We are pleased to confirm that there is an up to 20% Lenovo student discount. To get it, go to the Lenovo student store, register and follow the instructions and your student discount will be automatically applied. You need an email address at your university, college and school.


Check out the fantastic Lenovo offer page now on, with some excellent discounts of up to 38% off! There are some great gaming and home laptops and chromebooks included. This can be bigger than the student discounts!


There are more ways for students to save at Lenovo on your laptop, PC or tablet purchase including:

Discount Discount Available Until
20% Lenovo Student Discounts 20% student discounts 31 December 2024
Up to 30% Off on the Lenovo Sale Page 30% 30 May 2024
45% Discount Code on Selected Laptops at Lenovo 45% 30 May 2024
10% Off with Newsletter Sign Up 10% 30 May 2024
10% off Lenovo laptops with student code 10% 31 December 2024
Up to 57% Off in the Lenovo Flash Sale 57% 30 May 2024

Is there a Lenovo Student Discount?

There is up to 20% student discount for Lenovo and this is how you get it:

  1. Go to the student page on lenovo.com
  2. Register with lenovo.com (you’ll need an educational email address)
  3. Access to all 2024 Lenovo student discounts will be granted
  4. Buy your Lenovo laptop using the student discount

It really is a fantastic way to get student discounts to save on your amazing purchase and is likely to save you hundreds of pounds depending on what you buy. Plus there is usually free delivery on orders over £50.

Lenovo is a fantastic retailer and there are loads of ways to save on electricals and top of Lenovo laptops!

lenovo student discounts
Check out ways to save and get a discounted price on a new laptop, Lenovo Thinkpad or Lenovo IdeaPad, and more about the Lenovo student store.

Unidays Lenovo Code – How Much is Lenovo Student Discount?

Unfortunately, there is no Lenovo Unidays code in May 2024. We’ve checked on myunidays.com and there is no student code or student discounts available there. However, students can still get a discount if you have an educational email address. You can then register as a student directly on lenovo.com and the student discounts will be released.


We’ve also checked on Student Beans and NUS Totum and there is no Lenovo code or student discounts available through these student discount schemes.

If you’re looking for some similar student discounts or a similar student discount then check out our guides to Samsung, Currys and Apple.

unidays lenovo
Get a Lenovo student discount code for college students and uni students.

Overview and Best Buys for Students

Chinese tech giant Lenovo has hit the mainstream in the UK in recent years with their range of reasonably-priced laptops and tablets putting up some serious competition to more well-known brands. Operating in over 60 countries and selling products in over 180 countries, Lenovo produces computers for personal and business use, smartphones, smart televisions, tech wearables and smart home tech devices and the best thing is that it offers student discounts on lots of them.

Lightweight laptop options are known as being high performance laptop options at an affordable price.

You may have heard of Lenovo previously referred to by the name ‘Legend’. This was the anglicised version of the Chinese name, but proved too difficult to trademark and register elsewhere in the world as it was too broad a term. As a result, in 2003, the name Lenovo was announced with a large marketing campaign. A combination of the ‘Le-‘ from Legend and ‘novo’, the Latin for ‘new’, it simplifies in Chinese as meaning ‘association of ideas’, or more simply, ‘connected thinking’.

Top Student Buy: Lenovo Thinkpad, price dependent on model and retailer

Lenovo Thinkpads are one of the best rated rugged laptops on the mainstream market and come in numerous different models. They’re designed primarily for heavy business use, but there are also custom-made ranges for the likes of the military, NASA and other heavy-duty professions. Cased in steel frames with high-quality HDD, RAM and screens, many companies opt to provide their employees with Thinkpads as they last a long time and are durable and strong with even the most clumsy of staff!

Even with lengthy daily usage, you can expect a Thinkpad to last 5yrs+, so it’ll see you through your degree and onward. There are usually student discounts available on selected Thinkpads.

Top Student Discount Buy: Lenovo Ideapad, price dependent on model and retailer

The Lenovo Ideapad is a slimline laptop designed more for personal use than business. Not dissimilar in looks to Apple products, Ideapads are considerably cheaper than their counterparts and are usually used with PC OS; so they’re easier for most to use.

The latest in the Lenovo Ideapad range at time of writing is the X1 Extreme, a hard-wearing but great-looking laptop. There are usually student discounts available on selected Ideapads.

Top Student Buy: Lenovo Yoga, price dependent on model and retailer

Lenovo Yoga is a range of ‘bendy’ laptops and tablets named around their hinged screens that allow the products to take on different forms (get it? Yoga!) in May 2024. Favoured by those in creative fields or who need to travel with their device a lot, the Yoga range is dynamic and easy to use and are found a lot in open-plan offices and meetings where ideas need to be shared around a lot.

The Yoga range tends not to use processors and internal computing as quick or as new at the Ideapads or Thinkpads, but make for great value for money and are solid competitors for other, considerably more expensive, branded laptops. There are usually student discounts available on selected Yogas.

Lenovo Sales and More Student Discounts

One of the best times for students to buy is when there is a Lenovo sale on. This is when Lenovo gives the biggest discounts, regardless of a student discount. There are usually certain periods of the year when the big sales are on such as Boxing Day, Easter and the summer sales. The big one is Black Friday, more of which below. Don’t forget the sales page either, which has some great bargains every day, even when there isn’t a sale on.

Lenovo Black Friday Sales on Lenovo products

Arguably the biggest sale of the is Black Friday and Lenovo joins in with the big discounts. We’ve seen laptops, desktops and tablets reduced and there are definitely some great bargains to be had. There are further reductions on Cyber Monday so look out for that too. Check out our savings section for the latest.

History of Lenovo and Fun Wiki Facts

Lenovo was founded back in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi along with 10 engineers, and, as was required at the time, the Chinese government approved the company’s incorporation immediately. A year later, the corporate structure began to take shape properly and the business included departments for tech, engineering, admin and general operation. Initially Lenovo began to import televisions and to sell digital watches, but failed with both. It wasn’t until 1990 that its first computer was manufactured and sold. We’re not sure when student discounts were introduced but we’re glad that they are!

In 1994, the company (then Legend) were publicly traded on the Hong Kong stock market to an optimistic start. Its strong trading allowed for the funding of offices across Europe, North America and Australia. Two years later, Lenovo was the market leader in China for home computers and sold over a million a year. By 1998, it had manufactured a laptop known as Tianxi, which had a single button to instantly connect users to an internet connection and open a web browser. Co-branded with state ChinaTelecom, it was hugely popular and became the best-selling computer in the country’s history!

More History of Lenovo in the 2000s

In 2005, Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer business and took on the likes of the Thinkpad products. This acquisition was hugely strategic in terms of market share and of global presence and set the path for the firm to continue on a competitive streak of collaborations, partnerships and business acquisitions. And student discounts are usually available on Thinkpads.

Today, Lenovo is one of the world’s most prestigious computing brands and remains at the forefront of both consumer and B2B computing tech; often moving ahead of the curve undercutting competitors whilst still beating them on tech traits! They make great Lenovo student laptops too with a student discount. We do use cookies.

2023 Lenevo Wiki Facts

Do you own a Lenovo device already? Even if you do and you think you know a bit about the company… did you know these fun facts?

  • Lenovo student Thinkpad laptops are truly out of this world… they’re used in space! They’re the model of computer used on the ISS (International Space Station) and have been used on every NASA Space Shuttle launch since 1995.
  • In 1988, the company QUADRUPLED its staff with a single recruitment advert; a true demonstration of not just their popularity with prospective employees but also their potential for rapid growth
  • Although you probably missed it (to be fair, you were likely very young!), Lenovo spent a whopping $3million on their name rebrand in 2003 – and people still don’t realise Legend and Lenovo aren’t two separate firms!
  • In 1997, Lenovo signed a partnership deal with Microsoft that, at the time, was the most lucrative business deal of any Chinese company ever. They’ve been involved in several collaborations and acquisitions since and there are student discounts for Microsoft too.
  • Lenovo is responsible for almost 20% of all computer sales worldwide. It’s China’s largest computer manufacturer and the third-largest worldwide
  • They have a Lenovo education store UK – a great place for students to save money
  • Lenovo was the only Chinese company that was a major sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and continues to be a major sponsor for Formula 1
  • A trusted Chinese brand, Lenovo remains more popular in China than Apple (student discounts available too), and its senior staff have had no reservations in commenting on this to the press there – even having stated that Apple didn’t ‘care’ about the Chinese market! Just to let you know that we use cookies.

Popular Questions

Does Lenovo give student discounts?

Lenovo does give student discounts.

The standard Lenovo student discount is up to 20% and you can get it through the student store.

What is the student discount for Lenovo?

The standard student discount at Lenovo is up to 20%. There are also additional student discounts possible through the student store. Register directly on lenovo.com and see if you can save money.

How do I use UNiDAYS discount on Lenovo?

You can now get a Unidays discount at Lenovo. Just grab the Unidays code and you can enter it on selected Lenovo laptops, tablets and desktops.

Is there a Lenovo Student Beans discount?

There is a Student Beans discount for Lenovo. To get it, log on to your Student Beans account and generate the Lenovo code.

How can I get a discount on Lenovo?

There are various ways to get a discount at Lenovo. If you are a student then there is a student code available. There is also a great sales page which you should look at which has some great reductions. We have the latest voucher codes in our savings section too.

How can I use promo code in Lenovo?

When you are at the online checkout on lenovo.com, enter the promo code in the promo code box. The discount will then be applied.

Summary of the Student Discount for Lenovo

We’ve come to the end of the student discounts guide for Lenovo. Here’s a summary of what students can get:

NUS Totum 0%
Unidays 0%
Student Beans 15%
Student Discount Up to 20%
Best Current Offer 57% off flash sale

We’ve shown students how to get a standard up to 20% student discount. We’ve also shown you how to bag some fantastic 2024 Lenovo laptop bargains which could be better value than the student discount.

If you’re looking for similar discounts then check out our technology student discount page.

For full transparency we sometimes use cookies. Your rights are not affected.

Thank you for reading our Lenovo student discount code guide, you will need to verify student status to get the best deals on a large range of products.