Footasylum plc is one of the UK’s premier footwear brands, full to the brim with designer label trainers and shoes across their 65 high street shops and their online e-commerce website. We’ve written this page to provide you with some useful info about the brand.


What is Footasylum?

Aimed at consumers aged 16-25 primarily, the majority of this fab footwear company’s business is done online and their website looks to offer a seamless e-commerce shopping experience for all, across all devices. This digital approach allows the brand to generate related shareable content such as blogs, articles and images across social media, to help promote the stock available as far as possible. This works for Student Discount Squirrel – that’s our cup of tea, our age demographic and an approach we like!

If you’re looking for a Footasylum student discount, then check out our guide page and get a minimum 10% off code.


Footasylum’s range of footwear is updated on a daily basis to bring in the latest and most in-demand pieces, and currently spans men’s shoes, women’s shoes and a children’s collection, as well as a small sports brand clothing range.

The current brands available include the likes of Adidas, Armani, Birkenstock, Converse, Crocs, Dr Martens, Kickers, New Balance, Nike, Reebok, Toms and Von Dutch. The range of brands available is second-to-none to both high street and independent retailers anywhere else in the UK.


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Taking a fashion-led approach to footwear rather than a functional one, Footasylum displays its stocks in a range of modelled fashion photos and offers outfit suggestions alongside them, rather than just promoting boring stock photos that give no indication of how the shoes may actually look on the consumer. This is great for wardrobe and wear inspiration!

Footasylum appreciate how difficult it can be being a skint student, and so offer a 10% student discount as standard: both online and off! In-store, this discount can be redeemed by simply presenting a valid Student ID, or on their e-commerce site, signing up through Uni Days. Useful info indeed!

Whilst you’ll find that most of the brands on offer through Footasylum are far from budget, the quality and longevity of premium labels will mean that you don’t need to purchase again and again and instead can enjoy a few pairs of shoes for longer, saving money in the long run and avoiding the false economy and questionable ethics of fast, cheap fashion.



The Footasylum brand was founded back in 2005 by David Makin, a well-known name for being one of the co-founders of JD Sports plc. Taking his expertise in retailing high-end sportswear and leisurewear brands and applying it to a footwear only setting, he started working on a store concept that could out-perform JD’s stock range in a boutique setting aimed a slightly younger market.

John Wardle, Makin’s co-founder of JD Sports, later joined him on-board at Footasylum too, helping to nurture and promote the brand growth throughout new towns and cities in the UK.

Fun fact – where was the first footasylum located? – Cheshire!

How Footasylum Grew Online

Footasylum is aimed at 16-25-year-old market and so expanded hugely online when it was found that this audience preferred to browse products on their devices and shop virtually. This growth allowed the brand to hold lots of stock, including numerous exclusive ranges and pieces, as well as to generate related content on fashion, sports figures and the most popular designer brands.

Today, it is considered the destination for sneaker shopping for many, particularly for brands and pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.


Did you know:

  • This brilliant store was established in 2005!
  • They now have 65 stores and are growing fast!
  • They are super-popular with students and stock top-class trainers including Adidas and Nike!
  • They love to find new and exciting brands!
  • Don’t forget to check out the Footasylum wiki page (Footasylum Wikipedia)
  • Mr Makin was the original owner and he opened his first store in Cheshire
  • There is a get 10% code usually available

We hope you’ve enjoyed all this useful info about the company.

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