auction website facilitating the buying and selling of goods from individuals and businesses; both second-hand and new.

There’s almost nothing you can’t buy on eBay, so however niche or rare your product search may be, you can probably find it on the site… so it can be a fantastic resource for skint students looking for something special!

Before we start, if you are looking for general discounts, deals and codes for students then check out our guide page which is updated regularly.

Top Student Buy: Student Midwife Personalised Water Bottle – £2.50

Whether you are a student midwife or you know one, this personalised bottle is ideal for staying hydrated on shift. The nature of midwifery is that it’s often go-go-go and with things changing dramatically minute-by-minute, it can be difficult to remember to drink the water you need to – and there’s certainly no room to get dehydrated or unwell!

Emblazoned with your name it’ll never be mistaken for anyone else’s and makes for a great gift to yourself or for someone else.

Top Student Buy: University Graduation Gown, Hat and Tassel – £22.95

Graduation can be an expensive business… particularly after you’ve spent a few years skint! Save on hire fees and buy your gown, hat and tassel instead.

Unisex and one-size-fits-all, this is made from matte polyester and looks identical to any other you’d buy or hire – it’s just cheaper. You can always make cash later on by re-selling it or hiring it out to others, so this can pay back your small investment time and time again.

Top Student Buy: Laptop Sleeve Case – £2.99

Lugging a laptop around from lecture hall to lecture hall is no big deal once you get used to it, but there’s always the inherent risk of dropping or scratching it as you pop it in your bag with your other essentials or stuffing it under your arm in a rush.

These universal laptop sleeves take a second to use, protect your pride and joy from any accidental damage and is dustproof and waterproof. They even come in five different colours so you can coordinate with your other items and/or outfit. Don’t take the risk of ruining an assignment or delaying your coursework because of a smashed screen or broken laptop – a £3 buy could save you hundreds!