We can confirm currently that there is no Pets at Home student discount.  We’ve done some research and found that there is no Unidays Pets at Home code, or one available with NUS Totum or Student Beans either. However, don’t despair, we have found some great ways for students to save.

First, you can get a 10% discount when you join the Pets at Home VIP Club. Just scroll to the bottom of the pages and the details are there.

Our next tip is that there is a regular Pets at Home Special Offers page with deals for every pet type.


We’ve also listed below even more ways for students to get discounts.

Discount at Dunelm – Codes & Deals in May 2024 Discount Expires
No Pets at Home student discount code No 31 December 2024
No Pets at Home Unidays code No 31 December 2024
No Pets at Home Student Beans code No 31 December 2024
Up to 50% off on the sales page 50% 30 May 2024
10% Off with VIP Sign Up 10% 30 May 2024

Pets at Home aims to provide everything required to be a responsible pet owner. From pet food, pet toys, pet grooming, and pet bedding, they deliver essentials for a wide variety of pets including dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds & wildlife, and small pets too. They also offer pet advice and access to vets.

In our student discount guide, we will look at Pets at Home sales, offers, gifts cards, general Pets at Home discounts, and special deals that could save you more.

“Top tip. Our excellent savings section has the latest deals, sale items, discount codes, offers and special promo codes which could save you even more at Pets at Home. It’s at the top of the page and updated regularly and could make some great savings on your pet food, bedding, grooming equipment and pet toys. We will also update this section with an updates on a Pets at Home student discount.”

Does Pets at Home do a Student Discount?

No, unfortunately, there is no student discount at Pets at Home available. This is a shame as pet ownership can be expensive so it’s always nice to get a little money off your bills.

However, there are still some excellent ways students can save including:

  • Up to 50% off on the offers page
  • 10% off when you sign up to the Pets at Home VIP page

Pets at Home student discount

Is there a Unidays Pets at Home Discount?

We get asked this question a lot so we thought we’d put a section here to explain. Unidays is one of the biggest and most popular student discount websites in the UK, but unfortunately, there is no Pets at Home Unidays code. We checked on myunidays.com and it’s not listed there.

Is there a Pets at Home Student Beans Code Available?

No, unfortunately, there isn’t a Student Beans Pets at Home discount available at the moment. We’ll keep checking and let you know if and when this changes. In the meantime, you can still grab excellent savings by checking out the deals and discounts on this page.

Does Pets at Home do an NUS Totum Discount?

No, there isn’t a Pets at Home NUS Totum student discount available either. But current students, non-students, and graduates can still get money off their purchases by using the regular savings and promotions mentioned on this page. Keep checking back for the most current deals.


“Make sure you check out the Pets at Home Special Offers page. It has all the latest bargains and you can stock up on the latest pet food, toy, bedding and grooming deals!”


Unidays Pets at Home

Other Ways to Save

Other money-saving tips include:

  • Pets at Home home promo codes and Pets at Home voucher codes
  • Pets at Home VIP club
  • free kids workshops


Pets at Home Overview

Pets at Home is a leading retailer and provider of pet supplies, products, and services, catering to the needs of pet owners across the United Kingdom. With over 450 stores nationwide, Pets at Home offers a wide range of products for various pets, including dogs, cats, small animals, fish, reptiles, and birds.

One of the key aspects that sets Pets at Home apart is its commitment to animal welfare. The company operates a number of adoption centres in collaboration with local rescue organisations, helping to rehome thousands of pets each year. These adoption centres provide a safe and caring environment for animals in need, ensuring they find loving homes.

In addition to pet adoption, Pets at Home offers veterinary services through its in-store veterinary practices, Vets4Pets and Companion Care. This enables pet owners to conveniently access healthcare services for their furry friends, including vaccinations, routine check-ups, and surgeries. The availability of veterinary services within the store premises provides a one-stop-shop experience for pet owners, ensuring the well-being of their pets is a top priority.

Pets at Home also recognises the importance of pet training and behaviour. They offer various training classes and workshops to help pet owners establish a strong bond with their pets and address any behavioural issues. From puppy training to cat socialisation, these classes provide valuable guidance and support to pet owners, promoting a harmonious relationship between pets and their families.

Beyond products and services, Pets at Home actively promotes responsible pet ownership and education. They provide resources and advice on pet care, nutrition, grooming, and health, helping pet owners make informed decisions and provide the best care for their beloved companions.

In summary, Pets at Home is not just a pet supply store, but a comprehensive platform that caters to the diverse needs of pet owners. With a strong emphasis on animal welfare, veterinary services, training, and education, Pets at Home strives to create a positive and fulfilling experience for both pets and their owners.

Popular Questions

Does Pets at Home online price match in-store prices?

Pets at Home prices are usually identical to the prices you’ll find in-store. However, occasionally you may find a lower price in-store if it’s matching the price of a local competitor. Similarly, there are occasionally lower prices available online as part of a special offer.

Does Pets at Home offer bulk order discounts?

No, Pets at Home doesn’t offer bulk order discounts at the moment. However, you can still make great savings as they regularly promote Special Offers with deals of up to 50% off.

Does Pets at Home do a student discount?

No, Pets at Home doesn’t do a student discount through Unidays, Student Beans, or NUS Totum. Current students, non-students, and graduates can still make excellent savings by checking out the offers posted on this page to knock heaps of money off your pet supplies bill.

Summary of the Pets at Home Student Discount in May 2024

There we have it we have come to the end of our Pets at Home Student Discount guide.

We’ve shown you that unfortunately there isn’t a current student discount available for Pets at Home. But it’s still possible for students to save on pet food and equipment by using Pets at Home discount codes and other tips.

When there is a sale on,  you’ll find the best discounts listed in the saving section at the top of the page, including the dates.

Pets at Home Facts, did you know?

  • Pets at Home was founded by Anthony Preston with his first store opening in Chester, UK.
  • By 1999, Pets at Home had acquired Petsmart to deliver a chain of 140 stores throughout the UK.
    Pets at Home regularly wins employer awards including ‘The Sunday Times Best Big Company to Work For’ and 7th place in ‘Great Place to Work’ survey.
    During the pandemic in 2020, Pets at Home launched a 1-hour Click & Collect service to help pet owners nationwide.

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