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Welcome to the Student Discount Blog. Not only do we bring you weekly posts for the best student discounts, promo codes and deals in the UK, we also have some great tips on student life.

From how to make your student bedroom the perfect den of dreams to choosing the right university for you, we have some great advice that will help you make the most of your fabulous university experience!

Spring Clean your Student Digs

Spring Clean your Student Digs

Piles of washing up, crisp packets tucking out of sofa cushions and takeaway containers hidden the bed; it’s all bound to take its toll on you after a while. There’s no better opportunity to give your student accommodation the once-over than spring – and you’ll no...

Finding Love when you’re a Skint Student

There’s a lot of things that are more difficult to get done when you’re a bit stuck for cash, but for most of university life, you can ask for help. When it comes to dating though, you can be put in a difficult position: not wanting to lose a potential relationship...

Beating the January Blues on a Budget

As the excitement of the festive season wanes, the novelty of the chocolates and the gifts wears off and your enthusiasm for new year’s resolutions fades, it’s normal to feel a bit blue and notice your mood lower through January. Don’t fret: lots of your fellow...

New Years Resolutions Ideas For Students

New Year, New You? New Years’ Resolutions for 2018 Students Should Actually Stick To Social media is about to filled with promises and resolves to be a better person, get better grades and achieve better things. Yep, New Years’ Resolution season is here. But don’t...

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