Miss Selfridge Student Discount Guide 2019

Looking for a Miss Selfridge student discount? You’ve come to the right place because our guide will show you not only how to get one but that it’s possible for students to save more on your fabulous fashion purchases.

We can confirm that there is a Miss Selfridge student discount in 2019 for both online and in-store purchases. The standard reduction is 10% off although there are limited periods throughout the year when this is increased.

To get the discount code students should go to this page on missselfridge.com and follow the instructions and if you need more in-depth details see chapter 1 of this guide which will answer all your questions.

However, did you know that it’s possible for students to get bigger discounts on your dresses and clothing? Check out our savings section below which has the latest voucher codes, sales alerts, deals and offers:

 50% Off Sale Now On

20% Off with Newsletter Sign-up

10% Off with Unidays Code

FREE Delivery (£40 Spend) & FREE Returns

1. The Miss Selfridge Student Discount

The excellent news is that there is a Miss Selfridge student discount available. The standard amount is 10% off and it is really easy to get and this is how you get it for online purchases:

  1. Go to this student page on missselfridge.com.
  2. Follow the instructions, verify your student status
  3. You’ll be issued with a special student code
  4. At the online checkout enter the code
  5. You’ll get an amazing reduction to your basket


If you an in a Miss Selfridge store you can also get a student discount. According to their website, you Just show any valid student id or you can show your Unidays or Student Beans code if you have it on your phone.

The 10% discount will then be applied.

But the savings don’t stop there, did you know that it’s possible for students to save even more at this wickedly fun store!

Read our next chapter to find out how.

2. FAQs

We get asked a lot of questions about the Miss Selfridge student discount so we thought we’d write this Frequently Asked Questions chapter to give you the answers!

Does Miss Selfridge do a student discount?
Yes it does. The usual amount is 10% off and is available both online for and in-store in the UK.

Is there a Miss Selfridge student discount code for online purchases?
Yes, a student voucher code is available. Students need to go to the dedicated page on missselfridge.com and verify their student status. They will be then issued with a promo code which lasts for 30 minutes.

Is there a Miss Selfridge Unidays code?
Yes there is a Unidays code for Miss Selfridge. We’ve written a dedicated page to show you how to get it and 10% off at missselfridge.com

Can I get a student discount in-store?
Students can get a discount in-store at Miss Selfridge. They need to provide either valid student id (such as a NUS card) or you can use your Unidays or Student Beans code if you have either respective app on you phone.

I’m a school pupil. Can I get a discount?
School pupils can get the 10% off in-store if they show valid student id. For missselfridge.com the online voucher code is generated through Unidays and Student Beans.

Is there any other ways for students to save money?
Yes there is. Please see our next chapter which will explain all.

miss selfridge student discount

3.  7 Ways for Students to Save More at Miss Selfridge

It’s easy for students just to bag the Miss Selfridge student discount of 10% but it is possible for students to save more. We’ve found some tried and tested ways that could save you more money. These include:

  • The Miss Selfridge student discount
  • 20% off with newsletter
  • Promo codes
  • Use our savings section
  • Sales page
  • Home page

Yes we have been beavering around doing our research and we looked into ways for you lovely learners (and everybody for that matter) to save at this fun, cheeky and sexy store…. And this is what we found:

1. Use the Student Discount at Miss Selfridge

We said it before and we’ll say it again make sue you claim the Miss Selfridge student discount code!

It’s easy to get, easy to use and easy to get discounts on your lovely lingerie and toys.

Check out our first chapter for full details and you can get it direct at  misselfridge.com.

2. 20% Off with Newsletter Sign-up – One Off

This is a great little tip to get a student discount busting 20% off for one time only.

If you sign up to the Miss Selfridge newsletter then you’ll get a 20% promo code to use one time only.

The newsletter itself is also packed with offers and the latest new fashion from Miss S so well worth doing.

3. Are there any other Miss Selfridge Discount Codes?

Did you know that Miss Selfridge regularly release promo codes for everyone to use throughout the year?

They are for a limited amount of time only and have some good discounts such as 20% off and even 25%!

Once they’ve expired you can’t use them. But we love them as they are super easy to use.

How do students get them? Just look at our savings section at the top of our page where we list the latest valid voucher codes.

A great way to bag a bargain is take a look at Miss Selfridge’ very on special offers page.

It’s a gateway page where all the deals, sales and offers are promoted.

When we last had a look there was:

  1. Up to 50% sale
  2. Buy one get one free on stockings, novelty gifts and sex essentials
  3. A reminder of the increased student discount to 25%
  4. A link to the clearance page

If you’re not sure exactly what you want to buy it’s a great place to start and we also liked the helpful bra size or clothing size filters that can make finding gorgeous lingerie easy peasy.

4. See the Easy Savings Section in this Guide

Speaking of which our Squirrel savings section not only has promo codes but lists the latest Miss Selfridge sales, offers and deals.

This is regularly updated and all you have to do is click through on the big colourful button to bag that bargain.

It’s helpful, easy to follow and could save you some money so make sure you check it out now!

miss selfridge student discount terms and conditions
  • 10% standard Miss Selfridge student discount code
  • 20% promo code for everyone
  • Free delivery & returns
  • 20% newsletter sign up
  • Up to 50% sale discounts


Miss Selfridge has a fantastic range of en point fashion. From dresses to tops, jeans, shoes, accessories and a whole host more, there is lots of choice and fortunately at pleasing prices.

Plus, with a Miss Selfridge student discount there are extra savings to be had for all you savvy learners.

Miss Selfridges Fun Facts

Did you know…?:

  • Miss Selfridges began as a small section in Selfridges Department store in London in 1966.
  • By 1969 they had grown had some independent stores
  • In 2001 they opened a flagship store on Oxford Street London
  • It was one of the first retailers to use Kate Moss and has used other famous models such as Naomi campbell,Yesmin le Bon and Tess Daley
  • In 2010 they launched the Gossip Girl collection

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Discount Valid Code Required
10% Miss Selfridge Student Discount February 2019 Yes
20% Promo Code February 2019 Yes
20% off with newsletter sign-up February 2019 No
miss selfridge newsletter 25 percent off