Best Paperchase Student Buys

Long known as the place to go for your ‘fancy stationery’, Paperchase is a great shop for browsing as much as it is for going in with a mission for a specific item.

Everything’s in-store, from stationary staples (get it? STAPLES!) such as notepads and pens, right through to greetings cards, homewares and stickers.

Student Discount Squirrel has compiled this list of the best student buys at Paperchase, but make sure you check out our savings guide for the latest codes and money savings tips.

Top Student Buy: Studio Stationery A5 Weekly Planner Notebook – £4.00

Is it a planner or a to-do list? It’s both! Plan out your revision, class notes and study sessions as well as book in any essential appointments and definite dates, but pop in some relaxation time too. Each day of the week has a bubble for you to write out notes to yourself, with a free-form notes section at the bottom and a blank bubble for anything else. At just A5, it’s small enough to carry around and stick up but also has room enough for you communicate your key points without getting bogged down in detail… if you can read your own writing back, that is!

Top Student Buy: My Vegan Life Journal – £15.00

Even if you’re not a vegan yourself, we bet you know one: and this would make the ideal gift for them, if not yourself! Helping vegans keep track of their eco and animal friendly lifestyle, this journal has sections to note recipes, restaurants and all things meat-and-dairy-free, including cruelty-free cosmetics, veggie shopping lists and hints and tips for sticking to the straight and narrow. The journal works for both experienced vegans and newbies alike, keeping everything in one place that will make a great memoir to look back on in meat-free years gone by. Of course, the book itself is completely vegan and cruelty-free too: duh!

Top Student Buy: My Mindful Mind Journal – £10.00

Your uni days can sometimes seem to drag, but in reality, they fly by – and you’ll want to look back with fond memories. Make sure you have something tangible to reminisce over by taking a few minutes (or even less) each day to make space for gratitude and to revisit the positives in your life. Small prompts ease you into writing with no hassle or blue-sky thinking required. The Mindful Mind Journal will help you embrace happiness, savour the moment and live for the now.