We can confirm that there is now a Funky Pigeon student discount. You can get a 20% Student Beans code. However, there is a fantastic offer for 33% off with a special Funky Pigeon promo codes.

Students should make sure they check out the Funky Pigeon offers page which has all the latest deals, offers and discount codes. with up to 50% off.

We’ve done some research into the best ways to save on funkypigeon.com and here is a summary of money saving tips for students:

  • No student discount at Funky Pigeon
  • No Funky Pigeon Unidays code
  • 33% discount code on cards
  • 25% off gifts promo code
  • Half price card when you add 3 reminders
  • Free delivery on standard cards with the app
  • 50% discounts on the offers page.

We’ve researched on a full range of money-saving tips for students buying at Funky Pigeon. Make sure you check out the deals page on FunkyPigeon.com for the latest and best offers on that personalised card. Also, why not take a look at our easy savings section below for the latest sales, a valid discount code and general discounts.

Funky Pigeon is the go-to site for in the UK for personalised cards, presents and flowers. From fantastic personalised birthday cards to anniversary presents and valentines gifts, they have revolutionised the way we send cards and gifts. There is a huge amount of choice and lots of ways to personalise cards and even upload your photos now. What’s not to love!

As you find when you try to look for student discounts in general – there are lots of different cards and websites offering different reductions with different brands so we hope you find our guide handy and useful.

There are lots of different results when you try to look for student discounts for greeting cards with lots of different card shops offering different reductions with different brands. We think Funky Pigeon is the best and we are here to take you through the maze and what they can do save you money. So, never fear let the mighty Squirrel is here to explain all.

“There are usually offers and codes available that could save students more. Check out our savings section for the latest Funky Pigeon discount codes as well as any updates on a Funky Pigeon students discount scheme”

The Official Funky Pigeon Student Discount

Currently, there is no Funky Pigeon student discount. This means there’s no Unidays, NUS Totum or Student Beans code.

But, there are still ways that students can save and the first thing you can do is check out our savings section in this guide. We update this regularly and have the latest promotional codes, sales, deals and general discounts and offers so that you save money on your greetings cards.

Also, there is a hidden offers page on Funky Pigeon.com. This lists the current Funky Pigeon deals so check it out. There is lots more advice on how to save, so keep on reading!


funky pigeon student discount

Is there a Unidays Funky Pigeon Discount?

NUS, Unidays, Student Beans; these are the 3 big student discount schemes in the UK and we get asked a lot whether there is a Funky Pigeon discount through these websites. So while you’ve been revising (or down the union pub, ahem) the Squirrel has been doing the hard graft and researching. And the results are in….

Is there a Unidays Funky Pigeon Discount?

At this time of writing, there is no tie in with Unidays. That means you can’t get a Unidays promo code to get a discount at Funky Pigeon.com. However, check out our savings section to see the latest ways that you can save and any available promotional codes.

Is there a Funky Pigeon NUS Discount?

There is no NUS scheme at the moment for students to save on that personalised card. This includes not being included in the NUS Extra card scheme. Usually, this would be listed on the nus.org but there is no entry there.

Are there Funky Pigeon Student Beans Discounts?

There is now a Student Beans Funky Pigeon discount. It is for a limited time only.

“Check out the hidden offers page for the latest Funky Pigeon deals and if there is a Funky Pigeon discount code”

Funky Pigeon Voucher Codes and Other Savings

Did you know that there are often short term codes that this fantastic card maker releases every so often? Take a look at our savings section which will list the current ones there.

If you have a voucher code or Funky Pigeon savings codes, add your items to the basket, then on the check-out page enter the code in the promo box and the reduction will be made. A simple way to save on those card orders, photo books, canvas prints or more for loved ones – and we love it.

Funky Pigeon Codes & Deals Discount Expires
50% discounts on the offer page 50% 30 May 2024
20% Student Beans discount code 20% 30 May 2024
40% Voucher Code on app purchases at Funky Pigeon 40% 30 May 2024
33% Discount Code on Cards at Funky Pigeon 33% 30 May 2024

nus totum student discount

If you’re looking for similar codes to save money then why not check out our Moonpig student discount, Paperchase student discount and WHSmith student discount pages.

Previous FP promo codes, Funky Pigeon discount code and voucher codes have included:

  • 20% off large card orders
  • 25% discount codes and Funky Pigeon voucher code
  • Free chocolates with Mother’s Day gift purchases
  • Free delivery on card orders (next day)
  • Funky Pigeon offers on their webiste
  • Funky Pigeon students discount
  • Funky pigeon promo codes released at key times of year, such as Mother’s Day
  • Half price sale on cards and gifts
  • The latest deals and special offers are often on their website
  • Free delivery on all flowers over £30
  • One of the best ways to save is with Funky Pigeon discount codes

Funky Pigeon Sales and Black Friday

The biggest savings that students can make is when there is a big Funky Pigeon sale on.

We keep our squirrel eyes open so any sales will be in our fabulous savings section. Take a look and see how much you can save. The biggest Funky Pigeon sales happen around the same time each year. Check the dates below as if one if coming up it might be best to hold on.

Funky Pigeon Black Friday, a Great time to Save

There are some great deals to be had around the Funky Pigeon Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Often with the release on a special one-off savings codes.

Previously there had been 50% off selected gifts so it’s a great time to start your Christmas shopping and buying those personalised cards and gifts.

Funky Pigeon Boxing Day and Funky Pigeon January Sales

While not being a traditional time to buy at Funky Pigeon, they actually have some fantastic Funky Pigeon deals around this time of year for you to save on your last minute card orders. As you know they have cards gifts etc for any and every occasion. Even before Christmas, there were discounts on flowers and plants and 15% off selected hampers. A great way to check for sales is to have a look at the home page.

If you’re looking for some similar discounts then check out our Moonpig, Paperchase and WHSmith guides.

About Funky Pigeon

Did you read that name to the tune of the advert jiggle? Bet you did!

Funky Pigeon is one of the UK’s leading online retailers in customisable greetings cards and gifts to be sent through the post to their intended recipient. Customers shop for the occasion they need, are given the option to customise the card with bespoke wording and their own photos and then can add in gifts such as flowers, boxes of chocolate and cuddly toys, select a delivery date and ensure your parcel will arrive on the correct day.

Whilst flowers, alcohol and some gifts are limited to UK-only delivery, Funky Pigeon’s services also extend to overseas deliveries; so no matter where you are or where your friend or family member is, you can commemorate the day with them.

One of Funky Pigeon’s most popular products, and a new entry to the site, is personalised postcards. These are a super cheap and easy way to let your friends know you’re thinking of them, even if there’s not a special day or occasion to celebrate. They’re personalised in the same way as other greetings cards too, so you can send something unexpected and fun in the post: after all, we can all agree that receiving post that isn’t bills is vastly underrated!

Funky Pigeon has also recently made a foray into the wedding stationery market, co-ordinating invites and save-the-dates for couples so that they don’t need to faff about with producing, posting and writing lots of envelopes. This is a bit of an untouched market in terms of budget brands, so it’s likely that they will do well. Some of the designs on offer for wedding stationery could easily be amended for other events, so do consider checking them out if you’re hosting a party, gig or fundraiser.

Based out of Bristol, Funky Pigeon is an innovative and fast-moving British business. Its nearest competitors in the customisable online greetings cards market aren’t British-based, so if you want to support local business, they’re the obvious option. Funky Pigeon is also well-known for hiring students fresh out of university and supporting them through career development and growth – so that’s our kind of company if we ever heard of it! Whilst primarily based online, Funky Pigeon do have some brick-and-mortar stores throughout the UK, mainly in train and travel stations where you might need to pick up a card ‘on-the-go’.

A Funky Pigeon discount code or a Funky Pigeon promo code is a hugely popular and searched for term on google every month with people looking to save on their card orders!

Put simply, Funky Pigeon is so popular because of its ease and convenience and there are often great Funky Pigeon discount codes around so you can send those cards to loved ones with ease. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your sofa to pick out the perfect present and personalised gifts and make sure it gets there when you need it to – so even if, to be frank, you have scrabbled around to find something quickly because you forgot about the impending occasion entirely, it can still look as though you put time, effort and thought into your purchase!

Top Student Picks from this top Card Retailer

Take a look at our top cards and gifts picks at funkypigeon.com:

Create your won Photo Postcard

You don’t need a special occasion to check in with your family friends! Whatever you’re up to, or are they are, just upload your favourite photo of you together and pop a postcard direct to them in the post just to say hi. It’s a cheap and super-easy way of letting people know you’re thinking of them without the need for grand gestures or expensive gifts.

Personalised Prosecco for the Letterbox

Get them a drink on you. Upload your own photo and text to create a custom label for this 75cl of fizz and allow them to toast the day with their own personalised booze! It’s packaged ideally too to fit right through a letterbox, so the recipient doesn’t need to be in to receive it. Lots of people keep the bottles as a memento afterwards, so your gift will last much longer than a few glasses. Just don’t make the label too risqué, eh? You’ll never know who may nip round and see it on the side in the kitchen.

Licensed Customisable Branded Birthday Cards

Unlike other photo upload greeting card sites, Funky Pigeon has some from brands known and loved around the world! Customise cards for Harry Potter-heads, RuPaul’s Drag Racers, Frozen fans and Jedis. Amongst the most popular brands are Marvel, Disney, Me To You and a range of Barclays Premier League Football Clubs. They’re much more thoughtful than a shop-bought 99p character card and kids, in particular, will love to feel part of their favourite thing!

History of Funky Pigeon

Funky Pigeon was launched in 2005 by entrepreneur Richard Pepper, then under the name of Spilt Ink Studio. He set up the site with the aim of creating annual email reminders for himself and his customers of special occasions and birthdays so that they’d be prompted and able to purchase in advance, never missing a date again. The site expanded to also include targeted mailshots for corporate clients, but quickly gained popularity with individuals looking to create personalised cards. It grew and was in need of physical expansion, but he was unable to manage this by himself.

Selling up to WHSmith in 2010, Richard remains at the helm of the business but it has grown considerably. 30 staff work out of the Funky Pigeon head office in Bristol, and several others at printing facilities and WHSmith HQ. Now reputably for its catchy bird-themed ads and jingle, Funky Pigeon is a household name throughout the UK and markets heavily on daytime and family TV. Funky Pigeon remains a valued part of the WHSmith business and amongst its stationery sub-brands, is profitable for the retailer. During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdown, with the public unable to leave their homes to purchase birthday cards and gifts, the site soared in popularity and had to temporarily close to work through such a large backlog of orders!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Funky Pigeon do a student discount?

There is no Funky Pigeon student discount.

That means you can’t get a code via Unidays or Student Beans. However, it’s still possible to save by checking our savings section for the latest promo codes and deals.

Does Funky Pigeon do a Unidays code?

There’s no Unidays Funky Pigeon code. There are still ways that students can save, check out our guide today to find the best ones.

Is Moonpig and Funky Pigeon the same company?

No Moonpig and Funky Pigeon are not the same company.

Moonpig is one of Funky Pigeon’s competitors!

How long is delivery for Funky Pigeon?

Delivery for Funky Pigeon cards can take up to 3 working days. Orders received before 5pm Monday to Friday will be delivered on the same day.

Is there a Funky Pigeon NHS discount?

There is no NHS discount for Funky Pigeon. However, check our introduction for the latest voucher codes and deals.

Are there any discount codes for Funky Pigeon?

Funky Pigeon releases limited time voucher codes and discount codes throughout the year.

Check our savings section for the latest. Discounts include 25%, 30% and even 40% off.

Summary of The Funky Pigeon Student Discount and Other Savings

So there we have it, we’ve come to the end of this student discount guide showing you how to save on those card orders. We’ve shown you that there is now a student discount for Funky Pigeon. Here’s a summary table:

Student Discount 20%
Unidays Code 0%
Student Beans 20%
NUS Totum 0%
Best Current Offer 50% discount offers

However, we’ve also shown students that it is still possible to save on those personalised gifts or a personalised card – using a Funky Pigeon code or another way – we are sure you will find something perfect!

Make sure you check out our savings section at the top of the page as this lists the latest promotional codes, Funky Pigeon students discount info, sales and deals which could help you save more as well as the Funky Pigeon website.

Funky Pigeon About Wiki

  • Funky Pigeon was bought by WHSmiths in 2010. See more.
  • There are some Funky Pigeon shops which have opened
  • Funky Pigeon has a quality promise if you’re not 100% happy with the quality of your card or gift