Who doesn’t like free things?

With the student loan to watch freebies always come in handy.

That’s why the Squirrel has created this page to list all best student free stuff we could find to help you out!

Free Amazon Prime

Did you know that Amazon have a student discount scheme?

Or that it offers all valid students 6 months free Amazon Prime?

It’s called ‘Prime Student’ (not very inventive is it) but it’s a great deal.

After 6 months it’s £3.99 so make sure you cancel if you don’t want it any more.

Free Microsoft Office For Students

Want all of the fantastic Microsoft Office for free? We’ve found out how.

You simply go to a special page (click on the button below) on the official Microsoft website and use your academic email (ie one ending in .ac.uk) and you’ll be able to download it for FREE!

Word is the best word processor for essays and dissertations by far but there is also Excel which is hand for you Mathematicians and  Powerpoint for that group presentation.

free microsoft office for students

Free Things with O2 Priority

If you have a O2 mobile contract then you get access to priority which often has free offers.

At the moment there is a free scoop of ice cream with Thorntons and a free pack of Hippeas with Holland and Barret.

Here’s a good way to get access to priority without having an O2 monthly contract:

  1. Get a PAYG O2 sim card
  2. Top up with £10
  3. Access Priority for free offers

Free Eye Test at Boots

If you find yourself squinting at presentations in lectures then it’s time for an eye test. On a serious note it can be bad for your health.

Good news, you can now get a free eye-test at Boots.

Just print out the voucher through the link and you can get a free eye test. Plus there is also £20 off voucher for glasses too. Bonus!

Free Makeup Samples, Birthday Facial & Delivery with Debenhams Beauty Club

Fancy getting free beauty samples every month?

Of course you do and here is how.

Sign up to the Debenhams Beauty Club (for free) and you’ll get free samples every month, free delivery and a free Elizabeth Arden facial in-store when it’s your birthday.

You also get reward points to get money off your purchases.

Free Android Minesweeper Game

Did you used to play Minesweeper on your PC and laptop back in the day?

It was immense when you had time to kill and should have been revising.

Well now you can get it for free for all Android phones.

Just download it from the Google Play store for gratis.

And don’t blame us if that first turns into a 2:1!

Get Knot 3D for Free on Google Android

We love the Knot 3D app and so do lots of other people as it get’s a 4.8/5 on Google Play store.

It teaches you how to tie hundreds of knots.

Tie fancy shoe laces, tie up your headphones properly and lots more great ideas.

Well now students can get it for free for a limited time.

Free Adidas World Cup Football at Sports Direct

It’s football fever made in England at the moment and we’ve found this great free offer to get an Adidas World Cup football and just pay £4.99 for delivery. The clever thing is you get a £5 voucher if you click and collect making it free.

What you need to do is:

  1. Head to the football page on Sports Direct.
  2. Download the Sports Direct app.
  3. Search for item 827021 which is the football.
  4. At the check-out add the code mirror2018.

Let us know how you get on in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Free Diabetes Test at Lloyds Pharmacy

It’s never a bad thing to look after our health’s at university and with all the partying, oh I mean studying, it can get a bit forgotten about.

So it’s great news that Lloyds Pharmacy offer a free diabetes test for anyone over the age of 16.