Best Nike Student Deals

Named after the infallible ancient Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and is a household name around the globe as the leading sportwear brand.

Now famous enough to be identified by its logo, the ‘swoosh’ (or ‘tick’, to many), there’s no denying that Nike is a giant in the sports world and beyond.

There’s no doubt about it: Nike are the big cheese of the sports world. But how student friendly are they? Student Discount Squirrel looked at some of the best buys currently available. And remember, for the latest discounts, check out our Nike student discount page.

Nike Sportwear Hayward Futura 2.0 Rucksack – £34.95

A great all-purpose rucksack in a range of neutral shades, this bag is ideal for use at uni, when travelling or just to cart your day-to-day essentials around. Adjustable and padded straps give extra comfort alongside a padded back panel, and the roomy dual-zip main compartment can accommodate plenty of well-packed items.

At 45.5cm high, 38cm wide and approximately 18cm deep, it’s not too cumbersome to carry around and will fit within standard hand luggage guidelines.

Nike Dri-FIT Tempo Running Gloves – £19.95

Marketed as men’s running gloves, these are, in reality, suitable for all. The flexible sweat-wicking fabric allows for your mitts to keep toasty whilst not clamming up and can be used for outdoor sports as well as general cold weather wear.

The mesh sections allow for air-flow to keep digits dry but not too let in cold air and the thumb and fore-finger are touch-screen compatible to allow you to use your devices on-the-go without having to faff around and take gloves off.

6-pack Nike Printed Headbands – £12.95 

Perfect for keeping hair off of sweaty foreheads or just for styling your mop whilst you get on with the rest of your day, these thin elastic headbands won’t catch or rip your hair but will scrape it back effectively.

Available in two colour selections, there’s something to go with every outfit (or hair colour!) and even when you undoubtedly lose one, there’ still plenty in the pack to use. These headbands are unisex and small and comfortable enough to be worn under a hat or headgear if required.