However minimalist you try to be with the possessions in your life, there are lots of items that you can’t avoid having when you’re a student and that’s why you might need some student storage ideas.

From stationery to laptops to textbooks to comfy clothes to see you through work placements and long lectures, you’re bound to pick up a thing or two and will need somewhere to put all this ‘stuff’ that looks neat and doesn’t infringe too much upon wherever you’re living, be that at home, in a small space in halls or in a full student house. Plus, you know, it’s somewhere to shove everything when you need to tidy up in a hurry!

Be it storage units or self-storage, Student Discount Squirrel knows a thing or two about student storage, so allow us to enlighten you on our top picks.

Student Storage Options Ideas

We’ve been busy researching the student storage options and as there are so many different options we’ve chosen the best choices for various items such as shoes and desks, as well as self-storage and storage units. We’ve chosen the best of these and then go into more details further down the page. Now it’s time to do your best Marie Kondo and get tidying!

Best Storage Box

Spacemaster See-through Plastic Storage Box

Best Storage for Papers

Bisley 9-Drawer Multidrawer Unit

Best for Shoes

MaidMAX Over-The-Door Storage

Best Flexible Storage Unit

Wooden Storage Cube Unit

Best Desk for Storage

Guin Computer Desk

Best Stylish Storage

Nostra A-Frame Shelf at Ryman

Best Student Self Storage and Storage Units Hire

Hiring a Storage Facility at SafeStore

Need some more detailed information? We have you covered have a browse and see what is the best student storage option for your student room and storage units requirements.

Spacemaster See-through Plastic Storage Box from Dunelm

Student Storage

Not everything you have you need to access at all times, but you do need to tidy away and not have piled up. That textbook from last semester that you won’t need until revision? That pile of papers you picked up at work placement but don’t quite know how they fit into your work yet? That gift set you were given last Christmas and intend to re-gift but haven’t had the opportunity yet? Whack them all in here!

The roomy Spacemaster Plastic Storage Box has a whopping 66L capacity and is made from durable polypropylene so can handle heavy loads. A great student storage box.

It measures 22” x 15” x 16” and can be stacked with other boxes of the same brand for towers of storage! Why not colour coordinate what goes in each box to make them look a bit better?

Student Storage Option Summary – We’ve taken a look at a lot of plastic storage options and these from Dunelm are the biggest and the best.


Bisley 9-Drawer Multidrawer Unit from Ryman

Student Drawers

Those studying law, business or medicine or similar academic subjects often find themselves with lots of revision cards, papers or leaflets and in need of a decent filing system!

The Bisley 9-drawer multi-drawer unit is a tall filing system that’s perfect for those who need to organise neatly. Each drawer is equal in size and can be labelled externally.

Drawer inserts are available for traditional filing as required. Plus there is a 10% Ryman student discount too.

Student Storage Option Summary – if you have a lot of paperwork, then this multi drawer filing unit is the best option. Can fit under a desk or in the corner and doesn’t take up much space either.


5-Tier Extendable Shoe Rack from Dunelm

Student Shoe Rack

There is nothing worse than walking through any shared space and finding other people’s shoes flung around and if you’ve lived in shared student accommodation before, you’ve been there.

Dunelm’s 5-tier extendable shoe rack is big enough to hold everyone’s shoes plus those of guests in a neat and tidy way that won’t fling dirt all over the carpet or have you tripping over a discarded trainer.

It can hold up to 25 pairs of shoes (phew!) and can be stacked if you’re a Sex-And-The-City style shoe hoarder and need more space.

Student Storage Option Summary – if shoes are a problem in your student house or even your room then this shoe storage option from Dunelm is the best as it is extendible too.


Wooden Storage Cube Unit from EBay

Ebay Student Storage

A modern take on traditional shelves, these wooden storage cubes can be stacked and towered to create a unique storage facility that displays all your, ahem, bits and pieces in a more aesthetic way.

Cubes come in 1, 2, 3 or 4 stacks and can be mixed and matched across available sizes and colours.

Flat packed for easy assembly, cubes can be backed or left open and make for a really eye-catching but practical feature in any room! Available from eBay and delivered throughout the UK.

Student Storage Option Summary –  These storage cubes are a fantastic bit of furniture. Practical as well as looking fantastic and you can get them delivered to your front door.


Shoe Storage Ottoman from Dunelm

Ottoman Storage for Students

Whilst this is referred to as ‘shoe storage’, in actual fact, these coloured ottomans by Dunelm could store anything at all that you need them to.

Ottomans look like standard pieces of furniture, so are essentially ‘hidden’ storage (note: don’t put anything in there for safekeeping if you’re likely to forget where it is!) and can double up as seats for people to perch on if you’re a little short of sofa or chair space. Win-win!

Student Storage Option Summary – Perfect for the living room or as a seat in your room, this Ottoman looks great and doubles as a clever storage option.


MaidMAX Over-The-Door Storage on Amazon

Door Storage

An easy storage method for shoes, small toys, accessories, or, well, anything, the MaidMAX hangs over a door and has either 20 or 24 pockets for things to be ‘stuffed’ into.

They can hand over both sides of a door and dependent on the size available, you may be able to fit more than one on a door.

These are a great option that give storage somewhere you’d normally have none. Available on Amazon where you can get Student Prime and 6 free months delivery.

Student Storage Option Summary – You don’t only have to store shoes in this, you can put books, cosmetics, hairdryers, food items, in fact, can work in any room in the house.


Curver Storage Baskets by Dunelm

Grey Basket

Dunelm’s Curver Storage Basket set comes in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

These sturdy plastic baskets look delicate in detail but are strong enough to hold big storage loads and can be filled with pretty much anything you’d like to keep.

Storage Baskets rather than drawers or boxes look much more like interior design pieces rather than chunky traditional storage so are favoured by those with an eye for detail, and can be mixed and matched as much as you like or need.

Student Storage Option Summary – Not only can you use it to do your washing, but you can also store large items and it looks pretty too.


Nostra A-Frame Shelf at Ryman

Ladder Bookcase

Simple but design-beautiful, the Nostra A-Frame shelf is a piece that really stands out against any wall.

A standalone self-storage shelf unit that doesn’t require any fixing to the wall (ideal for student halls, or private rents!), there’s enough room on the Nostra A-Frame for plenty of storage without compromising on interior design.

Have fun stacking these shelves and get creative with colours, textures and shapes!

Student Storage Option Summary – The prettiest storage option we’ve reviewed. It’s practical too and looks particularly good in bedrooms and bathrooms.


Guin Computer Desk at Wayfair

Desk Storage

A full-blown work desk with shelf storage units at either end, the Guin computer desk is the ideal desk for someone who needs some extra storage without clogging up a room with filing cabinets or chunky chests of drawers.

The Guin makes a real statement of the desk and shelves and ensures you have everything you need for your studies within arm’s length.

Student Storage Option Summary – If you need a desk with storage then this is the best option we could find. Lots of shelving included and a practical place to sit and work at a laptop.


Hiring a Storage Facility at SafeStore

Safestore storing

OK, so it’s not shelves or drawers, but in some instances, a proper self-storage or storage units facility may be required. For long-term storage, if you’re travelling, downsizing or have a living situation a bit in flux, a storage room can be a great option that works out cost-effectively without you having to sell or bin all your possessions.

Self-storage facilities usually aren’t cheap, but SafeStore offer discounted rates for students and in a variety of shapes and sizes unline other options such as Collect We Store.

There are 100+ SafeStore sites across the UK and their storage rooms range from 10sq ft (that’s about enough for some big luggage) up to 500sq ft (about big enough to store a full warehouse!) offering professional student storage services with individual storage units. A great storage service.

If you’re running a business or side hustle alongside your studies, proper watertight, insured and secured storage facilities should definitely be an option you consider.

Student Storage Option Summary – If it’s self storage you need then we love SafeStore. It has lots of locations across the UK and a student discount too.


Other Clever Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Student digs aren’t exactly well known for their spaciousness, but there are lots of tips and tricks you can follow to create extra storage in your small-but-perfectly-formed living area. It may be that one or two of the above are the perfect purchase for you, but consider too the following.

  • Use baskets for quick clear-ups – baskets dotted around, either on shelves/units or at ground level, is ideal for just throwing in any discarded items left about unnecessarily. They look better than clutter and can be labelled per person or item for when you need to find things later. Plus, there’s nothing easier to throw things in quickly when the doorbell rings and you need to hastily tidy up!
  • Utilise any unused space – under the stairs cupboard left empty? Garage left unused? Under-the-sink bare? Pop shelves, units or boxes there and use that space for storage. There are lots of specifically designed storage methods for different spaces, but it’s also an opportunity for you to get creative and play Tetris as best you can. Otherwise you’ll need a self-storage in a storage units option.
  • Use the space around doors – as above, over-the-door storage is no longer uncommon, but there’s a whole host of space around and above most doors that go unused! Pop a shelf up above the door (after all, only the very tallest of people will accidentally knock it… and they’d already have hit their head on the doorframe!) and then down alongside it if there’s space too. These are unused inches of valuable space and such shelves can make a great ‘feature’ for a room, too.
  • Make the most of the space under beds and sofas – there are lots of flat trays and storage boxes designed to slide in and out of tight spaces like those under beds, and they can really be filled to the brim with items! Even though under-bed storage is now quite common, under-sofa space is often ignored – but even the slimmest of spaces can be used for papers and documents.
  • Use alcoves and dips wisely – often ignored because they’re just considered ‘wall space’, alcoves can be a great space to set up a desk, units or shelves within to give a little extra storage. A quick google will bring up some great examples of alcoves used for tiny home offices, bookshelves and even dressing tables.
  • Divide space with storage – if you’re lucky enough to have some wide, open space or a large room, divide the room into separate distinct areas with a storage unit! You can create different spaces entirely with some clever storage in the middle; and people will be so taken with your clever interior design, they won’t even notice that there’s a storage unit in the middle of it.
  • Use hooks – hooks don’t need to just be used for coats in a porch – they’re multi-functional! Store and display hats, dresses, tea towels, headphones, bags… anything that would otherwise be cluttering up floor (or ‘draped over the back of a chair’) space.
  • Hang or elevate bathroom products – bathrooms can so easily become cluttered with toiletries and other such products, particularly when there’s several of you sharing a bathroom area. Shower shelves or bathroom storage pockets can help keep everything up and out of the way, so the room looks less busy. It also means water can drain from items, too; keeping damp and mould out.
  • Play around in your wardrobe – lots of wardrobe space is often unused because it’s only allocated to hanging garments or folded items in drawers. Instead, why not invest in some hanging shelves or pockets to stash away other items too? Shelves can also be put into wardrobes and cabinets to fit extra things inside.
  • Invest in drawer inserts ­­­– drawer inserts don’t necessarily extend the storage capacity of drawers, but they do help organise them and make the contents within much easier to find. A quick search online will uncover a whole host of drawer inserts to organise, well, just about anything!
  • Label things up – if there’s more than one of you living in your student digs, seeing others items left out and cluttering up the place is bound to get frustrating – and fast. Instead of getting annoyed, instead of label up cabinets, cupboards and baskets with names so that’s it’s extremely clear whose belonging goes where… and so that if you do finally lose your rag and clear up for someone else, that it’s done so at least where they can find it later (and hopefully, take the hint!).

External Student Storage Options

Student storage refers to the service provided to students for storing their belongings during academic breaks or when they need extra space. As students often move between different living arrangements, such as dorms, apartments, or their family homes, managing their belongings can become a challenge. Student storage facilities offer a convenient solution to this problem.

One of the primary advantages of student storage is its flexibility. Many students have limited space in their living accommodations, especially when sharing a dorm room or apartment with others. During summer vacations or semester breaks, they may need to vacate their rooms temporarily. Student storage allows them to securely store their belongings, including furniture, textbooks, clothing, and personal items, until they return. This eliminates the need to transport everything back home or sell and repurchase items each semester.

Student storage services also provide a sense of security. Students can trust that their belongings will be stored in a safe and monitored environment. These facilities often have advanced security measures, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and trained personnel to ensure the safety of stored items. This provides peace of mind to students, knowing that their possessions are protected while they focus on other aspects of their academic and personal lives.

Moreover, student storage facilities are convenient and time-saving. Instead of lugging heavy items across long distances, students can simply drop off their belongings at the storage facility. This saves them from the hassle of transporting large or bulky items, especially if they don’t have access to a vehicle. When they return to campus or their new accommodation, they can retrieve their stored items easily. This convenience allows students to make the most of their break without the added stress of managing their belongings.

In conclusion, student storage services offer a practical solution for students who need temporary storage during academic breaks. With their flexibility, security, and convenience, these facilities provide students with the peace of mind and extra space they need. By utilizing student storage, students can focus on their studies and personal growth, knowing that their possessions are in safe hands until they need them again.

Student Storage Ideas Summary

We’ve come to the end of this great guide to student storage. We’ve shown you the best storage options for student rooms and houses and one that includes specific storage units for shoes, clothes and clever furniture with storage built-in.

Also, we’ve shown you the best options for self-storage units, such as Collect We Store, in case you have a lot of furniture and items that you want to store over the summer months when you’re back home.

Of course, ideally, you’ll de-clutter what you can regularly and it’s always best to stick to the rule: if you haven’t used it or read it or worn it in two years, get rid!

Your old stuff can be sold on eBay, donated to charity shops or passed on to neighbours for free through the likes of re-use apps like Olio. However you choose to manage your space, just make sure there’s a little Marie Kondo voice in the back of your mind – and ask yourself, does this bring you joy?

With so many storage options available you’re bound to find something that fits your requirements and your desired aesthetic… even if it doesn’t quite keep your roommates.

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