There is currently no Jet2 student discount. However, it is still possible for students to save money. Firstly there are some great Jet2 promo codes currently available. The first one is there are one way flights from £39 including Greece and Turkey.


There are also all inclusive holidays from just £299.


Also we recommend to join myjet2. Tt’s free to sign up to and you also get some exclusive deals so it’s well worth it.


Plus there is fee free changes to flights which is great peace of mind.

As there is no Jet2 student discount, there is al no Jet2 Unidays code available. But the savings don’t stop there. Students can potentially save more money by looking at our Squirrel savings section below.

jet2 student discount

Jet2 is an award winning airline, they’ve scooped the best economy class in the Trip Advisor awards. They have lots of great routes around Europe and there are usually some great discounts, promotions and codes to save students money, without there actually being a Jet2 student discount scheme.


We have an Easyjet student discount guide to show you how to save.

For something more long distance, Emirates have great student flights as do British Airways.