The Top Laura Ashley Student Buys

There seems to not be many of them on the high street anymore, but you’ll probably remember Laura Ashley from your Mum visiting their shops when you were a kid – but now, this brand has moved on in a big way. Now a beacon of Britishness as much as fish and chips, a chat over a cup of tea and moaning about the rain, Laura Ashley has moved on from floral dresses and become a leading light of fashion and interior design.

Student Discount Squirrel has picked out some of the great Laura Ashley deals, but for the latest student discount codes, offers and sales make sure you check out our guide page.

Top Student Buy: Faceted Acrylic Wine Glass Tumbler, various colours – £4.20

Cute and colourful, these plastic wine glasses are ideal for quiet drinks in digs, picnic pre-drinks or house party beverages – after all, they won’t break! They’re wipe-clean, can be washed easily and are lightweight, so you can tuck one in your bag for reuse. The ideal reusable cup, you only need one and can take it with you as you may a coffee cup… but for much more exciting refreshments, of course! Buy one in each colour to make your kitchen sparkle and really stand out.

Top Student Buy: Faux Flowers: Hydrangea and Yellow Rose Bouquet – £14.00

There’s no doubting that fresh flowers brighten up a room, but leave them a few hours too long and they’ll be dropping and dropping petals all over the place: not ideal for keeping the place tidy. That, of course, is before you even start to look at the ongoing cost of replacing flowers every week or so… it isn’t cheap! Instead, opting for faux flowers in a bright colour can uplift the feel of interiors without the maintenance. Unlike so many other fake flowers you’ll find on the high street, Laura Ashley’s range are great value and really good quality. They’ll fool anyone until they smell them… so spritz over your favourite perfume for good measure. It’ll perk up your room and keep your Mum quiet when she visits; win-win!

Top Student Buy: Oriental Blossom Lavender Filled Eye Mask – £9.80

This beautifully luxurious eye mask makes a great gift… but the person who could really benefit from it the most is someone who works hard, stays up late and needs some self-care; and that’s you, right? A hand-stitched eye mask to help black out any light or movement to allow you to get a great night’s (or day’s!) sleep, it’s stuffed full with calming fresh lavender. As soon as you sniff it, you’ll be off the land of nod, and it’ll soothe your eyes as you catch the z’s too.