Great news, we can confirm that there is up to 25% Samsung student discount. To get it, go to the special student page on samsung.com, verify your student id and you’ll be issued with a Samsung Unidays code. Apply it in the promo code box at the checkout and your discount will be applied. The discount is usually 15% so it’s a great time to save money.


Students should also check out the Samsung offers page for the biggest Samsung discounts. There is currently a great promotion with 20% off 2 purchases, 20% off selected Samsung laptops and 25% off when you buy 3 Samsung appliances.


We also have a 10% Samsung discount code when buying a Samsung TV or soundbar.

We’ve been doing some research into ways that students can save money with Samsung and here is what we’ve found:

  • 25% student discount
  • 25% Unidays code
  • Up to £570 off selected products on the offers page
  • Free delivery on all UK orders
  • Pay in instalments with Klarna
  • Up to £500 off selected TVs
  • Free Galaxy Buds with selected purchases
  • 10% discount on selected items
  • £200 instant discount on S22 phones

Samsung has become one of the premier mobile phone makers in the world. Its Galaxy range including the galaxy s20 fe has consistently been some of the best android based phones available with stunning performance and amazing cameras. Samsung also makes fantastic tablets in the Galaxy range too, but also TVs and laptops too.

We love the quality of Samsung here at Student Squirrel, but we also love getting a bargain and student offers too. So students, find out more on how you can save on your new Samsung phone, new smartphone or laptop!

How to Get the Samsung Students Discount

So as we confirmed in the introduction there is a 25% student discount for Samsung and this is how you get it:

  1. Go to the student page on samsung.co.uk
  2. Confirm your student status via Unidays
  3. You’ll be issued with a unique code
  4. Enter the Unidays code in the promo box on the  checkout
  5. The student discount will be applied

It really is a fantastic way to save on your amazing purchase and is likely to save you hundreds of pounds depending on what you buy. Plus there is usually free delivery.

samsung student discount
Get the best Samsung student discounts today, as well as discount codes and other ways to save. Student ID maybe required in store.

Unidays Samsung Code

Fantastic news! We can confirm that there is a Samsung Unidays discount code for all your online purchases. It can be confusing finding out just how to get your student discount as there are student code schemes with Unidays, Student Beans, NUS Totum and sometimes other smaller providers. That’s where we come in to show students what you’re entitled to.

To get it your Unidays code you need to head to the student page and verify your Unidays account. You’ll be issued with a unique Samsung student code. Simply enter it in the voucher codes box when you’re checking out those ace trainers or sick clothing (both men, womenswear and even kids – good for gifts!). Here are the terms and conditions:

  • You have to be over 16 years of age
  • You must be attending either a UK university, college or sixth form
  • Full priced items only
  • Not available in-store (but why not show some valid id and you never know)

Just to confirm you can get it through Unidays exclusively and not through Student Beans, NUS Totum and there is free delivery too.


unidays samsung


Samsung Student Discounts in June 2022 Discount Available Until
25% Student Discount for Samsung 25% 31/12/2022
Up to £570 discounts £570 30/07/2022
10% Samsung discount code for TVs 10% 30/07/2022
20% discount on selected Samsung products 20% 30/07/2022
Free Disney Plus for 12 Months on selected purchases Free Disney Plus 30/07/2022
£500 discount on selected Samsung TVs £500 30/07/2022

Previous great deals have included free delivery and up to £699 off selected Samsung products.

Top Samsung Products for Students

We’ve researched some great Samsung products that students will be particularly interested in.

2022 Samsung Galaxy Smartphone – rates vary dependent on contract provider

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone is one of the world’s most popular model, although it’s updated so often the information we give on it here may be out of time by the time you read it! At the time of writing, the most recent model of the phone available on the UK market is the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S20 and the galaxy s20 FE is still popular too. Available on a contract with all major networks in the UK, the selling point of this phone that differentiates it from its competitors is its camera. The unique contour-cut camera allows for 8k video with epic stills at the same time. What’s more, it contains Samsung’s fastest chip yet for rapid processing, its strongest glass screen ever, 5G network capabilities and a powerful battery that gives the best possible battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds – prices vary depending on model and retailer

You’ve likely seen Apple’s white wireless ‘ear pods’, but the Samsung Galaxy Bud earphones give those a serious run for their money! Not constrained with the ‘white only’ aesthetic its competitor offers, Buds are available in five shades and contain within their tiny frame three microphones, a two-way speaker, the ability for wireless Qi charging and a battery that lasts a full 22 hours. Even better: you don’t need a Samsung phone or device to pair them with – they’ll work with anything over Bluetooth!

Make sure that you take a look at the Galaxy watch if you are looking for a new one in June 2022.

I love my Galaxy Buds Pro and my Galaxy Z Flip3 – I’m the most on trend Squirrel around

Samsung Overview

Samsung is one of the world’s leading technology brands in June 2022, headquartered in the appropriately named ‘Samsung Town’, Seoul, South Korea. Samsung is South Korea’s largest chaebol; that is, a company owned and run by a family in the country.

The Samsung Group owns several divisions and products that you’ll likely of heard of. These include Samsung Electronics (they’re the world’s largest IT company including home appliances too, the world’s largest consumer electronics maker and the world’s largest chipmaker… the IT kind, not the fast-food kind), Samsung Heavy Industries (mainly shipbuilding), Samsung Engineering, Samsung C&T Corporation and Samsung Life Insurance; as well as several brands removed from the Samsung name. As such, Samsung’s performance is hugely influential worldwide as well as particularly in South Korea, where it produces almost a fifth of the country’s exports by itself. Samsung’s revenue is equivalent to about 17% of GDP in South Korea, so it’s definitely their biggest flagship brand.

In the UK, we mainly know Samsung for its smartphones and consumer electronics such as tablets and televisions. If you don’t have an iPhone, you’re next most likely to have a Samsung phone, but actually even the most devoted of Apple fans do tend to have Samsung electronics around the house – even if they’d not realised it!

You can find Samsung products at almost every electronics retailer in the UK including the galaxy s20 FE, but in recent years Samsung Experience Stores have also launched on the high streets of large towns and cities across the UK. These run almost entirely in parallel to Apple stores, and offer the same kind of tutelage, repairs and product advice as you’d expect to find at your local Genius Bar… just without the letter ‘i’ in front of everything.

History of Samsung – Brand Overview

Samsung was born in 1938 when Lee Byung-Chul moved to Daegu City. He launched Samsung Sanghoe, a small trading company with 40 employees that sold dried fish, noodles and locally sourced groceries. The company prospered, with Byung-Chul forced to move to bigger premises and take up a proper HQ office in Seoul within 6 years. Unfortunately, in 1950, the Korean War broke out, and the company were forced to flee the capital. Byung-Chul didn’t let the troubles stifle his entrepreneurial spirit, and moved on to Busan where he started a sugar refinery and woollen mill.

Working his new companies into his old one, Byung-Chul brought everything under one name, Samsung, and diversified into many different industries including home appliances; aiming to establish the firm as an expert and leader in all of them. In 1947, he accepted joint finance from Cho Hong-Jai, the foundation of the Hyosung Group, to create the Samsung Trading Corporation, which today is the brand’s C&T Corporation. Byung-Chul and Hong-Jai eventually went separate ways, but all companies involved continued to flourish.

It was 1970 before Samsung entered the electronics industry with their first product – a black and white TV. Success was almost instantaneous and by forming several sub-divisions in the industry, the company went on to conquer including making phones, laptops and the new Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Today, conquer they certainly have! Samsung is one of the world’s biggest and best-known technology brands and it serves almost every territory worldwide. Its R&D department is estimated to receive over 10% of the business’ funding directly in order to keep it at the forefront of innovation and if its mobile and smart devices are anything to go by, they’re on the right track. Continued collaborations with other big brands and between its own divisions have lauded Samsung global success: and there’s still plenty of ground to cover.

Some of the best-known products in June include the new galaxy buds pro, galaxy z, Galaxy note, new galaxy S21 ultra, new Samsung pay function, galaxy se20 and watch out for limited time deals too. You can usually pre-order the latest products too and they have free returns which is useful. Make sure you check out our savings section for the latest deals.

Fun Facts About Samsung

Samsung may be a big business with big bucks, but did you know these fun facts about them?

  • Samsung started out selling noodles and didn’t have a single electrical product in their range until 1970!
  • In 2016, Samsung teamed up with Six Flags to create the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) rollercoasters.
  • At one point, the Samsung S3 was so popular that 500 of them were sold per minute around the world.
  • The word ‘Samsung’ means ‘three stars’ in Korean. Company founder Lee Byung-Chull chose the name as he wanted to envision a company that would ‘last as long as the stars in the sky’.
  • Samsung created the South Korean Air Force’s first-ever fighter jet, the KF-16.
  • The term samsung tablet student discount is very popular in search engines – especially at the start of term times!
  • Samsung and Apple are often compared, but the former was founded a full 38 years before the latter! As a result, Samsung has almost 500% more staff than its competitor.
  • Don’t tell the teacher BUT there is also a Samsung teacher discount UK from time to time.
  • The Samsung education store UK is hugely popular with University and college students.
  • The construction arm of Samsung was responsible for constructing the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, which sits in Dubai.
  • Samsung student discounts are hugely popular across the UK
  • Latest Samsung products are available in England and Wales all rights reserved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung offer student discount?

Yes there is a student discount for Samsung available in June.

You can get it with a Unidays code so as long as you have an educational email address you will be able to get it.

What is the Samsung student discount?

The student discount for Samsung is currently up to 25% off.

It’s a great saving off quality laptops, phones and headphones and you can get it buying directly on samsung.com and applying your unique Unidays code.

What is the Galaxy s20 fe?

The Galaxy s20 fe is a mobile phone and is part of the Samsung galaxy premium range.

The Galaxy s20 fe is a fan edition and means it can be customised.

As well as a Galaxy s20 FE there is going to be a Galaxy s21 FE released.

How do I get student discount on Samsung?

To get the student discount for Samsung, go to the student page on samsung.com, verify your status and you’ll be issued with a special student code.

Then enter the code at the online checkout and your discount will be applied.

Check out our website for more information and savings tips.

What are the Galaxy models, which is the best Galaxy and which is the best cheap Samsung phone?

There are lots of Galaxy models. These include Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy A52.

The Galaxy range is considered the best and the best cheap Samsung phones are the range beginning with A.

Is Samsung on UNiDAYS?

Samsung is on Unidays. To get the student discount you need to generate the Samsung code on myunidays.com. The add the code to the promo box at the online checkout.

Summary of the Samsung Students Discount

We’ve come to the end of this guide to help students save when buying at Samsung.

There is a minimum 15% student discount for Samsung and that is through a Unidays code.

However, there are extra possible savings to be had by shopping offers which have up to £699 off.  This is how students can get the biggest discounts!

If you’re looking for more student discounts and tech discounts in June 2022 then check out our Currys, AO.com and Apple student discounts guides.

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