Holland & Barrett Student Discount

Looking for a Holland and Barrett student discount? You’ve come to the right page. The best way to save is use the Cyber Monday promo code to get 20% off everything. Just copy and paste code CYBER20. Everyone can use it!

We can confirm that there is currently no Holland and Barrett student discount. There has previously been a student code available on Student Beans but it’s no longer available.

There are also plenty more ways for students to save on health foods, vitamins and supplements and nutrition and here are our tips:

Next we have lots more ways to save in our Squirrel savings section below for the latest sales, promo codes and discounts:

£10 Holland & Barrett Promo Code. Copy & paste below:

Buy 1 Get 1 For A Penny on Hundred of Items

50% Off hundreds of items

10% Off With Newsletter Sign Up


Student Squirrel has written this fantastic guide to show students that they can still save money. And we definitively answer if there are any student schemes with Unidays, NUS Totum or Student Beans.

Plus get a 10% Holland & Barrett student discount code by signing up to the newsletter.

Now even though we’ve shown you some quick ways to save, we thought what the heck, we’re going to write a definitive guide for student discounts for Holland and Barrett and answer all those questions.

There is a contents box below so if there is a specific section that interests you then click on it an you’ll smoothly scroll to that section.

There’s lots of different results when you try to look for student discounts and there are lots of different cards offering different reductions with different brands all over the place.

Anyway, never fear though, the mighty Squirrel is here to explain all and dig out the top bargains for you now.

1. Does Holland & Barrett do a Student Discount?

We can confirm that there is a Holland & Barrett student discount. The standard reduction is 10% but for limited periods it does increase.

To get it, head to this page on hollandandbarrett.com, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a link to Student Beans. There, you’ll be allocated a special Holland and Barrett student discount code. 

But the student savings don’t stop there. Follow these savings checklist tips and you’ll be feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed (and your bank account will too) in no time.

  1. The offers page has all the latest deals such as buy one get one half price and better than half price.
  2. Have a look at our savings section. This lists all the latest promo codes, sales, deals and offers to save you money.
  3. Make sure you sign up to the Rewards for Life scheme. You earn points and get coupons for future savings.
  4. The home page also has some great deals advertised. Make sure you have a browse.
  5. Free delivery on orders over £20.
  6. Show your NUS card or student id if you’re in store and ask for a discount. You never know your luck…

Student Squirrel says:

“Keep reading the guide though, we have some more great ways for Holland and Barrett Student Discounts..”

holland and barret student discount page

2. Is there a Holland & Barrett NUS, Unidays or Student Beans discount?

NUS, Unidays, Student Beans; these are the 3 big student discount schemes in the UK – not including our little selves of course – and we get asked a lot whether there is a Holland & Barrett student discount through these leading student discount websites.

So while you’ve been revising or beavering away the Squirrel has been doing the hard graft and researching. And the results are in….

Holland & Barrett NUS Discount?

There is no NUS Holland and Barrett scheme at the moment for students to save. This includes not being included in the NUS Extra card scheme either.

However, discounts can still be made by checking out our fabulous savings section. This lists the latest ways for students to save including the latest Holland and Barrett promo codes, savings and offers.

Also, if you are in-store and you’re at the till, why not show your NUS card and ask if there is a discount, you never know your luck and it you don’t ask you don’t get as Mother Squirrel always says!

Holland & Barrett & Unidays?

At this time of writing ( October 2018 ) there is no tie in with Unidays. Brands that are on Unidays issue a special voucher code to use online but this isn’t possible.

Again check out our savings section to see the latest ways that you can save and any available promo codes.

Are there Holland & Barrett Student Beans Discounts?

Nope, there is no association between Student Beans and Holland & Barrett.

Usually you would be able to get a unique student discount code to use at the online check-out but there is none.

Make sure though that you do check out the offers page though as all the deals should be located there.

The healthy savings don’t stop there though students. Read on to get some more excellent savings tips!

3. Holland & Barrett Promo Codes, Vouchers & Discounts

So unfortunately there isn’t a H&B student discount NUS code, but there are short term promo codes that this fantastic health store releases every so often.

Take a look at our savings section which will list them all there.

Student Squirrel says:

The amazing thing about the voucher codes is that you don’t need NUS id to prove your student status. They are available to all. You just shop on the site and when you come to the online checkout, just pop in the discount code and you’ll receive your special saving. Here are the current ones and deals.”


Holland & Barrett Student Discount Deals Discount Expires
20% Holland & Barrett Student Discount Code 20% 30/09/2019
Buy 1 Get 1 For a Penny 1p 15/10/2019
50% Off Hundreds Of Products 50% 31/09/2019

Easy peasy, just the way we like it here at Squirrel Towers. Previous promo codes have included:

  • 20% off everything
  • Free delivery
holland and barrett deals home page

4. Holland & Barrett Sales Diary & Alerts

One of the best ways to save is during the Holland and Barrett sales. This is especially true as there is currently no standard student discount.

The squirrel keeps his eyes open so any sales will be in our fabulous savings section. Take a look and see how much you can save.

The biggest sales happen around the same time each year. Check the dates below as if one if coming up it might be best to hold on.

Holland and Barrett Black Friday & Cyber Monday

There are some great deals to be had around the Holland and Barrett Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

They typically have 50% off lots of health products, vitamins and minerals.

And as we’re gearing up for Christmas lots of healthy gift ideas too.

Boxing Day & January Sales

The H&B winter sales start early around 20th December with up to 60% off. This is one of the biggest discounts they have.

A great way to check for sales is to have a look at the home page and sign up to the newsletter for a one time 10% code.

Spring Sale

Around mid March this funky health store has a 50% sale. Perfect to get off to a healthy spring time.

Make sure you check out Squirrel savings section for the latest ways to save.

5. Store Overview & Buyers Guide

Us Brits are a health-conscious bunch, but life at uni doesn’t always make it easy to keep up with your fitness, health and wellbeing. That’s why Holland Barrett is such a firm favourite amongst students and bargain-hunters alike.

A health food shop chain with over 1,600 stores and an unrivalled range of products, you can find everything to best support your healthy on-the-go lifestyle in-store or online.

Holland and Barrett’s focus is primarily on health foods, but that’s not all you’ll find from the brand. Aside from food and drink, the store stocks sports nutrition products, vitamins and supplements, natural beauty products, weight management tools and fragrances and essential oils.

If you’re on a diet or detox regime and need the right products to support you through your journey, you can find them at Holland and Barrett; and seek the all-important advice you need from expert staff rather than relying on Instagram endorsements and Facebook adverts that are more sales than sports.

The Holland and Barrett range includes meal replacement shakes, fat burners, fat binders, carb blockers, appetite supplements and detox teas from a selection of big brands and well-known celebrity-endorsed products.

If you’re a vegan or have other specific dietary requirements, Holland and Barrett can help supplement your nutrition with a vast collection of free from food and drink products spanning store cupboard, fresh produce and frozen goods. It’s one of very few high street stores that you can nip into and pick up a snack matching your dietary requirements or choice without breaking the bank or compromising on taste. Everything from biscuits and cakes to milk replacements and frozen pizzas is in stock, and you can even search for purchases by specific allergen or ingredient omissions.

The most popular brands in-stock include Rude Health, Meridian, Amy’s Kitchen, Bootea, Mrs Kimbles, Propercorn and Pukka.

Sports lovers and those taking part in regular exercise and activity can supplement their efforts with a range of protein, mass gainers, pre and post workout blends, energy bars and vitamins. Bulk powders and single-use sachets are available, as well as the accessories you need such as shakers and measuring cups. You’ll also find a great selection of plant-based protein products for those following natural and vegan-based diets that want to boost their workouts.

Holland and Barrett’s stock is ever-expanding and the company pride themselves on offering fantastic products with specialist staff who can offer great advice and recommendations. Alongside unbeatable random sales events such as ‘Buy One Get One for 1p’ and a loyalty reward scheme, this health brand has firmly landed itself as a staple in the Student Discount Squirrel ensemble.

Pukka Night Time Capsules (30) – £7.45

There’s many factors of uni life that aren’t entirely conducive to a great night’s sleep, but Pukka are here to help. Take one of these capsules before bedtime and the natural botanics will work their magic to send you off to the land of nod. Entirely natural and organic, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, this night-time blend includes valerian root, hawthorn, nutmeg fruit, fennel seed and ashwagandha root. Of course, if you’re pregnant or on any doctor-prescribed medication, seek advice before beginning a course of any tablets – natural or otherwise.

Vego Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Bar – £1.99

It’s chocolate son, but not as you know it! An entirely dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, palm oil-free, organic and fairtrade bar, this junk food snack comes with zero guilt. A blend of whole hazelnuts, fine hazelnut paste and cocoa cream, this is a dairy-free chocolate bar that’s as mouth-watering and lip-licking as the highest quality real chocolate and is that good it’s won awards. Why isn’t there already one in your belly?

Westlab 1kg Epsom Salts – £4.99

Pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts, this bath blend is exactly what your aching and tired muscles need after a tough sports match or workout. Made of pure magnesium sulphate, the salts melt into warm water and help relax and soothe your muscles and joints, as well as giving sensitive skin some much-needed nourishment. Epsom salts are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and can be used alongside other bath products as you see fit.

6. Student Discount FAQs & Summary

History of the Company

Holland and Barrett was formed in 1870 by, yes, you’ve guessed it, a Mr Holland (Major William Holland) and a Mr Barrett (Alfred Slapps Barnett). Originally selling just groceries and a small range of clothing, the business eventually split into two separate shops; one for each.

Changing hands a few times through the years, the brand’s focus into vitamins and supplements with other assorted health products has helped it develop and gain popularity amongst a niche market that seems to be growing as society looks more for health products and services. The brand has become so synonymous with such products that the MP David Tredinnick, who is extremely pro-homeopathy, is known colloquially as the ‘Right Honourable Member for Holland and Barrett’!

Most recently, Holland and Barrett was sold to Russian retail group L1 Retail. Since, the company has extended its reach globally with a franchising program that has spread the brand across 16 countries including Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, India and the United Arab Emirates. The brand is famed for its short and sharp discounted sales and is often the only high street store to stock a range of items that are otherwise only available online.

Similar Retailers

You can order lots of healthy stuff through Amazon and there is a student prime scheme.

Holland and Barrett Fun Facts!
  • Holland & Barrett have over 1300 stores in 16 countries
  • They have shops in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hong King, China and UAE.
  • This famous health store was founded in 1870 by Alfred Barrett and Major WIlliam Holland
  • It originally sold groceries and clothing!
  • It was sold on 21 June 2017 for £1.8billion!
  • Kim Wilde featured in TV advertising between 2004-5! We love Kim.

Similar Retailers…

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  1. Good old Boots – a firm favourite with everyone and often have offers. Failing that their Boots’ range offers great quality at top prices.
  2. if you are looking top make-up products check out the amazing Cult Beauty Discounts here.
  3. Feel Unique discounts are always worth checking out!
  4. We LOVE Superdrug at SDS – great value, top products and often lots of saving options. Check out this latest savings in our handy guide.
  5. If you are looking for some luxury at lovely prices look no further than the Body Shop – we love them for discounts of top quality products.