Iceland Student Discount

Looking for an Iceland student discount? You’ve come to the right place.

Great news, through our research we’ve found that there is currently no £5 Iceland student discount voucher. To get it students must head to a special page on, validate your student discount and then you’ll get the voucher. You must also spend a minimum of £50.

But wait, we’ve found a normal Iceland voucher which gets you the same amount for just £40 spend!

Next check out our Squirrel savings section:

Iceland Voucher – £5 Off Spends Over £40

Iceland Student Discount – £5 Off Spends Over £40.

Free Delivery on Iceland Orders Over £35

With schemes like Unidays, Student Beans and NUS plus promo codes, sales and outlets, it can be confusing and difficult to get all the money off that students are entitled to.

That’s where Student Discount Squirrel comes in. We’ve been doing the research to find all the ways you clever learners can make savings on your footwear purchase.

1. Get the Iceland Student Discount?

We can confirm that there is currently an Iceland student discount for your favourite frozen supermarket. The discount is £5 off shops over £40. To get it follow these steps:

  • Head to this special page on
  • Validate your student id
  • You’ll be issued with a special student discount code
  • Use it at the online checkout
  • Get a cheap shop!

This is for new customers only.

There are still some other great ways to for students to save and that is in the savings section at the top of the page so make sure you check that out.

2. Is there a Unidays Iceland Code?

NUS, Unidays, Student Beans; these are the 3 big student discount schemes in the UK. We get asked a lot whether there is a Icelandg student discount through these schemes.

So while you’ve been revising (or down the union pub, ahem) the Squirrel has been doing the hard graft and researching. And the results are in.

Iceland NUS Discount?

There is no NUS Icelandscheme at the moment for students to save. This includes not being included in the NUS Extra card scheme.

Usually this would be listed on the but there is no entry there.

Iceland& Unidays?

At this time of writing (March 2020) there is no tie in with Unidays.

Not to worry though, check out our savings section to see the latest ways that you can save and any available promo codes.

Are there Student Beans Discounts?

Nope, there is no association between Student Beans and Iceland.

Usually you would be able to get a unique student discount code to use at the online check-out but there is none.

Make sure though that you do check out the offers page though as all the deals should be located there.

The savings don’t stop there though students. Read on to get some more excellent money saving tips!

3. Iceland Promo Code, Vouchers & Discounts

Throughout the year Iceland promo codes and Iceland vouchers are released. We update any new codes in our savings section so make sure you take a look.

What we love about Iceland voucher codes is that you don’t need NUS id to prove your student status. They are available to all. You just shop on the site and when you come to the online checkout, just pop in the discount code and you’ll receive your special saving.

It’s saving the easy way, just the way we like it here at Squirrel Towers.

The best are in the table below:

Iceland Student Discount Deals Discount Valid Until
£5 Iceland Student DIscount Code £5 30/12/2020
Free Delivery with Orders Over £35 Free Delivery 31/12/2020
£5 Iceland Voucher Code £5 31/05/2020

4. Iceland Sales – Students Save More

One of the best ways for students to get the biggest discount is when there is a big Iceland sale on. The big ones are around the same time each year.

Interestingly enough we’ve found out that there is an outlet page on which is worth a look at any time of year.

However, the best savings is when there is an official sale on. Take a look to see if there is one due.

Iceland Black Friday & Cyber Monday

There tends to be a huge Iceland Black Friday sale. They have reductions of up to 70%.

We like looking at as it’s easy to search by size which is handy and there were good reductions on dresses, shirts, trousers, shoes and much more.

If it’s coming up to that date (last week in November) then it’s worth hanging on to.

Christmas, Boxing Day & Iceland January Sales

Around Christmas, Boxing day and then into January, there are some amazing reductions and deals to be had but they usually go quick.

Online is a great place to go but we recommend snapping it up if you see something you like as they tend to sell out fast.

Spring Mid-season & Easter Sales

Around mid March Iceland have a mid-season sale and also something for Easter too.

We’ve found that they have a good 50% sale on selected items, and then add additional discounts of 20% on sale items so you can get up to 70% off. This is one of THE best times for students to bag a bargain.

Summer Sales

Ready for your holidays? Then the summer sales are the perfect time to get a make-up bargain at Iceland.

There are good discounts on a range of products including sun tanning and creams which is handy.

5. About the Brand & History

Lots of Iceland’s range start at under £1, and if you have a decent-sized freezer in your student digs, it’s worth heading to your nearest store to stock up on some grocery bargains. There’s also now fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, and other produce available in most stores, alongside small store cupboard and drinks ranges – so if you do need do a full ‘weekly shop’ that’s not just all frozen, Iceland has you covered. The brand’s focus is on bricks-and-mortar high-street stores, so you’ll find one in most locales across the UK, including even small towns with tiny ‘high street’ centres. Indeed Iceland knows its positioning as a budget brand well, so small, less affluent areas are more likely than large cities to have stores in place.

Viewed for a long time as a bit of a ‘you-get-what-you-pay-for’ kind of shop, Iceland has made huge progress with its range and quality in recent years. Now that more is understood around the storage of frozen food to maximise the nutrients within it, Iceland has been able to expand its range to include less ‘junk’ type foods and more meal ingredients, low-carb options and foods catering for a range of dietary requirements – including those following a gluten-free or vegan diet.

Of course, when doing a big grocery shop and being at uni, it’s not always the easiest to get it back to your digs; unless you drive. Iceland have this covered, and when you spend more than £20 in-store (or £35 online), you can opt for same-day or next-day delivery for free from their available time-slots. This is a real perk, and something you won’t find from other supermarkets, so take advantage and stock up while you can. It’s not difficult to spend twenty quid in Iceland, and that’s quite a lot of food – so why not put together a meal plan before you shop, include some snacks and treats as you walk the aisles and then have it all delivered to your door? It leaves you with some free time and a lot less effort than walking it all back!

In 2018, Iceland became the first UK supermarket to drop palm oil from all of its products – and as of yet, no other similar retailer has followed suit! This along with their continued commitment to fair trade, varied dietary choices and low prices means that you really can shop guilt-free… both in money and ethical terms.


Back in 1970, Malcolm Walker and Peter Hinchcliffe, both then employees of Woolworths, each invested £60 for a month’s rent of a store selling frozen food only in Oswestry, Shropshire. Walker’s wife suggested the name Iceland, and the business partners moved ahead to open the store – but quickly found themselves sacked by Woolworths when they found out about their new venture.

Initially stocking just loose frozen food, the brand quickly moved to label and produce its own, and within 7 years, had 28 shops across England. Expanding further by purchasing shops elsewhere, and taking over the food halls of Littlewoods stores, Iceland’s popularity soared across the country.

Since then, business has been up and down for the company, but it seems now to have found a steady footing. Moving away from focusing on exclusively on mums as their core market, Iceland is looking to improve quality and range instead; extending its appeal to many who may otherwise not have previously considered the store for their groceries. Tie ins with household names such as Greggs and Slimming World are proving fruitful for the brand, so it is expected to continue with these and seek out new collaborations for the future.

Fun Facts – did you know?

  • The stores headquarters are in Deeside North Wales
  • The first store was in Shropshire!
  • It employs more than 23,000 people
  • It has over 950 stores!
  • Kerry Katona has been the famous face of Iceland
  • It got into a legal battle with the country of trademarking the name!

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