There’s no two ways about it: student life is hectic. You need somewhere to properly relax and rest away from it all, and if you’re ever to settle in and feel content in your new home, your bedroom will need to be conducive to a tranquil atmosphere and getting a good night’s sleep.

Of course, this is not the ideal time to be investing in home furnishings, as you’re skint, and your first priority with the money you do have is unlikely to ever be furniture.

Fear not! We have some great tips here to help you furnish your new room to be homely and fun without breaking the bank.

Invest Big In Your Bedding for your Student Room

Whether it’s a big night out in the student union bar or some much needed cramming before an exam or deadline, you need to ensure that the sleep you do manage to get during your uni days and nights is of a decent enough quality that you feel rested and can perform well after; be that at learning, writing, sports or just partying!

Your student discount comes in really handy when looking at bedding, as high-quality bed sheets, duvets and pillows can reach some pretty hefty prices.

House of Fraser stock some great high-end bedroom brands that can be purchased with a 10% discount and lots of sales – keep an eye on their promotional weekends in particular and other offers on our official page – – as these often slash prices across stores and online for a short period of time. Strike while the irons hot, and invest in your night’s sleep.


house of fraser student bedroom

Light it up

Most student halls won’t allow candles, and most student rooms come with one bare lightbulb so you’re on your own when it comes to getting creative. Fairy lights are a student favourite and available really cheap online.

Consider hanging them with 3M adhesive hooks or washi tape – both leave no residue on walls and are easily removed – or wind them around ornaments or your bed headboard.

If fairy lights aren’t your thing, consider buying some lamps. Argos stock loads of great value lamps in lots of colours and style to be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. There’s a whole host of variable discounts and offers available, too. Mood lighting? Done. Check out the top Argos offers today –

Photos of family, friends and home

You don’t want to make yourself homesick but it’s important not to completely forget your hometown while you’re at university. You can print these off yourself or buy prints cheaply online and have them delivered to your door.

Avoid blu-tak but consider other non-residual adhesives. Photos can be framed, of course, but also just stuck directly onto walls and doors and arranged in patterns or shapes. Top these up with photos taken of your new life and you’ll always have some happy memories to look at.

argos student discount lighting

Spice up your storage

There’s never enough room for all your ‘stuff’ in a student room, but there are lots of ways to manage storage capacity in creative ways for small spaces.

Anything that’s unsightly or unlikely to be used often can slot under your bed or in a cupboard. For everything else that needs to be ‘out’ (be that through space requirement or just because it’s used often), consider baskets, boxes and other containers.

Plastic storage containers can be bought cheaply at any hardware or homeware store but if these are too boring, why not spice them up? Apply stickers, spray paint or buy discounted decorative boxes and arrange in an arty fashion.

A coat of matte coloured paint can make a box really ‘pop’ against the rest of your room and become a feature rather than just a function.


debenhams student discount storage

Dress your floors

…just not as a floor-drobe! Grab a cheap rug from somewhere like eBay (who offers discounts on goods and postage and packaging to students!) or Amazon – – and spruce your floor up so that the room seems a little cosier.

University halls heating often runs on a thermostat schedule and you may not have any input or control into this. If you tend to feel the cold, a rug or mat will also protect those toes first thing in the morning, so it need not just act as a style statement.

ebay student discount rug

Always keep a little space…

No matter how cluttered or crowded your room may feel, it’s important to always have a dedicated ‘blank’ desk space for you to use.

This should, of course, be purely for your laptop, essay papers and text books… but may also act as the perfect place to pop drinks, purchases and anything you need to remember on your way out.

Keep the space at least the size of a pizza box so it’s big enough to look after most items; and if it does happen to get filled with pizza, make sure you’ve ordered from Papa Johns – –  who offer year-round student discount on pizzas, drinks and sides!

Just avoid keeping wrappers or leftover food in your room. It’s not just unhygienic, but it quickly will ‘fragrance’ your room in a way you may not want anyone you invite in to experience.

papa johns pizza student discount

Drape everything in fabric

Bare chair? Blanket. Boring chest of drawers? Throw. Bedside table? Fabric swatch.

Fabric on hard surfaces gives a bit of cushioning alongside a pop of colour and a new texture, giving a soft and homely feel to the room. You can find cheap swatches and off-cuts in any fabric or furnishing shop but if you don’t fancy splashing the cash, use old hoodies, blankets or bedsheets that you’re not currently sleeping in.

Student rooms are far from luxury but with some attention to detail you can soon perk yours up to be somewhere you enjoy spending time rather than just a bed for the night. Utilise your student discounts at retailers and if somewhere doesn’t advertise one – ask!