The Best Iceland Student Buys

Wondering what the best student buys at Iceland are? Student Discount Squirrel can help.

The frozen grocery shop rather than the country, you’ll have no doubt seen an Iceland store on your local high street – even if you live in or go to uni in a small town rather than a big city. Claiming about a 2% share of the UK groceries market, budget store Iceland specialise in frozen foods and boast over 800 stores across the country, with others further afield… including 7 in Iceland itself!

We have the top deals for students but if your looking for the latest Iceland student discounts then check out our guide for the latest codes, offers and sales.

Top Student Buy: The Butcher’s Market Class A Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets (Skinless and Boneless) – £8.00 for 2kg

At time of writing, this is the cheapest fresh chicken in the UK, and you can’t beat a bargain!

Buy this big pack and split it up to batch cook some and freeze the rest. Boneless and skinless, you don’t need to mess about with this meat and can get it straight into your next meal.

Think enchiladas, curry, chilli or stew; or, if you’re being serious about your health and meal prep, grilled with some marinade. Chicken ain’t cheap, but this makes it well worth your while whatever you’re cooking. Feel like chicken tonight? You do now!

Top Student Buy: Greggs Sausage Rolls 4-pack (Frozen) – £1.79

Are you a sucker for just ‘nipping in’ to a Greggs on the way past and picking up a sausage roll as a snack?

It can be a costly business if you do it often; but we can never resist the temptation either.

This frozen 4-pack are sausage rolls made at Greggs main bakery to their exact same recipe, but to be cooked in your oven at home. Avoid snack spending and save instead by picking up this pack and heating before you leave for the high street. You’ll stay full and spend half as much – result!

Top Student Buy: Vegan No Cheese Italian Garden Pizza (Frozen) – £2.00

For those out there not eating dairy, fast food such as frozen pizzas can be still difficult to find for a reasonable price – so Iceland is a bit of a game-changer.

Veggies have lots of options, but there’s no need to miss out with this dish.

A stone-baked pizza topped with broccoli, mushrooms and red onion – and of course, no cheese – this is as good as any other oven pizza but without the guilt! Cook straight from frozen in 12 minutes and enjoy just as you would any other meal.