Evans Student Discount Guide

Looking for an Evans student discount?

You’ve come to the right place and we can confirm that there is an Evans student discount to get 10% off both online and instore. You can get it here on evans.co,uk

Buy wait, did you know it’s possible for students to save even more?

We’ve found out an additional X ways to save which we are going to show you in this comprehensive guide.

First things first we’ve put all of the latest offers, voucher codes and deals in our easy savings section below:

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15% Off Figleaves Student Discount

Get Big Discounts at the Figleaves Special Offers Page

Plus size girls will tell you that it can be a nightmare to shop for fun and fast fashion that actually flatters their shape and fits perfectly – models and mannequins somehow always seem to be a size 4, 6 or 8, and garments never look the same on them as they do real people!

Thankfully, high street saviours Evans are here to plug this gap; stocking great quality and fashionable attire that fits in with current trends and seasons rather than insisting on a one-size-fits-all approach that looks better designed for middle aged women than those of university-attending age.

Here at Student Squirrel we are committed to showing you clever learners what discounts you’re entitled to and how you can save more on your fabulous fashion purchases at evans.co.uk.

Take a look at the contents below and you can even click on a section that takes your fancy.


1. How to get the Evans Student Discount

So the great news is that there is a standard Evans student discount for 10% (correct as of April 2020).

This is valid both online and in-store and we’ve found out you can use it on both full price and sales items.

This is a boon as most student discount schemes are for full priced items only. Hurray!

And this is how you get it:

How to Get the Online Student Discount Code

  1. Go to this special page on evans.co.uk and make your purchases.
  2. Head to Student Beans and verify your student status and you’ll be issued with a temporary voucher code.
  3. At the online checkout enter the code.
  4. You’ll get an amazing 10% reduction.
  5. Laugh all the way to the union bar and buy your mates a round (this is optional).

But what if you’re in an Evans store?

Now to worry, here is how you get the money off in this instance:

  1. Verify your student status with Student Beans
  2. Show your Student Beans id to the cashier
  3. They will knock off that vital 10%

But the potential savings don’t stop there. In the next chapter we show you some more great ways that you can save.

2. 7 Ways for Students to Save at Evans

Even though there is a Topman student discount, we’ve found that there are more ways to save as we’ve been researching this guide.

So this next section shows you how.

1. Look at the Sales Page for Big Discounts

Did you know that there is a special sales page on evans.co.uk?

You should take a look as they typically have savings of up to 50% on dresses, jackets, tops, accessories and more!

When we last had a look there was 632 items and there is a handy filter section on the left had side of the website where you can search by size, clothing type and colour.

And don’t forget that the Evans student discount works on sale items too!

2. See if there are any other Evans Promo Codes

The Student Squirrel is a clever fellow and whilst he’s been out looking for his acorns he’s noticed that there are some Evans promo codes that are released throughout the year that the general public can use.

And he’s spotted that sometimes the discounts are bigger than the standard student discount!

There has recently been:

  • £10 off orders over £75
  • Free delivery
  • 20% off selected items

We’ve written a whole chapter on promo codes so make sure you read it and check out our savings section where we will list any current voucher codes.

3. Check out the Savings Section in this Guide

Speaking of which to make things really easy we’ve listed the latest offers, deals and promo codes at the top of our page in the savings section.

This is regularly updated with some of the best offers, sales and deals that Evans offer. Anything we spot to help students save on their fashion purchases we put in there.

It’s helpful, easy to follow and could save  you some money so make sure you check it out now!

4. Sign up to the Newsletter for 20% Off

Did you know that if you sign up to the Evans newsletter online then you get a promo code to get 20% off (correct as of April 2020).

You also get access to exclusive promotions and the latest releases first so you feel special too.

This is one of our top squirrel saving tips so don’t delay and sign up today.

5. Check the Home Page for the Latest Offers

It’s quite easy to miss this top tip out but Evans always put their latest offers and promotions on the home page.

For instance as we write this guide there is 30% off selected styles (correct as of April 2020).

We’ve also seen big sales, promo codes and multibuy deals advertised on the hp so make sure you have a quick perusal as you might be missing out on a bargain!

6. Get Free Delivery & Returns

The good news is that it’s possible to get free delivery and returns when shopping online at evans.co.uk.

We’ve taken a look and this is the deal:

  • Free standard delivery to your home when spending over £50
  • Free collect from store
  • Free Hermes Parcel Shop delivery on orders over £50
  • Free returns

A good tip is to make sure you spend over £50 and then you can always return it for free!

7. Get the Biggest Discounts in the Big Evans Sales

So the big discounts come in the big sales. What do we mean by ‘big sales’?

Well this is the regular sales periods throughout the year when retailers typically have bigger discounts on a large range of stock.

This includes:

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • Christmas and January Sales
  • Spring & Easter Sales
  • May Bank Holidays

We’ve written a chapter specifically on this and remember that you also get the 10% Evans student discount on all sale items so you can potentially get some really good bargains for your university wardrobe.

If one of these big sales are coming up then hold on if you can!

2. Is there a NUS, UNiDAYS or Student Beans discount?

As the student discount market is quite dispersed in the UK it can be confusing to find out exactly what student discounts avid learners are entitled to.

The 3 biggest ones are NUS, UNiDAYS and Student Beans and each of them have a different offering. We get asked a lot whether there is a xxx student discount through these schemes so we’ve done some extensive researching so we can answer your questions properly!

The Unidays xxx Discount

So the fab news is that there is a xxx UNiDAYS student discount. To get it you need go to this page on xxx.co.uk, put your awesome football boots, trainers or sports clothing in your basket, then get verified with UNiDAYS are you’ll be issued with a student voucher code to enter at the checkout and bob’s your uncle you’ll get a terrific 15% reduction on all full priced items.

xxx NUS Discount?

So this is a tad confusing so bear with us. There is no NUS xxx scheme at the moment for students to save. This includes not being included in the NUS Extra card scheme.

HOWEVER, NUS students can still get an xxx discount through the UNiDAYS scheme and get the voucher.

Read the first section for full details on how to get it.

Plus make sure you check out our savings section to see the latest ways that you can save and any available promo codes that could save you even more.

Are there Student Beans Discounts?

Nope, there is no association between Student Beans and xxx. This would make things easier for studnets, but you can still get the 15% promo code for free through UNiDAYS.

Make sure though that you do check out the xxx outlet page too as there are bigger discounts there to be had.

The xxx savings don’t stop there though students. Read on to get some more excellent savings tips!

3. Promo Codes, Vouchers & Discounts

So first of all, just to reiterate, there is a 15% xxx student discount code which is valid off all full priced items including trainers, predators, Stan Smiths, Superstars and clothing. To get it check out our savings section.

However, xxx sometimes release general voucher codes that anyone can use, you don’t have to verify your univeristy, school or college status and makes saving all the easier which we love here at Student Squirrel. We list all current general discount codes at the op of the page in the savings section so make sure you take a look.

So unfortunately there isn’t a ccc student discount NUS code, but there are short term promo codes that this fantastic card maker releases every so often. Take a look at our which will list them all there.

Previous promo codes have included:

  • 20% off all sale items
  • 20% off everything
  • Free delivery

Using the codes are easy, just do your shop on xxx.co.uk, get to the check-out and enter the code and the relevant reduction or offer will automatically be applied.

4. xxx Sales Diary & Alerts

Now we’ve established that there is a 15% xxx discount for students, but this is for full priced items only. Did you know one of the best ways to save is when there is a big xxx sale on.

We keep our squirrel eyes open so any big sales will be in our  fabulous savings section. Take a look and see how much you can save.

The biggest sales happen around the same time each year. Check the dates below as if one if coming up it might be best to hold on.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

xxx go big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and usually release a voucher code to get 30% off everything. This is double the normal student discount so is really worth waiting for.

Boxing Day & January Sales

There are some big sales on around Christmas. Usually they start a couple of days before the 25th, then on Boxing Day there are further reductions and even bigger ones nearer New Year and January.

We recommend that if there is something you want then get it as soon as it’s in the sale as it might sell out.

Spring Mid-season & Easter Sales

Around mid March xxx have a mid-season sale and also something for Easter too.

We’ve found that they have a good 50% sale on selected items, and then add additional discounts of 20% on sale items so you can get up to 70% off. This is one of THE best times for students to bag a bargain.

5. Student Best Buys

While we’ve already shown there to be some great general fashion bargains to be had at evans.co.uk, we’ve had a look through their current range and picked out our best buys for students.

Top Buy: Ivory Bow Sleeve Jacket – £28.80

The ideal cover-up that can be dressed up or down, this floaty jacket is as well suited to a job interview as it would be for around-the-pool wear.

Made of 98% polyester with 2% elastane for a comfy stretch, this is as comfortable as it is cool and won’t get sweaty in any tighter areas.

This jacket is currently available in sizes 14-30, and the models used to present it wear a size 16 or up. Wear over a dress, tee and jeans or swimsuit for an easy smart look!

Top Buy: Red Flower Tassle Statement Collar Necklace – £9.00

Make a real statement with this bright necklace by layering over plain coloured clothes.

Team with a black dress and swept-up hair for a formal look, or dress down by placing over a white tee and wearing with jeans and trainers.

This is the perfect accessory to pull everything together and give you a well-curated outfit for every occasion.

Top Buy: Cream Pearl Scarf – £19.50

If you’re having a day where you’d prefer to draw attention away from your face, this scarf makes for the perfect distraction without looking too bold!

Made of 80% cotton and super-soft, this creamy scarf can be draped around the neck or shoulders and the small pearl embellishments will catch on light to brighten the face (ideal for the morning after the night before!) and soften your whole ensemble.

It can also be wrapped around hair for those days where you just can’t layer on any more dry shampoo!

6. More About the Store

Stocking sizes 14-32 in fashion attire, lingerie, swimwear, wide-fitting shoes and a range of matching accessories to tie your outfit all together, Evans’ motto is “Goodbye Size Zero, Hello Size Hero” and features only plus-sized mannequins and models… and we’re not talking size 10 ladies here!

Attitudes are finally changing toward plus sizes, but there’s still a long way to go and Evans are keen to be at the forefront of societal change. Their clothing has been worn by the likes of Adele, and collaborations with successful women such as Beth Ditto has seen the brand elevate its position amongst women of all ages. Beth’s collections in particular have been hugely successful, and have been lauded by The Guardian as full of “iconic pieces” and “an international success”!

Evans has over 300 high street stores in the UK, as well as concessions in Arcadia’s Outfit department stores and in third-party department stores. All Sales Advisors are trained not just in flattering fashion for different body types, but also on promoting positive body image; so you should always leave feeling great about yourself, even if you haven’t made a purchase. If there isn’t an Evans store near you, worry not: their whole range is stocked online through their e-commerce store, as well as a permanent range of discounted clearance items unsold from the high street.

Unlike many high street stores who charge extortionate prices on plus-sized pieces compared to their normal ranges, you’ll find Evans reasonably priced and fair. They offer a standard student discount of 10% on all full-priced items both online and in-store.

What’s more, Evans believe in investing in and offering only ethical fashion, so every purchase can be made guilt-free. Their annual Fashion Footprint reports are publicly published on their website and give transparency on their practices regarding their supply chain, manufacture and retail operations.

You may never be a size 8, but why would you aspire to be? Stay happy, healthy and hella’ well-dressed with Evans stunning plus-sized collections of clothing and accessories to suit every occasion, event and season.

History of the Brand

Evans was founded in 1930 by businessman and manufacturing expert Jack Green, who spotted a gap in the market for curvy women looking for fashionable attire. It remained a private company for 40 years, but was then bought by the Arcadia Group in 1970 and made public. Using their existing retail portfolio and expertise to grow the business, Evans became part of the family of successful retail brands including Topshop, Topman, Ms Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins.

Mail order purchases were introduced and celebrity endorsements and collaborations began, which helped nurture the Evans name to levels not reached before. Infamous plus-sized model Crystal Renn jumped on-board as well as musician Beth Ditto, and the website opened not long after. Following rapid growth and popularity in the UK and Ireland, Evans launched in the US in 2011 and the same year began offering delivery to over 100 countries worldwide.

Today, over 300 stores on Britain’s towns and cities’ high streets offer fantastic plus-sized fashion to women all over, as well as across the globe. Limited collections sell out quickly and shopping malls compete to host Evans stores in their buildings. Yet we think this is the beginning – the future is curvy and bright!