Lets face it students, we can’t all live on pasta bakes and pot noodles day after day. If you budget for it and look for discounts a takeaway or eating out can actually be an economical way to eat.

We’ve created this page to highlight all the ways you can save and get student discounts on food. From pizza delivery to eating out in city centre restaurants, we will list all the discounts we can find to help you save more. Nom nom nom and yum yum yum!

Cooking for Yourself Saves Money

One of the best ways that students can save money on food is to cook it yourself. There are lots of great websites online now with literally thousands of easy to follow, nutritious recipes. From comforting winter dishes to light summer salads these recipes well cost pennies to make but taste delicious and be nutritious too. This is important as you need to be on your best form for all that University life throws at you.

We like BBC Good Food and Olive Magazine but feel free to Google and see what is out there. Also Youtube also has a host of recipe content and you can follow the cook too. From soups to pasta bakes, jacket potato fillings to steak and chips, cooking for you and your student household can be a great way to save money.

Student Takeaway Discounts

Of course there will be times when nothing but a takeaway will do. Maybe you’re treating yourself as you got some great exam results or maybe it’s just one of those days where you’ve been studying hard in the library and you just need to give yourself a treat.

Take away options for students are endless and range from delivery pizzas including Dominos and Pizza Hut to getting your favourites Chinese delivered through just eats or Deliveroo. The best news is that many of these takeaway companies offer a student discount. Usually this will be through Unidays, Student Beans or NUS Totum.

If it’s listed on this page then that means there are student discounts so just click through cheque out the money saving guide and make those savings.

Student Discount Codes For Restaurants and Cafes

Sometimes you might be in the mood to have a meal out in a restaurant. Luckily there are now lots of student discounts for restaurants available so you don’t have to pay full price. So if it’s the birthday celebration or a meal before a night out you can choose pizza, Asian or hamburgers and can still get some great deals.

Just look for the restaurant at the top of the page and click through for further details on how to get a voucher and save. Also even if they don’t, show your student id and you still could get some money off at the manager’s discretion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What food places have student discounts?

There are lots of food places in the UK who offer a student discount. Restaurants such as Pizza Express and McDonalds, takeaway like Dominos and Papa Johns and supermarkets including Co-op and Asda.

✅ Can you get a student discount for takeaway and food delivery?

It depends on the company. Dominos, Just Eat and Pizza Hut offer a student discount. You should check out the individual company’s website for full information.

✅ Do restaurants offer student discounts?

Lots of restaurants do offer student discounts. Pizza Hut and Pizza Express are two restaurants who do. If you take a valid student id with you you can ask your server if they offer one, even at smaller independent eateries.

✅ Do supermarkets have a student discount?

Some supermarkets do offer a student discount. Co-op offer 10% off with an NUS Totum card and Iceland offer £5 off spends over £40 with Student Beans.