Foot Locker Student Discount & NUS Deals

Foot Locker is THE store to go to for the top athletic trainers and brands and you’re probably wondering if there is a Foot Locker student discount. Well never fear, the Student Discount Squirrel is here to show you if your NUS card can get you a discount plus more ways to SAVE YOU MONEY!

Looking for Nike trainers? They’ve got the latest and the best ranges. Are a pair of Jordan’s what you’re looking for? Foot Locker has it covered. Adidas, Puma, Reebok? Their close relationship with the world’s best and trainer brands means they can bring exclusive items not to be seen anywhere else in the UK.

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It’s not only the best in footwear. Foot Locker also stocks the best ranges: from Nike jackets to Adidas tracksuits they have the best in top end ranges.

Now when it comes to the student discount for Footlocker, the Squirrel is here to definitively answer this question but show you how to get the best savings. This guide will include:

  1. Let you know ‘Does Footlocker do a student discount?’
  2. Shopping at the Superdry Discount Outlet Store.
  3. Saving on Superdry goods with Superdry voucher codes and Student Superdry discount codes.
  4. Show you if you can get a Foot Locker NUS discount

So, Squirrels, are you ready to start saving at the super Foot Locker? Let’s go!

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Does Foot Locker do a Student Discount?

At this time of writing there is no Foot Locker student discount. Now stop your sobbing and fix up look sharp, the Squirrel has found ways around this that can still save students money.

The first thing you need to do is  check out our Foot Locker deals table below! The table is updated with the best ways that you can save at Foot Locker.

For instance, if there is a Foot Locker promo code, we’ll list it. There’s a Foot Locker sale on? We’ll list it. There is a secret Foot Locker outlet, we’ll find it. So scroll down and take a look, we will show you how to save!

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Get Up To 50% Off Selected Items In The Foot Locker Sale

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Free delivery for students at Foot Locker – orders over £50

foot locker student discount logo

Up to 50% discount on Adidas for students at Foot Locker

foot locker nus student discount in store

To start with, see if there is anything from Foot Locker discounted in the sale using the sale filter. Simply go either to this mens search page or the womens search page and then scroll down and look for the sale filter and check the sale box. Then all the discounted items will appear.

This is a great cheat and you don’t need any promo codes to back these Foot Locker discounts.

At the time of writing, there are some good deals on Adidas Campus, Nike Hurache and Puma Basket and Reebok Club.

Fancy FREE DELIVERY? Of course you do. Well you qualify for it at Foot Locker if your order is over £60. So if you are just under do a search for a cheap item to push you over the threshold.

What with there being no student discount Foot Locker, when there is a seasonal sale on it is a great time to bag yourself a bargain. Sign up to the fantastic Student Discount Squirrel newsletter, like our fabulous Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for the latest sale alerts.

Throughout the year there are some Foot Locker promo codes and vouchers which can save students money. You usually don’t need any NUS id either which is a bonus. The voucher codes will be updated in our table above so again stay in touch with our newsletter and you’ll be on to a winner.

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Does Foot Locker do an NUS discount?

Right at this moment in time there is no NUS Foot Locker discount.

However, if you find yourself in-store, then flash you NUS id when you’re at the till and you never know.

Make sure to check out the Foot Locker student discount table above to see the different ways you can still save at this trendy trainer store.

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Foot Locker Student Discount Summary

Alas at this moment there is no student discount Foot Locker. However, as we’ve shown in this article there are still ways that students can save:

  1. Use the sales filter on to find all the current discounted items online
  2. There is free delivery for students if you spend over £60
  3. One of the best times to save at Foot Locker is when the sales are on. Sign up to the Squirrel alerts newsletter
  4. There are short-term Foot Locker student discount promo codes. Like us on Facebook and we’ll announce when!