We’ll be updating these regularly, but we put our heads together and thought you’d love to hear about saving money on nights out and drinking. This goes hand in hand with your fresher’s week induction and whether you are a heavyweight Harry, four drink Freddie or teetotal Tina, we’re sure we can bring you lots of student savings and discount advice.

So we’ve knocked our heads together over a prosecco or three to share our all-time favourite top tips on saving money while partying at uni.

Note: This guide is about saving money – please drink responsibly!

Student guide to cheap night out


There’s very little difference, except the price, between supermarket brands and the more recognisable drinks, especially when you are mixing them with soft drinks. Have a few at home and it’ll get you well on your way before you’ve made a big dent in your budget.


Look out for flyers or notices that offer free entry before certain times. You’ll save money (usually by arriving just before 11 o clock).


Get on the guest lists for the most popular places. Contact the nightclub through DM or Messenger, explaining that you and your friends will be coming and can you be on the guest list. It’s worth chancing your arm to get welcome shots, queue jumping, reduced/free entry and drinks promotions.

More often than not, they’ll sort you out – they’ll see the long term potential of having groups of friends as regular clients and cha-ching more money in their tills.


Do not, we repeat, DO NOT EVER pay to take your own money out of cash machines. Night clubs and bars are notorious for having the cash machines that charge you to do this and will charge an average of £2.50 just to withdraw your own money.

Make sure you think ahead and take cash out at a free ATM before you start your night or have an emergency tenner in a pocket in your bag (just remember to keep replenishing it).


The best thing about being a student is you can go out every night (we’re not advising you do so though– lol!)

What we are suggesting is that you choose your nights out wisely. There are often student nights in cities – in Manchester it’s a Monday and you get access to all the best clubs and bars for a fraction of the price you’d normally pay, as well as mega drinks offers once you’re in there. Look out for local advertising to find out the nights near to you.


A favourite tip of ours is definitely to have a party at your house. Get everyone to bring a bottle to make into a punch – you’ll only need a couple of glasses each for a great night! It’s a great way to get to know all your new flatmates, whilst at the same time saving yourselves money. Winner winner, chicken dinner…


We all love a big night, but sometimes staying in is the new going out. A film and popcorn or catching up on the soaps is sometimes the perfect anecdote to a stressful day of lectures.

And take it from us – nothing beats waking up without a hangover…

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our student money-saving guide to drinking – have you any more tips you want to share? Comment on our Facebook page for a chance to win vouchers or be our Squirrel of the Month!