There’s a lot of things that are more difficult to get done when you’re a bit stuck for cash, but for most of university life, you can ask for help.

When it comes to dating though, you can be put in a difficult position: not wanting to lose a potential relationship but also not wanting to compromise on the basics such as food or textbooks for something that may not work out.

Finding love, and keeping it with a healthy, happy relationship isn’t impossible as a skint student, though… you’ve just got to know how to manage it! Here at Student Discount Squirrel, we know a thing or two about living your best life even on a limited income; and here we share some tricks and tips to help you find your perfect match.

Make Meals In Rather than Dining Out

Unless you’ve got a great deal on a meal out, avoid the awkwardness of a formal restaurant date by cooking together. OK, so student flats aren’t always the most romantic of places, but having others around can make things less pressured and more social – and even if your cooking is a disaster, it can be fun to do together and makes for a funny story later on.

Home-cooked meals are considerably cheaper than eating out and left-overs can be saved for other meals. If you or your date has any dietary requirements or preferences, it can be a lot easier, and less embarrassing, than faffing around with a set menu.

If you need new cooking equipment and utensils, Argos have a great basics range that is designed with students in mind and promotional events make for some great deals.

If it turns out you’re not the Gordon Ramsey or Delia Smith you thought you might be, bite the bullet and order in pizza. Pizza Hut has a lot of discounts when you order online and still ends up cheaper that going out for dinner.

Get into the Great Outdoors

students dating outdoors date
The best things in life are free… or so we’re told. Planning dates around free outdoors activities make for a good opportunity to really chat and get to know the person you’re dating, without splashing the cash. Walk the dog, have a nose at the neighbour’s Christmas lights, window shop, visit art gallery openings or take some snacks to the park.

If the person you’re dating is into health and fitness, there’s lots you can do outdoors for free together linked to working out.

Need cheap workout gear for a power walk or run in the park? Sports Direct is the UK’s number one sportswear discount retailer with lots of great offers and sales every week so take a look online!

Use Discount Vouchers and Free Taster Sessions for New Activities

groupon date student savings
Groupon, Wowcher and local discount sites can be frustrating as much as they are fun, but there are bargains to be found.

Clearance sections often host promotions that have been discounted down further from original deals, and host offers that you won’t find in their email marketing or adverts. Yoga classes, cooking workshops, couple’s massages, roller-skating sessions and event tickets are just some of the things you can find at bargain prices.

Groupon actually has a Valentines Getaway page and Wowcher also has some special Valentines offers.

Lots of activities, particularly sports, offer a free taster session for your first class. Make a date of it and there’ll be no pressure to return if you didn’t love it first time round. It’ll make for a new experience even if not an ongoing hobby!

Shop Second-Hand

charity shop date students
Charity shops, flea markets and antique centres make not just for some cheap buys and unusual items, but also a fun afternoon spent trying on crazy clothes and designing your dream home.

You can really get to know someone when you’re rooting through items that are different to those you’d normally opt for and have a laugh at the same time.

If they’re not up for playing around with the things you are then you’ll quickly learn how well suited you are, and you may not need to arrange another date – paid for or otherwise!

Skype a Movie Date

Perfect for long-distance relationships or for when neither of you can be bothered to get out of date, ditch ‘Netflix and chill’ for ‘Netflix and chat’!

Using Skype or Facetime and watching an on-demand movie together from a streaming service or DVD can still make for a cute night in without the pressure of needing to dress up, do your make-up, or having a shower; and negates the pressure of needing to cuddle up of getting intimate.

Even better, you can snuggle up in your own bed and not move after a long day… making it a great date for even the laziest or lethargic of souls.

Make a Date out of a non-Date

At a party or event and feel a bit bored? Invite over whoever it is you’ve been talking to, and host them as a low-pressure date there and then. House parties, uni society meets and other casual occasions make for a great way to get to know someone without having to leave your own friendship group or a place you’re already comfortable in.

Providing of course the person hosting the event is happy for more to join, and your date won’t be expected to pay a hefty ticket fee, invite away!

If you seem to be really getting on, non-dates make for a handy way to introduce your potential partner to your mates too; without them interrogating or making things awkward. and offer student discounts on perfect party outfits.

Whether you need a new outfit, a new film to watch, something cheap to eat or a new tablet to video-call on, Student Discount Squirrel has you covered. Set the site as your homepage so you’re reminded of the discounts each time you get online and shop smarter and savvier for every purchase.