Premier Inn Student Discount

Are you looking for a Premier Inn student discount? Student Discount Squirrel can help you find the best Premier Inn discount codes today.

Whilst there is unfortunately no standard Premier Inn student discount, (which means there is no Premier Inn Unidays code or one with NUS Totum or Student Beans), there are still lots of other ways to save at this top hotel chain. Simply check out the offers page which has lots of tip tips on how to save including book earlier as possible for up to 20% off. 

Plus did you know there was 25% off  with a Premier Inn meal deal?

Yes, we’ve found some great ways that students can still save money with these tips:

  1. Always book on for the cheapest exclusive room rates
  2. Advanced bookings can save up to 20% off
  3. The cheapest standard room rate is £29 for non Flex rooms
  4. Look out for Zip Rooms which are smaller but cost as low as £19
  5. Check out the Premier Inn offers page for latest deals and ways to save
  6. Christmas giveaway competition

Plus check out chapter 1 where we show you how to book the cheapest room, get the best Premier Inn voucher codes and show you how much you can save.

Next, take a look at the savings section below for the first great tips to save you lovely students money!

Up to 20% Off Advanced Bookings at Premier Inn

£29 Rooms with Advanced Bookings

£19 Rooms with New Zip Rooms

Special Offers with newsletter sign up!

Free Wifi

Latest Special Offers

Get Cheap Hub Hotel Rooms

We’ve put together this guide to help you, which includes:

  • Answering the question ‘Does Premier Inn do a student discount?’
  • Showing you how to book the £29 room
  • We’ve got the best promo codes and latest sales info
  • We’ll show you if there are any Premier NUS discounts
  • Follow our handy tips to save even more

Did you know that Premier Inn won Best Budget Hotel Brand at the 2020 Business Travel Awards? Ready? Then prepare to save!

1. Do Premier Inn Do a Student Discount?

Unfortunately there isn’t currently a standard Premier Inn student discount as of 2019. This means there is no Unidays, NUS Totum or any other scheme available in the UK. However, Student Discount Squirrel have researched and found some handy tips that can save you money.

And do you know what? We are going to show you how!

  1. You’ll always book the cheapest deals on
  2. Check out the offers page for the latest cheap room deals.
  3. We’ll always have the latest NUS codes, vouchers and deals in our savings section.
  4. Need a cheaper room in London and Edinburgh? Check out the hub rooms. Cosy and cheap!

“Make sure you check out my squirrel savings section at the top of the page. It is updated regularly with the latest sales, Premier promo codes and deals and is well worth a look”

premier inn student discount

2. Is there a Unidays Premier Inn, NUS Totum or Student Beans Discount?

Looking for a Premier Inn student discount code NUS? Wondering if there is a Unidays Premier Inn discount? As there are a lot of student discount schemes and codes it can get confusing to see if you can get money off. Never fear, the clever Squirrel is here to explain it all.

Premier Inn Unidays discount?

Currently there is no Unidays Premier Inn code, so there is no tie up, so you can’t save when booking a room. If this changes then we’ll update this guide.

Premier Inn Discount Code NUS

Unfortunately there is no NUS affiliation, or Premier Inn NUS Extra discount. This is a shame but students can still book a cheap hotel room when travelling the UK.

Check out our savings section to see exactly how you can save.

Are there Premier Inn Unidays or Student Beans Discounts?

As there is no Premier Inn student discount, then there is no Unidays or Student Beans code to get money off as well. However, as Premier Inn is one of the best ways for students to book a cheap hotel room, then you should still consider booking with them. Again, take a look at our step by step savings section which shows you quickly and easily the best ways to keep money in your pocket.

3. How to Book a Cheap Hotel Room?

Premier Inn already has cheap hotel rooms to start with. But even though they are cheap they are very comfortable, in great locations and offer brilliant value for money.

“We love their Hypnos Beds are the stuff off dreams, all rooms are spacious and come with all the facilities you need. Plus they have won a host of awards from Trip Advisor, YouGov and the British Travel Awards”

But how to get the cheapest deal? Follow these steps to get the cheapest booking possible now!

  1. The cheapest rates are always on
  2. Check our savings section for the latest sales and promo codes.
  3. Book in far as advance as possible.
  4. Wanting cheap rooms in London or Edinburgh. Check out Premiers Hub Hotel.
  5. Sign up to the newsletter for special promotions.

4. Premier Inn Discount Code NUS, Promo & Premier Inn Voucher Codes

So a great way to save when booking a cheap room at Premier Inn is by using a voucher code.  Now unfortunately as we’ve seen above there is no student discount scheme so you can’t get a Premier Inn discount code NUS at this moment. But throughout the year they do release some short term codes that anyone can use regardless for whether they are a student or not. Examples of current deals include: 

Premier Inn Student Discount Codes Discount Expires
£29 Premier Inn Room Rates £29 31/12/2020
Save 20% with Advanced Bookings 20% 31/12/2020
£19 Zip Room Offers £19 31/12/2020

For example on Boxing Day we saw one to book a room for £29! 

If there is one going it will be featured in our section at the top of the page, which is regularly updated. 

premier inn student offers

5. Hotel Overview – Premier Inn

Premier Inn is the UK’s largest hotel chain, with over 65,000 rooms in 750 hotels spread across the UK in cities, suburbs, roadside locations and airports.

The sheer number of hotels dotted around make it ideal for your trips, be they city breaks, respite from travel or a couple of days visiting friends and family.

Now famous for their ads featuring families holidaying and Lenny Henry, the chain continues to grow, and its size allows it to offer prices that are very much favoured by bargain hunters and Student Discount Squirrel alike.

The most northern Premier Inn can be found in Inverness, Scotland, and the most southern in Cornwall, Devon. However, the chain’s expansion into other locales means that you’ll now find Premier Inn hotels in the likes of Ireland (worth remembering for a St Patrick’s Day weekend getaway!), the United Arab Emirates, India and Germany.

All Premier Inn hotels are furnished in the same style, so you know what you’re going to get before you arrive – which can really take the hassle out of booking travel.

The chain boasts a ‘Good Night Sleep’s Guarantee’ as a result of their cosy ‘Hypnos’ beds that come in luxury king-size with fluffy duvets and your choice of pillows to best suit your sleeping habits. If you’ve ever woken up in a hotel with a stiff neck, back or shoulders, you’ll understand exactly what a godsend this can be! Combined with total blackout curtains (a MUST when staying in busy cities) and a ‘get to sleep’ audiobook (voiced by Lenny Henry, of course…), you’ll soon be hitting the land of nod.

All hotels also include a Premier Inn restaurant offering breakfast and evening meals.

Continental breakfast options alongside a Full English is available, and some locations are twinned with quality restaurant chains including:

  • Brewer’s Fayre
  • Table Table
  • Beefeater Grill
  • Thyme Bar + Block
  • Whitbread Inns

What’s more, you can even get some study in on the go (well, if you want to!) as, unusually for the UK, all Premier Inns offer free Wi-Fi 24/7!

If you need something a little faster to stream TV or films, you can upgrade your Wi-Fi package for just a fiver; worth doing if you’re planning a restful night in of Netflix and chill.

Premier Inn rooms are priced fairly competitively already, given that they’re competing with the likes of Travelodge, Ibis and Holiday Inn. However, to get the most value from your booking, it’s always worth keeping an eye on their website for promotions and money-off Premier Inn vouchers. Towards the middle of the month (hence not pay day for most, so a low rate of bookings) and around occasions and national days, the chain often holds flash sales and heavily discount their rooms in order to fill them. Bag a bargain when you can and travel totally Student Discount Squirrel style!

Full Premier Inn Breakfast – from £8.99

Sure, everyone loves a croissant, but nothing sets you up for the day like a big breakfast. The Premier Inn ‘Full’ Breakfast includes the whole Continental range of daily baked pastries and breads, fruits, yoghurts and cereals, as well as unlimited drinks of coffee, tea, juices and smoothies. However, adding in the ‘Full’ option allows you unlimited hot items too; that’s bacon, sausages, Quorn sausages, hash browns, bubble and squeak, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and eggs however you like them. So, go for them all – it’s the most important meal of the day, after all!

Premier Inn Ultimate Wi-Fi – 24hrs access

The fact that Premier Inn offer any kind of 24/7 free Wi-Fi is impressive; as many budget hotel chains charge through the nose for it. This is fine for basic browsing but for streaming you’ll need to upgrade to a faster connection. 24hrs worth of access is just a fiver, and you don’t need to visit a reception desk to buy it – just select the Ultimate option from your available connections, pay by card online and binge watch away!

GOSH charity Bernard Bear

This may seem like an odd recommendation for an in-hotel purchase, but there’s logic behind it… honest! Premier Inn’s chosen charity, for whom they promote and fundraise year-round, is GOSH; Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Each hotel sells cuddly Bernard the Bear toys for £10, so if you’ve saved over a tenner with a bargainous booking, why not pick one up? All proceeds go to the hospital and even if you’re not a cuddly toy fan yourself, he makes for a great gift to those you meet or visit while on your travels.


6. Summary & History of the Hotel

The History of Premier Inn

The first ever Premier Inn was known as ‘Travel Inn’ (very Alan Partridge, eh?) and opened in 1987 next to the Beefeater restaurant in sunny Basildon.

It wasn’t until 2004 that another hotel opened, known as a ‘Premier Lodge’, and the chain went on to buy up smaller hotel chains to add to their portfolio from there.

Owned by Whitbread Group, who also own Costa Coffee and a range of chain restaurants, expansion was swift, and the business streamlined to sell off some of its smallest hotels to other chains if they weren’t profitable to run.

In 2015, the 700th Premier Inn opened in Kingston, London, and it now seems like there’s one in every city and town! Premier Inn is able to expand so quickly as it buys up office blocks that would otherwise be destroyed and converts them into hotels, turning a quick profit to allow them to then build purpose-built hotels elsewhere. With services now expanding around the world and the celebrity endorsement of Lenny Henry becoming recognised by households across the UK, it seems we can only expect good things to come from the chain in the future.

Premier Inn Facts – Did You Know?

  1. The chain started in 1987 and Travel Inn!
  2. The first hotel was next to a Beefeater restaurant in Basidon!
  3. In 2005 the 500th hotel opened in Hemel Hempstead. In July 2011 the 600th hotel was opened in Kingston-upon-Thames.
  4. The Premier Inn chain reaches from Inverness in the North of Scotland all the way down to Helston in Cornwall.
  5. Premier Inn was the first budget hotel chain to invest in television advertising.

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