The Top Student Buys at Superdrug

You probably have a Superdrug on a high street near you either at uni or at home (there’s over 900 in the UK alone), but if you don’t, don’t despair – there’s plenty stocked online in their e-commerce store too, including some items you may not want to purchase face-to-face with a member of staff.

For this article we’ve researched some of the best student offers at Superdrug. However, if you want the latest on discounts, promo codes and deals, then check out our guide page which is regularly updated.

Top Student Buy: Killer Volume Dry Shampoo 300ml – £3.39

No matter how short or un-styled your hair may be, dry shampoo is a MUST. For days when you’ve not quite made it into the shower or things are just a bit greasier/more drab/lanker than you’d like, simply spritz onto the roots and scrunch. Dry shampoo absorbs the residual oils to give your hair a clean sheen without the grease, and adds in some great volume – so you can look like you’ve made an effort even when you really haven’t… or when you’re really hanging!

Top Student Buy: Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea Home Test Kit – £36.99

It’s smart to be extra careful about your sexual health on and off campus, and it never hurts to keep checking back on yourself to make sure you’re infection free and ready to mingle. Superdrug’s chlamydia and gonorrhoea home testing kit allows you to complete a test at home and send it off (postage included) to a specialist clinician for lab results. You’ll receive your results within just a couple of days either by text, letter or email, depending on your preferences. For men, the test is a straightforward urine sample, and for women, a swab. It’s discreet, quick and easy – with no requirement to visit a doctors or clinic, and no need to add to your medical records.

Top Student Buy: Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Gel – 98p

Everyone needs a pick-me-up in the mornings, and some mornings, more than ever. Imperial Leather offer up this luxurious shower gel that’s smooth and heavily scented like, yep, you’ve guessed it, marshmallows! Pretty in pink, the aroma stays around all day so you’ll be sweet and sugary for hours on end. A little bit goes a long way, so lather up, rinse off and stay shiny.