Does Pizza Hut do a student discount in 2016?

The Pizza Hut student discount is 20% for those with an NUS Extra card. Simply go to this page on the Pizza Hut website, make your order then enter your NUS Extra code at the online checkout. Don’t have an NUS Extra card? Don’t worry, there are still student discounts for Pizza Hut available when you sign up to the special newsletter on this page.

This information is correct as of 06/12/2016.

Does Pizza Hut do an NUS or NUS Extra discount?

There is a Pizza Hut NUS discount of 20% off but only with you’re NUS Extra card. To get the discount online, go to this page on the website, make your order and enter the student code. There is no Pizza Hut NUS discount. However, students should go to the Pizza Hut offers page to get the discounts listed above. Plus, sign up to the student newsletter and there will be a special one off offer.

Previous Pizza Hut Student Discount Deals, Codes & Sales


There is a Pizza Hut student discount offer of 50% off all PizzaHut pizzas. To get the discount, go to this page on the Pizza Hut website and follow the instructions. The total order must be over £15 and no NUS or student id required!


Pizza Hut is a great place for students to buy delicious, inexpensive takeaway pizza. Students can get a 50% discount on their first delivery by going to this special page on the Pizza Hut website and signing up to the student email.

Currently Pizza Hut has some great student deals including 2 large pizzas, garlic bread and any side of £20  and 2 stuffed crust, cheesy bites or cheesy garlic twist pizzas with garlic bread, and side and 1.5l bottle of drink for £25.