You probably have one of Superdrug stores on a high street near you either at uni or at home (there’s over 900 in the UK alone), but if you don’t, don’t despair – there’s plenty stocked online in their e-commerce store too, including beauty products and maybe some items you may not want to purchase face-to-face with a member of staff.

For this article, we’ve researched some of the best Superdrug deals to help you save money. However, if you want the latest on discounts, promo codes and deals, then check out Superdrug student discount page which is regularly updated.


superdrug deals

Some of the great deals available in July 2024 include:

  • 3 for 2
  • Half price
  • Free delivery
  • Star Buys
  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • Special offers
  • Health Beautycard

Our first top tip is that there are lots of 3 for 2 deals so make sure you lookout for those. Also, there is the Superdrug Health Beauty card, which means you can get points on every purchase.

Get the Top Deals for Superdrug

Here are some of our top deals and favourite products at Superdrug:


No matter how short or un-styled your hair may be, dry shampoo is a MUST. For days when you’ve not quite made it into the shower or things are just a bit greasier/more drab/lanker than you’d like, simply spritz onto the roots and scrunch. Dry shampoo absorbs the residual oils to give your hair a clean sheen without the grease, and adds in some great volume – so you can look like you’ve made an effort even when you really haven’t… or when you’re really hanging!


It’s smart to be extra careful about your sexual health on and off-campus, and it never hurts to keep checking back on yourself to make sure you’re infection-free and ready to mingle. Superdrug’s chlamydia and gonorrhoea home testing kit allows you to complete a test at home and send it off (postage included) to a specialist clinician for lab results. You’ll receive your results within just a couple of days either by text, letter or email, depending on your preferences. For men, the test is a straightforward urine sample, and for women, a swab. It’s discreet, quick and easy – with no requirement to visit a doctor or clinic, and no need to add to your medical records.


Everyone needs a pick-me-up in the mornings, and some mornings, more than ever. Imperial Leather offers up this luxurious shower gel that’s smooth and heavily scented like, yep, you’ve guessed it, marshmallows! Pretty in pink, the aroma stays around all day so you’ll be sweet and sugary for hours on end. A little bit goes a long way, so lather up, rinse off and stay shiny.


Superdrug was first incorporated in 1964, and its first shop opened two years later. Originally, the stores were grocery-focused, as the founders, the Goldstein brothers, had experience working in the supermarket sector. However as the chain grew, a 49% stake was acquired by a US chemist chain, The Rite Aid Group, and the focus began to switch to a core health and beauty range; not dissimilar to the one we know and love today.

By 1981, there were over 300 Superdrug shops in the UK and the company opened its first distribution centre. It continued to grow by acquiring smaller chemist and beauty chains and absorbing them and was sold on several times before becoming part of the AS Group, who also own discount health and beauty chain Savers, in 2002.

Now, Superdrug is widely respected as a high street staple and are considered somewhat more easily glamorous and accessible than its main competitors, focusing on lower-cost products rather than high-end brands and electronics. Diversification has allowed the chain to offer in-store services such as eyebrow threading, make-up artistry, dermatology consultations and nurse clinics; a range unrivalled by others on the high street. Its website has gained attention for it’s ‘test and send’ health screening services allowing a discreet private testing facility many are unable to access through the NHS. It is also recognised for its vast range of own-brand products, which are not only cruelty-free and primarily vegan, but often offer cut-price versions of much more expensive high-street items.

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You probably have a Superdrug on a high street near you either at uni or at home (there’s over 900 in the UK alone), but if you don’t, don’t despair – there’s plenty stocked online in their e-commerce store too, including some items you may not want to purchase face-to-face with a member of staff.

Besides the standard health and beauty range, you’d expect to find in-store, you’ll also find pharmacies and medicines, beautician services, dermatology consultancy, perfume ranges, gift stores, and even nurse clinics. As Superdrug grows, there’s more and more on offer: so keep checking back online or in-store for more developments.

If you’re a vegan or just conscientious shopper, there’s no doubt that Superdrug is the beauty destination for you. Awarded the BUAV cruelty-free bunny logo all the way back in 2010, all of its own-brand products are manufactured free from any animal involvement and testing. In 2018, the firm opened a vegan-only store in Shoreditch’s Boxpark mall known as ‘The Little Vegan Pop-Up Shop’, showcasing its vegan and cruelty-free products and offering exclusive store-only items that are guilt-free purchases. Navigating your way through cruelty-free stamps, parent companies and their associated supply chains can be a difficult business – so with Superdrug, you know you’re sorted, without the hassle. It makes it the ideal place to buy gifts for your vegan or eco-conscious pals, too!


Much like its main competitor Boots, Superdrug offers a loyalty card to collect points when you buy online or in-store. The Health and Beauty Card fits nicely in your purse and wallet and has a handy mirror printed on… so you can re-apply and check up on your Superdrug products even when you’re out and about.

Superdrug is often marginally cheaper than their high street competitors and also offer a 10% student discount as standard through UniDAYS – but as ever, keep an eye on Student Discount Squirrel to keep up with the latest offers, discounts, voucher codes and sales. Don’t buy anything until you’ve checked back here first!


Did you know…?:

  • It is the second-largest health and beauty retailer in the UK behind Boots
  • It has over 900 stores and employees 14k people!
  • It is the fastest-growing health retailer in the country
  • It was formed in 1964
  • The first stores opened in Putney London in 1966!
  • It was sold to Woolworth Holdings in 1987 for £57 million
  • Its slogan is “The Real Beauty is the Price!”
  • They stock everything from Calvin Klein to Cadburys – and a whole range of popular gift sets
  • They have amazing Superdrug Black Friday deals in November
  • In 2013 Superdrug went into venture with Premium Skin Care.
  • They have a moto of “making kinder and smarter choices”
  • It has its own magazine called Dare.
  • They have a great click and collect system

Delivery on Orders

Superdrug offers standard delivery or order collect. You can get free delivery with orders over £15 or just £10 for Health beautycard holders) and now there is order and collect in 30 minutes which is a good alternative.

Summary of Superdrug Deals

A wonderful and popular health and beauty store, Superdrug seems to get better every year. They often have discount codes and get deals around at all times of the year. Affordable and high-quality products what is there not to love? Highly recommended.

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