The Best Foot Locker Student Picks

Foot Locker has become the go to website for trainers, urban clothing and brands such as Nike, adidas and Converse. 

We’ve made the best student picks but if you’re looking for a student discount then make sure you take a look at our guide page.

The all-American branding including staff in black-and-white stripes echoing the logo seems salt-of-the-earth Yankee-style-soccer-Mom-esque, but in reality, the customer base of Footlocker are young adults with a taste for trainers that spans on and off the sports pitch. The brand doesn’t advertise much in the UK (yet), but their US marketing has drawn controversy for featuring hip hop, violence, people blindfolded and references back to sex and pleasure. This brash approach makes for a popular approach with students and young adults.

Top Student Buy: Crep Protect Crep Eraser Shoe-care Pack – £8.99

A unisex shoe-care kit for all trainers, this handy carry-size product allows you to easily remove scuffs and marks from sneakers whenever they show up; leaving you with shoes that look brand spanking new.

Simply rub the eraser gently over suede or nubuck materials, and it’ll smooth over the mark and remove it without causing any further damage to the shoe. It’s made of a rubber and leather blend that picks up and smooths out any scuffs easily and fast. You’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it!

Top Student Buy: Adidas Trefoil Unisex Drawstring Slouch Bag – £16.99

Easy-to-use and conveniently sized drawstring bags available in a range of Adidas colours, shades and designs, these bags are something everyone should have at least one of in the cupboard!

Commonly known as a ‘gym sack’, these bags are ideal for shoving clothes or supplies into in a hurry and are waterproof, so you can include wet laundry or swimming items as required without assuming your bag will end up damaged or smelly. When empty, they crumple into nothing more than a handful and so make for a great addition to any shopping trip to avoid forking out for a plastic carrier.

Top Student Buy: Sofsole Airr Cup Heel Insoles – £12.99

Made with a revolutionary lightweight polymer gel known as Sof Gel, these insoles can be popped into the heels of any shoes to give extra comfort and to support the heel through high-impact or long-length of wear.

The small capsules within the insoles absorb shocks to convert them into kinetic energy, and the material wicks away sweat and moisture. The gel diffuses impact to avoid injury. ‘Cupping’ the heel, your foot will be well grounded within your shoe and cradled in.