We have great news for you, there is a 20% Lyle and Scott student discount available through Unidays. To get it, just verify your student ID to generate a Unidays special code to use over at lyleandscott.com and gain instant access to great savings.


We’ve also found these additional ways for students to save which could bag you even more savings:

  • 10% off with newsletter sign up
  • Exclusive mailing list with first access to the best offers
  • Free delivery when you spend over £75
  • Regular sales and promotions to make great savings

Are you looking for premium activewear designed with style and durability in mind? Lyle and Scott offer the perfect combination of traditional Scottish knitwear and modern designs. From Lyle and Scott casualwear, hoodies, and joggers through to Lyle and Scott sportswear, polo shirts, and accessories, this brand will always make sure you’re looking your best.

Here at Student Discount Squirrel, we’ve been researching easy ways for students to save money including via the Lyle and Scott sales, and by using top voucher codes so you make the greatest savings on your purchases.

How to get the Lyle and Scott Student Discount

Currently, there is a 20% Lyle and Scott student discount available in November 2021. Follow these instructions to get it:

  1. Go to lyleandscott.com
  2. Enter your fab clothing into the basket
  3. Get your Lyle and Scott Unidays code
  4. Add it to the discount code box in the online checkout
  5. Your 20% discount will be applied

Just follow our super simple guide and we’ll show you how to get started on making amazing savings.

Keep reading to learn more about Lyle and Scott discounts and money-saving advice if you’re shopping for best-sellers like jersey polo shirts, crew neck jumpers, and parka coats. Ready to get started?

lyle and scott student discount

Is there a Unidays Lyle and Scott student discount?

We can confirm that there is a 20% Lyle and Scott Unidays code available at the time of writing in November 2021 and it’s really easy to obtain.

If you’re a current student then simply head over to myunidays.com, verify your student status and you’ll receive a handy code to access immediate savings at lyleandscott.com

Don’t worry if you’re not a current student, we can still point you in the direction of some top savings. Keep checking out the savings section at the top of this page to view the latest promo codes and learn the best ways to save money at Lyle and Scott.

Is There A Lyle and Scott Student Discount With NUS Totum?

Unfortunately, there is no NUS Totum Lyle and Scott discount code scheme available at the moment. We’ve checked and there isn’t one available as Lyle and Scott aren’t included as part of their discount scheme. But not to worry, because current students can still get a 20% Lyle and Scott student discount through Unidays.

Is there a Lyle and Scott Student Beans discount?

No, unfortunately, there is no Lyle and Scott Student Beans code available at the moment. But remember that current students can use the Unidays scheme to gain a massive 20% Lyle and Scott student discount on their next purchase.

If you’re looking for similar discounts, check out the Gap, All Saints, and Abercrombie and Fitch student discount pages.

lyle and scott student discount

Popular Questions

Is there are a student discount code at Lyle and Scott?

Yes, there is a 20% Unidays Lyle and Scott student discount code available.

To get it, simply go to lyleandscott.com, verify your student status with Unidays to grab your code, apply it to your basket at checkout and you’ll make immediate savings.

How long does it take to use the Lyle and Scott student discount code?

You can get immediate access to your 20% Unidays student discount code for Lyle and Scott. All you have to do is verify your student status with Unidays to generate a student discount code. You can use this straight away.


We’ve come to the end of this guide on student discounts for Lyle and Scott. We’ve shown students how to get an amazing 20% student discount code off full-price items on lyleandscott.com.  This includes iconic Lyle and Scott knitwear, casualwear, sportswear, and accessories too.

There are also extra savings to be had and our savings section has all the latest voucher codes, deals, and sale discounts. Make sure you check it out and you could save more on your classic Scottish clothing.

Wiki facts about Lyle and Scott

  • Lyle and Scott were founded in 1874 and soon became known for designing golfing attire for high-level golfers.
  • Famous people associated with the brand include the Duke of Edinburgh, Ronnie Corbett, Holly Willoughby, the Arctic Monkeys, and Tim Lovejoy.
  • Past designers for Lyle and Scott have included Christian Dior and Michael Kors.