The University of Southampton is a well-known public research-intensive university in the city of Southampton, UK. We are a renowned study institution all over the world because of our list of research study programs available to students – domestic and international.

Furthermore, we are also a founding member of the Russell Group, an association group of 24 prominent universities located in the UK dedicated to upholding the QS world university standards in both research and instruction.

Due to the larger funding, resources, research facilities, expertise, and support we provide researchers, we draw the top academics who perform the most modern research. Choosing this institution may be the greatest decision you could make for your career.

Our highly qualified support staff in all faculties is available to help our students get the world’s best education and university experience and have a seamless transition between school and university.

Get the greatest opportunity to further your studies at one of the best universities in the world that is targeted by many employers. The University of Southampton will have an open day soon; therefore, pack your bags and get ready to join our campus community!

History of University Southampton

For the now QS world university to become well known today, it began with a founding member, Mr Henry Robinson Hartley. A brief history of Hartley himself goes like this: Hartley is descended from a UK-based family of wine merchants.

He was a serious and quiet man who had abandoned his family company. When he passed away, he gave his fortune to the Corporation of Southampton in order to advance science and education.

Hartley Institution-15 October 1862

The Hartley Institution was created as a result, and it first opened its doors in 1862 on the High Street. After three years, the Hartley Institution had nearly 700 students, many of whom were evening part-timers.

Despite our small size, we were already developing a solid reputation by the 20th century. In 1902, we changed our name to University College, and by the 1930s, we were receiving national funding for our engineering and chemistry research.

In the 1950s, the number of students and researchers we had expanded, which resulted in a significant extension of our Highfield campus, and we started to develop expertise on a local, national, and world scale in a number of fields of science.

Looking at our huge institution in the 20th century, we have extensively grown and are proud to be part of the global scale of the world’s highest-ranking world university and to be one of the institutions on the QS world university ranking system.

We now have more than 20,000 full-time students, and we are pleased to see that they are carrying on our innovative education traditions with commitment and diligence. We aim to expand and educate all of our students to become more innovative thinkers on a global scale.

Moreover, we are a research-intensive university and practical when it comes to societal and employment concerns. We continue to hold this status quo and be the best modern university that all students dream to be part of. Come for our open day and join our university.

What is the address of the University of Southampton?

If you are interested in consulting or finding out more about our university, you can visit our main campus at Highfield. Do not forget to attend our open day at our campuses (Malaysia, Southampton, Winchester) to meet other students.

You can use the following address to reach our main campus:

University Road

Southampton SO17 1BJ

United Kingdom

Map of the University of Southampton

When you come to the open day, you can use this map to locate our campus:

If you ever get lost, do not hesitate to call us, and we will happily assist you in finding the way.

How to get to the University of Southampton

If you are not familiar with the routes of getting to our university, whether you have been accepted to study at our QS world university or you want to come to our open day before enrolling, we will provide you with simple and easy routes to take.

Travelling to a new city does not have to be difficult when there are guides available to help you make your travelling seamless. If you are taking any of the following modes of transport, keep reading to find out how you can reach our campuses.

By Train 

The University of Southampton is approximately 2 hours away from the City of London, UK. London offers direct connections from its train stations to our university, where you can access the facilities on our campuses (Winchester and a total of five in Southampton) We also have one in Malaysia. The train route can lead you to the city and university site.

Southampton Airport

The airport is not far from our Highfield campus. You can take a community bus, and you will reach our campus in just 12 minutes. The airport routes can take you to many destinations that you can visit once you have settled in at the university.

Coach Services

Coach companies offer services between airports to and from Southampton and Winchester. Find the perfect coach services that can help you reach your campus in no time.

Do not miss out on the Open Days to familiarise yourself with our campus and available facilities and meet new people. Contact us right away to start planning your journey.

What are the top courses at Southampton University?

We are a research-intensive university that offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate study courses and subjects that can help you reach your career goals and get the employment that you have always dreamed of with successful employers after graduating.

There are many universities that you can study at in the UK, but the University of Southampton, the founding member of the Russell Group, is leading in excellence and offers numerous courses.

Although the university is most famous for its Engineering and Business courses, it offers other courses that are a point of interest to many students. Keep reading to discover what course you are most passionate about at this university, so you can get only the best training.

Here are the top subjects of study:

  • Law
  • Medicine (increasing studies on the immune system)
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Business and Management Studies
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical and Electronic engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Architecture

Available Faculties

There are many faculties that you, as an undergraduate, can explore to find the right undergraduate course for your future. Here are the faculties that are available at our university:

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

Each faculty has numerous subjects and courses to choose from. Visit our website to find the prospective for undergraduate and postgraduate education, where you can discover more about your faculty and discover your course of choice. Add our open-day dates to your calendar to get more information on your chosen faculty and course.

Additional to being ranked in the QS world university rankings, this university is actively dedicated to assisting students with starting their businesses. After graduating with a science, medicine, or business degree, our science park and business incubators will help you get started. We also offer extensive research for medicine, which is leading to discoveries about the immune system.

Where is the Southampton Students Union?

The Southampton Student’s Union is located on the main campus and is available for all students. To reach the union buildings and facilities, you can use our bike routes, travel on foot, or use the local Unilink bus service and routes.

The Students Union is a group dedicated to the service and assisting of all students with any academic, employment, or personal-related issues. If you are a registered student at our university, the student’s union is always available – open day also- to support you. Simply visit the buildings and get the best service.

The address of the Students’ Union:

Building 42,

University Road,



SO17 1BJ

What are the best Southampton student nights?

Being a student does not mean you always have to be faced with your books. Let’s not forget that the reason why you might be in the UK is because of school, but you are allowed to have a social life. Take some time off those books and go out to meet new people.

There are several places that you can visit if you want to experience some real fun outside school. You will also enjoy the full university experience – which includes academics as well as some nights out.

From chilled cocktail lounges to more pop and dance vibes, you will find anything that rocks your boat. Whether you are a local or international student, everyone gets to enjoy a night out at these highly vibrant clubs and bars.

Here are some of the best bars and clubs to enjoy your student nights, as stated by some students:

  • The Stag’s
  • Sobar
  • Orange Rooms
  • The Edge
  • Popworld
  • Switch
  • Revolution

The Stag’s

The Stag’s takes first place in this list of the best Southampton student nights locations. If you are looking to meet new people who can show you around the UK and other tourist areas such as New Forest and Winchester, The Stag’s is the best place to start.

This is the safest location because it is located on the Highfield campus. It is closed on weekends, but you can make your way there during the week, especially on Thursdays, which seem to be every student’s favourite.


Sobar may be one of the best student clubs near the university. It may also be viewed as a student hotspot, as there are many perks to discover and explore when going to this location.

Some of the reasons why many students prefer Sobar include free entry for students on Mondays and Wednesdays and the specials for vodka on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Orange Rooms

The Orange rooms may not be budget friendly for students, but if you want to have a fantastic night out, then occasionally visit this bar. They have cocktail specials, and other specials for their vodka and Jagerbombs, depending on the night you choose to visit the club.

The Edge

The Edge is Southampton’s largest and busiest LGBT club, having served the community for over 25 years. It also offers karaoke every Sunday and 50% off house spirits on Get Dirty Tuesdays. Regular members of The Edge get to enjoy other perks, such as line jumping.


Popworld is renowned for its cheap cocktails, retro furniture, and cheesy music. Affordable beverages are the main highlight of the Popworld club. It provides several discounts that are ideal for starting off your night, like single spirit mixer shots and bottled beers.


Switch might be the best student club if you’re looking for a party that will not break your budget. With DJs pumping out R&B bangers, free entry with an online ticket before 11 p.m., and cocktail specials before 12, Saturdays at Switch are a banger.


Another great student night hangout is Revolution, which offers great beer specials. Open from 12 pm until late; during happy hour, you get to select from a variety of appetizing cocktails.

What are the best student pubs in Southampton?

If you are looking for a place to have fun with your whole group of new mates, you may be wondering what pubs you can visit. The best student pubs you can visit on your day off include:

  • The Bridge
  • Brewhouse & Kitchen
  • The Mitre
  • One O Four

Where are the best places to eat for students in Southampton?

Food lovers, it’s your time to shine. Students need affordable places to eat because we know employment is not in the picture as yet. There are numerous affordable places to eat in Southampton, but you may also want to explore other places in the UK.

Find your favourite place to eat from the list of the best places to eat for students below:

  • Piccolo Mondo – Italian
  • The Real Greek – Greek
  • UniKebab – Turkish
  • The Tram Stop – English
  • Sakura – Japanese
  • Cosmo’s – International Buffet

What are the Halls of Residence for the University of Southampton?

When moving to university, you need a safe place where your parents won’t hesitate to leave you. At our university, there are seven residence halls where you can be placed. Every student has a choice of 3 to 5 rooms.

We prioritise people that cannot travel back home during school holidays because they live too far. We want all our students to feel at home when they register at our university and receive allocation at any of our residence halls.

What famous people went to Southampton University?

We have several world-famous people that were privileged to be part of our university community. Join our research-intensive university and campus community today to discover what these celebrities have experienced during their time on our campuses.

Here are some of our famous alumni that you get to be ranked with on the list upon graduating from the University of Southampton:

  • Craig Lawton
  • Gina Hodsman
  • Rachel Steiner
  • Nick Braund
  • James Read
  • Vanessa Bowman

Hotels near The University of Southampton

Check out the hotels near Southampton university and book them on our interactive map below:

Top Southampton Students Discounts

Being a student has its own perks, and receiving student discounts and vouchers is one of the best ones. Students should not have to worry about spending loads of money on shopping. Therefore, these student discounts will help you pay less.

  • Blue’s Smokehouse: 20% off for students
  • Holler: Taxi
  • The SUSU Shop Meal Deal
  • WSA x Pitcher & Piano Nights
  • The SUSU Shop Coffee & Pastry
  • Watch Southampton FC for £10!
  • Dell ‘Back to College Deals’

For more discount codes for students check out these popular pages:

Popular Questions about the University of Southampton

Is It Hard To Get Into The University of Southampton?

No, it is not. Getting an acceptance offer at this university is fairly easy as long as you achieve the marks that they are looking for. Remember that the University of Southampton is a member of the Russell Group and strives to uphold the standards and reputation of the group.

Is The University of Southampton Good For International Students?

According to research and the QS world university rankings from 2023, we are in the top 100 universities that welcome domestic and international students. We have over 10 000 international students from countries all over the globe, including Malaysia. International students are welcome.

What Is The Acceptance Rate of The University?

The university has an undergraduate acceptance rate in the range of 77.7% and 84.0%. Once you register as a student at our university, you stand a chance to start your own business by joining our science park and reaching your full potential.

Does The University of Southampton Make Unconditional Offers?

Yes, we do. If we contact you with regard to enrollment, we will make a conditional or unconditional offer.

Will I Have To Go For An Interview If I Am Accepted At The University of Southampton?

Yes, you will. All students qualifying to study at our research university, which is part of the Russell Group, are required to come in for an interview.

Do I Need To Pay An Application Fee When Applying To The University?

Students applying for postgraduate studies will be required to pay an application fee of £50 before submitting their application. Undergraduate students from the UK and other parts of the world do not need to pay an application fee.

Summary of the University of Southampton

A world’s best research-intensive university that strives to provide the best resources and the highest standard of education to all students. We are also a founding member of the Russell Group and excel in all sectors of academic achievement.

Ranked 78th globally on the QS world university rankings because of our reputation as an academically strong research university. Start your career journey with this university to build a successful and lifelong career in medicine or engineering.

We have a total of seven campuses where you can discover yourself and where your potential lies. Our campuses are in Malaysia, Winchester, and the city of Southampton. We also have several residence halls that you can stay in while you study at our institution.

The university welcomes all students who are interested in studying engineering, medicine, business, finance, and other courses to apply. Get an increased chance of employment when you receive your education from one of the best QS world university.