Schuh Student Discount

Looking for a Schuh student discount? You’ve come to the right place.

The great news is you can currently get a 10% Schuh student discount code. All you have to do is validate your student status on and you’ll be issued with a Schuh Unidays code. For limited times it is 20% off so look out for that.

Plus, make sure you check out the Schuh mid-season sale which has discounts of up to 60% off! Last time we visited we saw good reductions on Nike, Puma, Fila, Vans, Ugg, Converse and adidas to name a few. The great news is students get an extra 10% off those new pair of kicks, so it’s a great time to save.

You can also show your card to the webcam and you’ll be issued with a discount code. For full details, check out our student discount chapter.

We’ve also found more ways for students to save including:

Next, before we start the guide we’ve put a quick savings section below:

10% Schuh Student Discount

Up to 60% Off in the Schuh Mid-season Sale

Up to 75% Off in the Sales Page

Free Delivery

With eye-catching and welcoming stores on most highstreets as well as brilliant online shopping options to boot, this amazing and growing store is a favourite with students, for all kinds of branded and fashion footwear, and it’s easy to see why.

In our comprehensive guide we look at this best ways to save on branded footwear with the best deals, offers and promo codes around. To find out more and start saving today, read on.

There is an amazing choice of footwear at Schuh; from trainers to shoes and boots, there is a fantastic range and some top brands too such as Adidas, Nike, Vans and Dr Martens.

Let’s face it, they aren’t the cheapest out there. Fear not though, this ultimate guide will show students how to save. From Schuh promo codes to Schuh voucher codes, sales pages and more, the squirrel has done the research.

So without further ado, we’ve broken this guide down into chapters below. We show you not only how to get the 10%, but also have some great tips to help save students more, such as voucher codes and sales alerts.

Ready to make some shoe savings? Either click on the relevant section or read the whole guide to get the best discounts.

Sitting comfortably? Now let’s begin and save you time and money (and get you looking good).

1. The Schuh Student Discount

Excellent news my little learners, there is a Schuh discount and it’s 10% off your trainers or footwear purchase either online at or in-store and this is correct as of 2019.


It’s quick and easy to get to get too. Just head to this special page

You can validate your student status there and then through Schuh’s online chat. This is a great option if you aren’t an NUS pupil as they will be able to tall you whether you qualify for the 10% promo code there and then. Simples isn’t it! Or you can do it through Unidays too. Once you’re issued with the voucher code, just make your purchase online and enter the code at the promo code box during checkout and boom, like magic the ten percent will be taken off automatically.

A couple of useful things to know:

  • The discount is valid for all college or university students
  • If you have been accepted by Unidays you can get the promo code
  • You can use the discount on sale items

“There is an alternative offered too. You can go from there through Unidays if you’re a member. Full details are on the student page too.”

2. Schuh Discounts & Schuh Promo Codes & Vouchers

Even though we’ve shown you how to get the fantastic Schuh student discount of 10%, but did you know that this funky footwear retailer releases other Schuh voucher codes and offers throughout the year?

Or that they could save students even more money using these codes than the standard 10% off their purchases?

What we have done is put together a helpful section below which lists all the ways to save at and if you’re in a shoe shop which includes all promo codes. This is regularly updated in 2020 as we keep our beady Squirrel eyes open and sniff out all the deals, as well as nuts and acorns of course! To get any live codes, offers, please go to our savings section.

Schuh Student Discount & Codes Discount Valid Until
10% Schuch Student Discount 10% 31/12/2020
Free Click and Collect Delivery Free Delivery 31/12/2020
60% Off in the Schuh Mid-season Sale 60% 29/04/2020

We’ve also included items like sales with links in the button which could also potentially get you more money off. These are always worth looking for and we like being a helpful Squirrel to help you undergraduates save more.

We also put any other ways to save money in the section above, so if any will help, just click through on the green button and make those savings!

If there is a Schuh voucher code available, just click through, make your purchase on and when you come to the online check-out, just enter it in the promo codes box and bingo, your discount will be applied. The lovely thing is there is no NUS card validation either. The easier the voucher the better in our book!

3. Is there Schuh Unidays or Schuh NUS Discounts?

With lots of different student discount schemes now available in the UK it can be hard to find exactly what students are entitled to. Not to worry, the Squirrel has done all of the hard research to help you answer these questions.

Does Schuh do a Unidays Discount?

We have great delight in informing you that there is a Unidays Schuh code for online purchases. To get it, head to this page on, follow the instructions and you’ll get a Unidays code to use at the online check-out.

The standard reduction is 10% off full price and sale trainers, shoes and boots. Result.

Also, make sure you check out our savings and offers section at the top of this guide for even more clever ways to save.

Does Schuh do a NUS Totum Discount

The excellent news is that yes, there is a NUS Schuh discount of 10% off all purchases at this funky footwear shop.

To get it at, you need to go to this page and follow the instructions and prove your NUS student status. It’s quick and easy and you’ll be issued with a promo code to get your 10% reduction at the online checkout.

“If you are in one of the shops then you can just show your NUS card to get the money off. Easy peasy”

For clarity, there is no specific Schuh NUS Extra discount, but the fact that you have a normal card means you qualify for the 10% off as described above. Hurrah!

If you find yourself in a Schuh store in the UK, then show your student id including NUS card – and you will also get 10% off.

However, as you’ll find out below there are more ways that you can save. Also we advise shopping online, basically you don’t have the pain of going into a store, finding your dream shoes and then realising they don’t have your size in stock!

And the fantastic thing is, your NUS card is valid proof to get the 10% student discount code.

But wait dear students, what’s that, you want to see if you can make more discounts? Fair enough. Keep reading and this guide will show you how to shop the sales for even more bargains.

4. Schuh Sales – Students Save More

One of the best ways for students to save even more is to purchase those must have boots or trainers when there is a sale on. The best place to see is the homepage. They will always promote their big sales on here.

If there aren’t any reductions explicitly mentioned here, then make sure you check out the sales page. This is a permanent page on and the fab news is that the Schuh student discount will get you an ADDITIONAL 10 percent off. Whoop whoop!

Here at SDS we keep an eye out for the big Schuh sales and alert students when they’re on through our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages so make sure you sign up. We also list them in the savings table in the voucher codes section so make sure you check back to see what sales are on.

And you will get your 10% Schuh standard discount on top which makes a fantastic overall saving!

The big sales are at the following times of year so if it’s not quite started yet try and hold on until they hit and then you’re likely to bag a bargain:

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Boxing Day Sales (typically start online on 24th December
  • Winter Sales stretch from the end of December into January with better reductions coming at the beginning of the year
  • Easter & Spring Mid-season Sale
  • Summer Sales
  • Mid-season Autumn sale

If it’s not sale time though don’t worry as there is a special sales page which is here on They constantly have a small amount of fabulous shoes, boots, trainers and sandals on this page and include some great brands such as Vans, Converse, Nike, Adidas, Dr Martens and Fila.

Take a browse and see if you can bag a bargain.

schuh student discount store

5. Schuh Free Delivery

Additional postage costs are always a pain – I mean you go to all the fuss to save money and then get whacked with delivery! No thank you!! So you’ll be delighted to know that at Schuh, students can get free standard shipping by spending a mere £20.

There have also been times when Schuh have released a discount voucher to get free delivery. These are often short-term, meaning they only last for a short period of time.

The Squirrel is good at sniffing these out so we’ll put any live codes in the table above.

6. FAQs & Summary of Offers and Discounts

So we’ve shown you lots of ways to save but you still have some questions? That’s absolutely fine, we get asked as lot and it’s not a surprise seeing as the search engine results can be a bit confusing.

We’ve put together the frequently asked questions section below to answer the most popular questions once and for all!

Does Schuh do a student discount?
Yes, you get a 10% promo code. See our first chapter to find out how.

Is there an NUS Schuh discount?
Yes NUS students qualify for student discounts (although there is no specific NUS discount codes).

Is there a Unidays Schuh discount?
Yes. Follow the instructions in the first section to get it.

Can I use the Schuh discounts on sale items?
Yes you can! It states in the terms and conditions on Just enter your promo code or show your student id in-store.

Can I get a Schuh discount in store?
Yes, you most certainly can. Just show a valid id and you’ll get the reduction. If in doubt we recommend showing it anyway.

Does Student Beans do a promo code?
No the Beans don’t, but you can still get one through

As you can see there are lots of potential ways to save at the brilliant Schuh shoes across a whole range of amazing footwear options. In this handy Schuh discount section we have shown you lucky students a whole host of ways to save – the main ones outlined here:

  1. How to get a 10% Schuh student code online or even in store – although always best to shop online and check they have your size!
  2. How to get free delivery on orders over £20.
  3. How to shop the sale pages on the Schuh website.
  4. How you can keep an eye out for even more juicy offers by signing up to your newsletter and following us on social media!

We hoped you’ve enjoyed this and remember to sign up to our fabulous FREE newsletter to get the latest ways to save all lots of leading UK stores.


Schuh was founded in 1981 by Sandy Alexander who opened his first footwear store in Edinburgh after having become frustrated with the lack of great shoe brands to be found outside of London. Its mission was, and still is “to provide aspirational but accessible fashion footwear sold in a unique and exciting retail environment, at prices which represent value for money, sold by friendly and knowledgeable staff”.

The company was briefly bought out before regaining its independence in 1990 and staying that way ever since. Today, there are over 118 Schuh shops across the UK and the head office is still in Scotland, with a press and design office based in London. In 2015, the brand opened its first non-British store in Germany and has continued to spread its love of quirky value footwear all over Europe since. Schuh is still entirely profitable but splits its sales between its bricks-and-mortar stores and its online shop, with a heavy investment being continually made into its online offering and technological developments.

Fun Facts: 

  • The first Schuh store opened in Edinburgh’s North Bridge Arcade in 1981
  • The stores foundder, Sandy Alexander, noticed a lack of fashionable footwear retailers outside of London
  • Schuh’s matra is – “To provide aspirational but accessible footwear, sold in a unique and exciting retail environment at prices which represent value for money”
  • Schuh has 118 stores in the UK and Ireland
  • It was 2450 stores in the US!
  • Schuh is German for SHOE!
  • Schuh has won many awards including Scottish Fashion Awards 2013!

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